Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction PlayStation 3 Everybody Dance Now FAQ by Darren Kuzela E-mail: hellviper69@hotmail.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Legal Information: This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 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Unfortunately, I am devoting time into working to finish off Christmas shopping so I will list the major points of his e- mail so that if anyone is having difficulty achieving the Skill Point, these added points may help until I can official- ly include them into the FAQ itself. ******************************************************************************* 1. There are all together 3 different types of Mech-bots. There is the 1st normal mech-bot and then the 3rd 'black' mechbot that you had mentioned. However, there is a 2nd mechbot that appears in between the 1st and 3rd. This is a mechbot I call the yellow mechbot, because well... it's yellow. If you play again you will notice that mechbots on Kerwan or Kortog are the 1st gray mechbots, and later on around Viceron you see the yellow mechbots. 2. There are generally 2 categories of pirates. The normal ones and the ones with the red/white stripes. You got that correct. However, you did not distinguish further. If you look carefully, within either category, the pirates can be further split into three groups: 1) pirates with shoulder pads (the first you encounter) 2) pirates with with vests (first encountered on Ardolis at the circular room that resembles a bar, it's the area after you fight a whole room of pirates) 3) pirates with narrow torso (first encountered on Ardolis before the barge, in your FAQ they are the "pirate with spiked club") So there is actually a shoulder pad pirate w/ cutlass, a vest pirate w/ cutlass and a torso pirate w/ cutlass, not just a pirate w/ cutlass. 3. There are two types of Enforcers: the normal enforcer and the raritanium galvanized enforcer. The former is seen through- out the game whereas the latter appears on Reepor. It's the red Enforcer. 4. And I think you are right. There is a difference between the normal Hoverships and the ones appearing around the later stage of the game. The ones later in the game have red fans. 5. Regarding mechbots, I think they need to be further distin- guished to flying or non-flying. For example, the mechbot (gun arm version) has both a ground and flying variant. 6. Lastly, I haven't checked to be sure. But if i'm not mistak- en, there are 2 types of swordsmen in the arena battles. There are the normal swordsmen (found in the normal battles) and then there are the swordsmen that look very similiar except that they have huge bettle-jaw-like antlers coming out from their heads (they are found in the optional battles, E.g. Deadline). ******************************************************************************* Thanks also to Andrew Wyman who informed me of the correct names for more of the enemy characters. Cop Bot = Vespa Drone (changed) 4 Legged Walker = Enforcer (changed) Hovership = Gunship (changed) Drophid Rolling Gunner = Cyclo-Cannon (changed) *Mini Cragmite = Not actually a Cragmite. Just random enemies. Necrophyd = Pirate Rouge (changed) Large Robotic Pirate = O'shamus McSoggybritches (changed) Stationary Forcefield Bot = Enforcer Turret (changed) *Cragmite Spawn = Just a normal Cragmite like the Emperor Cragmite Warrior Type 2 = Cragmite Slayer (changed) * Wasn't sure what to change them to so left as is for now. Copyright (c) 2007 by Darren Kuzela +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I have noticed some people have trouble figuring out every enemy they must find and make dance in order to obtain the "Everybody Dance Now" Skill Point. The reasons why I am creating this are simple: + To better help my fellow man + As I am recovering from my Lasik surgery and can do very little with my time, this helps pass the time Now as I am trigger happy and toss Groovitrons out like they were pennies, I cannot be certain as to which enemies are actually required to earn the Skill Point. I will however, list every enemy I encountered and on which planet each one was encountered first. Followed by a list of each planet the parti- cular enemy was found on throughout the remainder of the game. Also at the end I will attach a checklist of enemies. Also, as it is inconclusive as to whether or not the "Boss" characters are required for the S.P., I have added them anyway since they dance. On a last note, as I do not know the technical names of each and every enemy, most of their names will be simply just what I call them. If any person would like to inform me as to their true names, I would be glad to alter it in the FAQ along with giving recognition for the help. