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A Chicken Run sequel is in the works and Aardman has "the perfect story"

(Image credit: DreamWorks/Aardman)

The chickens have come home to roost. A Chicken Run sequel is in the works at legendary British animation studio Aardman – and it’ll be heading straight to Netflix.

Set to be directed by Sam Fell (who co-directed ParaNorman), Chicken Run 2 – or whatever the sequel will eventually be called – is set to revolve around Ginger hatching a daughter with Rocky and watching her grow up. Oh, and also Ginger will fight against a new threat on the mainland, which the flock escaped from at the conclusion of the 2000 original to settle on a nearby island.

“We’ve got the perfect story, and the relationship with Netflix is kind of perfect as well because they celebrate the filmmaker and are so filmmaker friendly. I feel now we can make the Chicken Run sequel we want to, the one we really care about,” Aardman’s Peter Lord, who co-directed the original with Nick Park, said during the Annecy Festival (via Variety).

Fell revealed that, instead of making their escape as they did in the original Chicken Run, “this time they’re breaking in.”

“I tell you it will be fun and games seeing these chickens back in action,” Fell continued. “All the gadgets, the kit, we’re kind of moving towards an almost-tribute to Mission: Impossible with elements of heist and how they’re going to pull off this amazing break-in.”

No casting details or release date windows for the Chicken Run sequel have yet been announced, but production is set to begin next year and it will launch on Netflix worldwide.

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