======================================= === ==================== ===== === == ====== ======== === ==== === === ===== == ====== ===== === === == ====== == ===== =========== === ======== ====== =========== === = ======= = = == =========== === == ===== === ==== ===== === === === ==== == = ===== === ==== === ==== ==== === ===== ===== ======================================= ******RATCHET & CLANK: FUTURE********** = ===== === === = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = === === = ********TOOLS OF DESTRUCTION*********** ======================================= Collectibles Guide v2.1 (final) copyright 2007 Chris Tyrrell gamefaqs: cbt711 PSN: LuckyShot Table of Contents I. Introduction and version History II. SKINS III.GOLDEN BOLTS GUIDE a)Cobalia b)Kortog c)Voron Asteroid Belt d)Mukow e)Nundac Asteroid Ring f)Ardolis g)Rakar Star Cluster h)Rykan V i)Sargasso j)Kreeli Comet k)Viceron l)Verdigris Black Hole m)Jasindu n)Ublik Passage o)Reepor p)Igliak q)Fastoon IV. HOLO-PLAN GUIDE a)Kortog b)Mukow c)Nundac Asteroid Ring d)Androlis e)Rykan V f)Sargasso g)Kreeli Comet h)Viceron i)Jacindu j)Ublik k)Reepor l)Igliak m)Fastoon V. OTHER ITEMS a)Treasure Mapper b)Armor Magnetizer c)Box Basher 2000 d)Clank's Secret Code e)All Other Items VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS VII.Legal =================================== I.INTRODUCTION AND VERSION HISTORY =================================== This is a guide to help everyone out there find all the golden bolts, just in case you want to collect ALL the skins, or are just in desperate need to get all the skill points. This will also cover the locations of all the holo-plan pieces for the RYNO IV. In the pursuit of 100% completion, you must gather all 32 bolts. And I will help you out as to where they are... as well as some shortcuts. Thanks to everyone in parenthesis, especially DesiredFX_EF. This guide and FAQ was generated entirely on gamefaqs.com message boards by fans of the game. SPECIAL THANKS to outsider90909 - who helped me immensely when writing the golden bolts walk through. Version 1.0 - First write up of the guide. All 32 Bolts added. Most of the Holo Plans added Version 1.1 - Igliak, Kortog and Mukow holo plans added. FAQ section added. Planets now listed in order of gameplay with the help of Pure_LionHeart Version 2.0 - Viceron holo plan added, completing the list. Holo plan glitchFAQ added. Spelling errors corrected, and multiplier update to x20 Version 2.1 - Holo Plan guide and Golden Bolt combined into this final collectibles guide. Version 2.2 - Clank's Secret Code added, Collectibles spelled correctly this time, all other items listed in other items section, and Tachyon Statues FAQ question added ================================== II. SKINS ================================== You can buy the following skins for your hard earned golden bolts. Fair warning though, it is claimed that some skill points will not work when using a skin. >>Rusty Pete - 6 Golden Bolts >>Mustachio Furioso - 3 Golden Bolts >>Cronk - 4 Golden Bolts >>Zephyr - 4 Golden Bolts >>Dan Johnson - 6 Golden Bolts >>a Cragmite - 6 Golden Bolts >>a snowman - 3 Golden Bolts ==================================== III. GOLDEN BOLTS GUIDE (by planet) ==================================== a)Cobalia Only 1 bolt here. After getting through the factory, and it now being operational, the area outside will now have a lot of rotating platforms so go past the smuggler, past the ship, Up to the platform to the left of the cave entrance, opposite the platform with the armor vendor. You will see rotating platforms, follow these around the map, pick up the raritanium on the way if you want, but if you stick the the platforms they will circle around to the factory exit, and your golden bolt will be on the platform overlooking the ship attached to the factory An easier way to get up to this platform is to jump off of the elevator on its way down, or up since you can go back to it... before the glass cuts you off. The elevator is found after getting through the factory, at the end, or past the devices guy from the ship if you are returning to the planet. NOTE: you can only make the elevator go back up, if you just got off of it going down. b)Kortog In the HUGE circular room with gigantic jelly fish platform things, turn the bolt at the center of the room to get the jelly fishes to surface, look to where you would normally exit the room, the to the left of the exit you will see another cut away in the wall, use the gelenator on the closest jelly fish to this second platform, three layers is always a safe bet. Double jump, and glide to the newly created gel pad, use it to jump up to this second platform, and the first bolt is up there. The second bolt: Take off from any of the robo wing launch pads, then hit select and look for a large circular path on the map, it's in the middle of the map with launch pad icons on the map at either end of the circle. The higher landing is where the golden bolt can be found, but you can land any- where on the circle and fight your way around to it. c)Voron Asteroid Belt Oh fun, these are the hardest ones to get in my opinion. You will have to shoot down multicolored targets while fighting of Slag's minions. I would reccomend coming back to these after a play through and ignoring the enemies completely, while focusing solely on the "bonus targets". at the end of the level it will tell you how many you hit out of the total number. Things to listen/look for while the targets show up 1."Looks like these lads want to..." 2."I don't think this ones going to coorperate captain" 3.in the asteroid belt RIGHT after going through a nanotech health ring 4.down and to the right when you are clank manning the touret, just ignore the bad guys and wait for the target 5."we have a team building excersize" it will be down and right in the large asteroid. 