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A-Planet Kerwan =============== **NOTE** There are consumer bots encountered early on. Try as I may, I was not able to make them dance. They just stood there. Mech-Bot (Dual Claw version): The first enemy. Oranges dome with silver bot body. Dome helmet protects Drophyds housed inside. Also: Kortog, Mukow, Viceron Drophyd: They are the same on every planet. The small orange fish that fall out and flop around after destroying the robot suit. Also: Kortog, Mukow, Rykan V, Viceron, Reepor, Fastoon (R) Vespa Drone: Tiny robots that travel in packs that once alerted, sound off with sirens and have blue/red flashing lights. Also: Kortog, Mukow, Rykan V, Viceron Mech-Bot (Gun Arm version): Similar in appearance to almost every Mech- Bot except on their right arm is what looks like a Gatling gun attachment that shoots short bursts of bullets. Their left arm is simply a 3 fingered claw. Also: Mukow, Rykan V, Viceron Enforcer: Briefly encountered on Kerwan after a jump pad. It takes off never to be seen again. However, if you toss a Groo- vitron at it to start it dancing, it will remain there indef- initely. I was unable to kill it at this point. Also: Viceron, Reepor, Igliak Gunship Type A: Large fan underneath allowing it to hover above as it attacks. Type A shoots a red mortar projectile which explodes creating a red ring that emits outward from the blast zone. Also: Kortog, Rykan V, Reepor, Fastoon (R) Gunship Type B: Exact same as Type A. The only difference is its me- thod of attack. It will emit a red laser from both arms onto a point in front of it, then move the lasers in a straight line towards you. Also: Kortog, Rykan V, Reepor, Fastoon (R) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- B-Planet Cobalia ================ **NOTE** As most vendors actually will react to the Groovitron, I was unable to cause the WEAPONS vendor to dance on any planet. **NOTE** There is also a medium sized Consumer bot near the Device Vendor that cannot move. He just lays there near the exit of the Gel Factory. It is uncertain if he is a regular Consumer bot or not. Tiny Dinos: Small, red, puppy-like dinosaurs with big yellow eyes and large teeth. Also: Nundac Asteroid Belt, Jasindu Cerullean Centipedes: Centipedes. They generally crawl out from cracks in the walls and stand up to attack with a green slimeball. Also: Nundac Asteroid Belt Leviathan Basilisk: Large, flying creatures that give you Souls once beaten. They have blue undersides and a large skullplate. Also: Nundac Asteroid Belt Consumer Bots: Generally found in peaceful cities void of any attacking enemies. There are 3 types of Consumers: Small--Overall just very tiny bots with tiny heads and bodies **NOTE**Small consumer bots do NOT appear on Cobalia. Medium--Circular bodies with elongated heads Large--Small round heads and large round bodies Also: (MEDIUM): Mukow, Rykan V, Igliak (LARGE): Mukow, Rykan V, Igliak Smuggler: Resembles a pimp pirate with a parrot on the shoulder. Help- ful for selling Souls and achieving other game objectives. Also: Nundac Asteroid Belt, Rykan V, Sargasso Device Vendor: Green froglike creature with the 2 blue plasma monitors that sells...Devices. I knew you could do it. Wears a white- silver top. Also: Mukow, Nundac A. Belt, Ardolis, Rykan V, Kreeli, Viceron, Jasindu, Reepor, Fastoon (R) Gel-Eaters: They are found in Gel Factories and are small with green behinds. You cannot kill them. Their job is simply to eat the gel cubes you create just to make your time harder. Also: Jasindu Armor Vendor: Green froglike creature with the 2 blue plasma monitors that sells...Armor. I bet you thought I was gonna say Devices. Wearing a pink/purple top. Also: Mukow, Rykan V, Sargasso, Kreeli, Reepor, Igliak, Fastoon (R) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- C-Planet Kortog =============== Mech-Bot (Claw & Shield version): The same Mech-Bot except the right arm is the claw and in their left arm they carry an orange shield that makes frontal attacks tougher. Also: Mukow, Viceron Cyclo-Cannon: Drophyd housed in between 2 large black wheels. Attacks by rotating around and firing on you. Reminds me of Axel for the Twisted Metal fans. Also: Rykan V -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- D-Planet Fastoon (first time around) ==================================== **NOTE** The spawning pods that spawn the mini cragmites did not look as if they danced. When the Groovitron was tossed, they merely spat out every Cragmite in them so that the Crag- mites could all dance instead. Mini Cragmite (Clubbed version): Small red, vulture-type enemies. They carry clubs and will attack with them when close. Also: N/A Mini Cragmite (Green Orb Tossing version): Small and red like their club-wielding relatives. Their attack is different in that they will launch green orbs at you when close. Also: N/A -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- E-Planet Mukow ============== **NOTE** Even though you are required to visit Mukow a second time, the enemies don't change except for the ability to gain access to the se- cond boss battle with Zorthan. Therefore, I am merely going to list him here in the Arena battles just in case he is a required dancer. Electrical Clapping