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Chocobo GP races onto Nintendo Switch in March 2022

Chocobo GP
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Chocobo GP is launching on Nintendo Switch in March next year.

Just earlier today, Square Enix and Nintendo finally revealed the final release date for the upcoming kart racer as March 10, 2022. Chocobo GP brings some action-packed racing mayhem starring everyone's favorite Final Fantasy mount and companion to Nintendo's console as an exclusive in just a few month's time.

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In case you're wondering what else Chocobo GP has to offer when it launches next year, Square Enix posted an extensive development blog earlier today. For starters, there's actually a trio of colorful Chocobos making their way into the game, including our heroic protagonist Chocobo, the fiery Camilla, and Camilla's Pa. These Chocobo are actually entering a tournament hosted by Gilgamesh to win the ultimate prize: one wish.

Elsewhere there's Alta the treasure hunting Moogle, a bigger Moogle called Clair who can actually turn invisible, and the enigmatic Racing Hero X. There's also long-time Final Fantasy stalwart Cid turning up in his usual mechanic role, Cid's faithful assistant called Shirma, another treasure hunter called Irma (no relation to Shirma, apparently), and Ifrit and Gilgamesh rounding out the bunch.

If you were getting Mario Kart vibes from Chocobo GP, you're not mistaken. The new racing game features collectible items called Magicide, which you can find scattered around the in-game circuits. Pick one of these up, and you'll get a randomized ability that'll either help you, or hinder your foes on the track. Rounding out the features are the story, time attack, and series races.

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