Bot: Hovering bluish bot. At the ends of each arm are square "waffle irons" with spikes that the bot uses to "clap" Ratchet in between. He is of the electrical nature so electronic weapons do not affect him. He also appears in the Arena battles. Also: N/A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **NOTE** The following enemies are encountered ONLY during Arena battles and nowhere else in the game. Purple Tentacle Shooters: The very first round of the Arena battle. As the name implies, they are purple, have a greenish armor, ten- tacles for arms, and shoot out green spheres. Green Tentacle Swordsmen: Appear to be same alien as the Shooters, but this type has a Samurai type armor and 2 blue-green curved blades, one per tentacle. Red Tentacle Bomber: Again, same tentacles for arms. Different style armor then the other two, and their attack will give itself away beforehand as a large target reticule appears where you are standing. Followed shortly thereafter by a red bomb. Bomb Bots: Black so at times, tough to pick out until they get near you. Floating orbs that, once they get near you, detonate and try to injure you. **BOSS-Crushto: The metallic frog you need to defeat for the Heli-Pods. **BOSS-Zorthan: The electric boss that you win the Holo Disguise from. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- F-Nundac Asteroid Ring ====================== **NOTE** Certain enemies appear on the Asteroid Belt of Nundac while others only appear in the Apogee Space Station. Another note, once you beat the Apogee Space Station, it is inaccessible for the remainder of the current play through. A final note, no NEW enemies appear on the Asteroid Belt that you haven't already encountered. Also I am curious as to why there is a lake in the Space Station. Apogee Space Station ==================== Sentry Bots: The very first enemy you come across at the Station. They are small in size and actually warp into the room. Their attack involves both arms rotating around their body emitting a purple laser. Also: N/A Turret: This may get overlooked since it doesn't appear to be an actual creature. If you toss a Groovitron at it while it is firing, it will actually stop attacking, bob up and down slightly, and every so often spin its barrel. Also: N/A -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- G-Planet Ardolis ================ **NOTE** There are quite a few different varieties of Pirates in the game so I will attempt to mark notable differences between them to make Groovitron tossing a bit easier. Generally they all look alike except for the weapons that they carry. Pirate (Cutlass): The first pirate you come across. Not to confuse any- one since there are actually two swords the Pirates carry. The Cutlass is the smaller one. The larger one later in the game is referred to as just large sword. Also: Kreeli, Ublik Passage Pirate (Pistol): Those that got the Skill Point Taste O' Yer Own Medi- cine know these to be called Corsairs. For those that don't, I'm gonna call them Pirates with Pistols. Also: Kreeli, Viceron, Ublik Passage Thwogs: Batlike flying creatures. First encountered in the caves. Also: N/A Pirate (Cutlass & Shield): Same as the Pirate with Sword except in the non-Sword arm, he carries a shield. Also: Kreeli, Viceron, Ublik Passage Pirate Rouge: Fairly tough creatures if you don't have much firepower. They have electricity going along their arms and a large orange-yellow helmet type object on their head. Also: Kreeli Pirate (Spiked Club): The first time you encounter these is right before you reach the Pirate Base right after you ride the barge because four of them actually will jump off the barge at you. Also: Kreeli, Viceron, Ublik Passage O'shamus McSoggybritches: He's large, robotic, and fires either a large cannonball or a large bomb at you that bounces around trying to hit you. A life bar appears at the bottom right for him just like Bosses and Basilisks. Also: Kreeli, Ublik Passage -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- H-Rykan V ========= Cronk: One of your allies. He's the taller one. Also: Reepor, Fastoon (R) Zephyr: One of your allies. He's the shorter one. Also: Reepor, Fastoon (R) Mech-Bot (Gun & Shield): The same oranged dome robot suits that house the little fishies inside. This one has a gun for an arm and carries the same shield as the other Mech-Bots. Also: N/A Consumer Bot (Small): Since this is the first planet we find the tiny bot, I am listing him here. Also: Rykan V, Igliak -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I-Planet Sargasso ================= Anthropod: Small red creatures that pop up out of the ground. They will attack in large numbers. (Great for obtaining the Skill Points in which you need large numbers of enemies nearby). Also: N/A Grunthor: The other "Leviathan-type" enemy. It's a large T-Rex looking creature. Killing it will release a Soul. It does not appear on any other planet and once you exterminate every single one on the planet, they do not respawn so if you missed the chance to make them dance, better luck next play through. Also: N/A Bee: Yeah it ain't really a bee but it buzzes around so that's what I'm referring to it by. It's blue with a yellow underside. Typically hangs out along the shorelines. Also: N/A Pyro Guard: Large robotic machine that moves using tank treads. Also is armed with a flame thrower on each arm. Also: Jasindu Buzz Saw: First found in the Gel Factory. Small creature that attacks by balling itself up and then rolling around. It actually looks like a saw when it attacks. Also: Jasindu -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- J-Kreeli Comet ============== **NOTE** You will come across a few O'shamus McSoggybritchess on this planet. One of which will be hanging from a cliff dangling above a chasm as he fights you. They look like the regular standing ones and fight the same way but just want to be sure in case it actually is a different enemy. Pirate (Turret Gunner): He doesn't appear to have any weapon before he runs over and begins firing from the rotating turret. There's roughly 7 in the level. Also: N/A Pirate (Battle Axe): He has a very large double edged axe. Also: Viceron, Ublik Passage Pirate (Large Sword): Originally found along with the Axe carriers right after you meet the Pirate Gunner. Also: Viceron, Ublik Passage Pirate (Axe & Shield): Has a Battle Axe as well as a Shield. Also: Viceron Pirate (Spiked Club & Shield): Has a Spiked Club and a Shield. Also: Viceron Pirate (Large Sword & Shield): There is in fact 2 different swords and both of them have a Shielded Pirate variant. You will be able to physically tell the difference near the pirate camp as both versions of Shielded Pirates will emerge between the Pirate Gunners. Again, this version has a Shield and the large Sword. Also: Viceron -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- K-Planet Viceron ================ **NOTE** As some of the Mech-Bots in this level have developed a camo- flage that renders them almost invisible, I have taken that to equal a whole new enemy and have listed them here as such. **NOTE** Also the tentacles that reach out from the holes in the wall do not appear to dance and only respond to weapon fire by ducking back into their holes. They cannot be killed. Mech-Bots (Dual Claw & Invisible): Same enemy as the first level except these have adopted the invisi-flage so they are slightly hard- er to see. Also: N/A Mech-Bots (Gun Arm & Invisible): Same as their non invisible counter- part except they start off using the invisi-flage. Also: N/A Talwyn: The female heroine of the game. After you rescue her from the prison, you can make her dance. Also: Reepor, Fastoon (R) Enforcer Turret: You originally see them along the Gravity Ramp behind green force fields and if you run through the red searchlight, they activate and start shooting at you. I was unable to get one to dance until after freeing Talwyn when you are required to fight one. It has machine guns on both arms, is stationary and cannot move around. Also has a UFO shaped body. Also: N/A -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- L-Planet Jasindu ================ **NOTE** Due to the similarities in the original pirates and the new "white & red striped ones," I am advising you to toss many Groovitrons because if you don't look closely, you can't always tell if they are the original pirates or the new white head/red striped ones. Pirate Pistoleer: As you are nearing the barge, you will notice a Pyro- Guard on a rooftop. Alongside it are 2 robots that at first glance appear to be pistol wielding pirates. However, looking closely, they have white heads with a red stripe going down the middle of it. They are also holding pistols that appear to be bigger then the pirates version. Also: Ublik Passage Pirate Rouge: Not sure if naming these as robots is accurate but I only have so much time to look at them while they dance. These guys walk and look almost identical to the original Rouges except on closer examination, the head is again white with the red stripe and instead of an orange-yellow hump on the back, this one matches the head, white and red stripe. Also: Ublik Passage New Pirate (Gunner): Before the barge, there is a Pirate Gunner. As there appear to be differences in these pirates then in the earlier versions, I am guessing that the Gunner may be different as well. There is a gunner that has the new white head and red stripe so be careful to watch for him. Also: Ublik Passage **BOSS-Kerchu Guardian: The robot boss at the end of the level. Making him dance, as with all bosses, temporarily disables them from attacking, although when you begin to attack, they may as well. Also: N/A -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- M-Ublik Passage =============== **BOSS-Captain Slag: The large boss battle. Before leaving the planet, make sure to toss a Groovitron at... Also: N/A Rusty Pete: Now that Captain Slag is gone, he joins up on your side. Also: N/A -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- N-Planet Reepor =============== **NOTE** The Mech-Bots during the war in this level appear to act the same as their counterparts earlier in the game. However, the new ones here seem to be all black with a much sleeker, futuristic visor design instead of the large orange dome. **NOTE** Also the Gunships seem to be slightly different in appear- ance as well. Toss a Groovitron at each Type when they first appear. Mech-Bot, Black (Gun Arm): Same as before but new look. Also: Fastoon (R) Mech-Bot, Black (Gun Arm & Shield): See above. Also: Fastoon (R) Cyclo-Cannon, Black: See above. Also: N/A **NOTE** The rest of the enemies are encountered by Ratchet when he is separated from Clank. Cragmite Warrior: The first enemy you encounter alone is the Cragmite Warrior. They are fast, deadly, and can teleport away from you then resume attacking. It has a thin neck and face, slightly resembling a vulture. They attack with purple shots in a single line. Also: Igliak, Fastoon (R) Cragmite Spawn: Unsure of what to call them. They are small purple things that typically come out of the larger Warrior suits when they are defeated. They spit out green slime at you. Also: Igliak, Fastoon (R) Cragmite Slayer: If taken in order from beginning to end, this should be the last enemy you need to make dance in order to get the Skill Point. It teleports the same way as the Warrior. The difference is the attack....and the look. He attacks with 3 green slime balls spread out left to right. The looks are tough to describe. It reminds me of a Henson puppet from the movie Labyrinth. The face is fat with spiky hair on each side. He also has guns mounted on each shoulder. To make it easy, right after the weapons vendor, on the next platform, just make everything dance in order to make sure you get it. Also: Igliak, Fastoon (R) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- O-Planet Igliak =============== **NOTE** If the guide was followed, there will be no need to list any enemies on this planet. If you still haven't gotten every enemy dancing then just look on the checklist below and see what you missed then just go through the planet tossing Groovitrons. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- P-Planet Fastoon (R)=(Revisited) ================================ **NOTE** If the guide was followed, there will be no need to list any enemies on this planet. If you still haven't gotten every enemy dancing then just look on the checklist below and see what you missed then just go through the planet tossing Groovitrons. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CHECKLIST ========= If anybody feels up to it and now knowing every enemy in the game, if you feel like going through the game and seeing exactly what enemies can be eliminated from the list, be my guest. (For example: If it can be positively confirmed that you don't need to make the bosses dance, let me know). [] **BOSS-Captain Slag [] **BOSS-Kerchu Guardian [] Anthropod [] Armor Vendor [] Bee [] Buzz Saw [] Cerullean Centipedes [] Consumer Bots, Large [] Consumer Bots, Medium [] Consumer Bots, Small [] Cragmite Slayer (Fat Face) [] Cragmite Spawn [] Cragmite Warrior (Vulture) [] Cronk [] Cyclo-Cannon [] Cyclo-Cannon, Black [] Device Vendor [] Drophyd [] Electrical Clapping Bot [] Enforcer [] Enforcer Turret [] Gel-Eaters [] Grunthor [] Gunship Type A [] Gunship Type B [] Leviathan Basilisk [] Mech-Bot (Claw & Shield version) [] Mech-Bot (Dual Claw version) [] Mech-Bot (Gun & Shield) [] Mech-Bot (Single Gatling Gun version) [] Mech-Bot, Black (Gun Arm & Shield) [] Mech-Bot, Black (Gun Arm) [] Mech-Bots (Dual Claw & Invisible) [] Mech-Bots (Gun Arm & Invisible) [] Mini Cragmite (Clubbed version) [] Mini Cragmite (Green Orb Tossing version) [] O'shamus McSoggybritches [] Pirate (Axe & Shield) [] Pirate (Battle Axe) [] Pirate (Cutlass & Shield) [] Pirate (Cutlass) [] Pirate (Large Sword & Shield) [] Pirate (Large Sword) [] Pirate (Pistol) [] Pirate (Spiked Club & Shield) [] Pirate (Spiked Club) [] Pirate (Turret Gunner) [] Pirate (Turret Gunner) (White & Red stripe) [] Pirate Pistoleer (White & Red stripe) [] Pirate Rouge [] Pirate Rouge (White & Red stripe) [] Pyro Guard [] Rusty Pete [] Sentry Bots [] Smuggler [] Talwyn [] Thwogs [] Tiny Dinos [] Turret [] Vespa Drone [] Zephyr ARENA ONLY--------------------- [] **BOSS-Crushto [] **BOSS-Zorthan [] Bomb Bots [] Green Tentacle Swordsmen [] Purple Tentacle Shooters [] Red Tentacle Bomber ------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Acknowledgments *************** Insomniac -- For creating this terrific time-consuming awesome series http://www.gamefaqs.com -- The ultimate gaming website and the only one I ever go to for my game information My wife Melissa -- Who never harped me about staying up till all hours of the wee morning playing the game as soon as I got home from work and still let me sleep in the next day for work. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ** All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. **</p>