5/5 will get you the golden bolt. d)Mukow The First Bolt - You have to return to Mukow after getting the decryptor from planet Sagrasso from the smuggler before you fight all the dinosaurs. In the first courtyard, to the right there is a force field that can be taken down using the decryptor, then hop up the newly opened path to find a golden bolt. The Second Bolt - After you get the statue pieces, and get past the ferris wheel and the first set of sling shot spinning carts, you will come to an open area with a bonus "?" box as you enter it. Stay to the left, near the edge overlooking the water, follow the ledge to where a rock wall comes down and ALMOST blocks your path, you will see raritanium chests on the other side of this wall so double jump around the wall, and the golden bolt is right in front of you The Third Bolt - After you take the elevator up to where to CLAPPER robots break through glass and try to Squish you, you will have to use a jump pad to launch ratchet to the next area, a circular path around a fountain. From here you will go to the opening where you will see a long zip line. Don't use the zipline just yet, step out to the ledge under the zipline, and look left. You will see a path with flame throwing statues, double jump and glide down to this path. At the end of it is the golden bolt. The Fourth Bolt - You will need to return with Clank's geo laser to get to this bolt. This time take the zipline down. FIght your way around the fountain, kill off the enemies coming down the stairs, and then notice the two soldiers firing at you from a ledge across the open area. Kill these guys off then walk up to the ledge they were on, Clanks green geo sensing thing will go off and point you towards a "weak wall" to the left of the ledge, use your spiffy 6 axis control to cut the wall down, and you will find your final bolt on this world e)Nundac Asteroid Ring One Bolt here: Use the teleporter and go to the beta teleporter. From here, follow the bath until you see a swing shot off to the left, kill all the small enemies around you first, then swing shot 3 times to a distant rock all by itself. The golden bolt is on this rock. f)Ardolis The First Bolt - From the ship, take the rocky path to the left, before you ever get to the devices vendor, you will see a helipod target at the end of this path to raise a grind rail, raise the rail follow it to a small island Use the helipods to raise the platforms to get to the next landing. Raise the door with the helipod, kill the hungry pirates, raise the ship with helipods, then the door which will let a fan blow the ship out to sea, use the slingshots to the left to get to the next landing, break the raritanium crates, and double jump and glide to the land down and to your left. Use the next set of slingshots to the left on this island to get to the next landing. Here you will use helipods to lift a counter weight out to the right which will lower a HUGE platform, get on the platform, and stay there until the helipods break away from the counter weight, which will then lift the platform back up, jump off to your right, and you will find a golden bolt The second Bolt - you must return to Ardolis after getting the holo pirate disguise from Captain Quark in the second trip to the arena. From the ship use the teleporter and back track. The hallway leading back to the control center will have a pirate door you can dance to open on your right going backwards through the level, or your left going forwards. Dance your jig and the golden bolt is behind the door. The Third Bolt - Work your way back further through the stage backwards. Get to the room with two levels of pirates, some on the ground level, and then you will see some more above you on cross walks, in a large cavern area. Follow the wall around to the left backwards(or right if you're going through it forward) until you get to the pirate wall, dance your jig again, take the elevator up to that second level I mentioned earlier, take the walkways straight first, then take it right when it branches off to an opening across the way where the golden bolt is found. g)Rakar Star Cluster This is another space shoot em up level. Find the 5 bonus targets for the golden bolt, listen/look for the following to know where the targets are 1."hop on that Turret" aim at the horizon of the planet 2. as clank is on the turret still, it will be up and left after a while with no enemies 3. Right after a nano tech health ring, the screen will turn hard to the right, you will have a short time to aim down and left, where the target will be 4. right half of the screen as you approach the sun, almost next to the sun 5. shoot through the canopies that are hilited in blue to get your ship through, but shoot at one that is down and right with no hilited pieces, the fifth target is under this canopy. 5/5 bonus targets gets you the golden bolt. h)Rykan V The First Bolt - Where your ship lands when returning to the planet, or from where you talk to the smuggler, follow the ledge overlooking the lava to a Big box where it runs into the cliffs, R2 jump to the box then jump to the cylindrical structure under the lava pipes - Ratchet should hold on by his hands, then go hand over hand to the left, around the structure to a bridge over a lava river hold back and jump down to the bridge, cross it to another strucure with lava pipes, walk around this one to a whole new area. Walk to the back left corner of this area to a grav ramp. Jump down to the platform with the zipline, don't use the zipline though. Double jump and glide to the roof of the building in front of you if you're looking down the zip line. On the right half of this roof, manipulate the camera to look down under ratchets feet on the side facing the lava lake. You can jump down to a hidden room under this roof. The golden bolt is found here. The Second Bolt - Take the gyro cycle to where it lands on an island. Look to your left to see a small ledge, jump up to this platform, and walk around the rock wall, until you stumble into some bushes over looking the lava, the golden bolt is in these bushes. i)Sargasso The first bolt - After you get through the Gelatonium plant, you will be overlooking a whole new area of this world, don't jump down just yet. Look at the orange and grey industrial platform down and to the left. You can jump to the land and walk over to this platform, work your way around to the back corner to find the golden bolt, or from the platform at the end of the gelatonium plant itself you can glide down to the bolt directly. The Second Bolt - From the ship landing, go to the robo wing launcher, follow the Zoni rings until you come out of the cave and there is a large dinosaur directly to your right next to a building with flying insects on the building. Collapse the wings, and go to the feet of the dinosaur, he will lift one foot at a time, two of which are hiding red circular buttons. Time it right, and step on these two buttons, then the third is out in the open, with all three depressed, a door in the mountain wall will open. The golden bolt is in here The Third Bolt - From the ships landing, go to the Robo Wing launch pad, fly straight ahead, on the map, the area you are looking for is for platforms all by themselves in the water half way up the map on the right, land here. Fight off the working robots, and in the middle of the lowest square platform, top left on the map, you will find the golden bolt The Fourth bolt - From the ship landing, go to the robo wing launcher, hit select to bring up the map, fly to the bottom left cluster of islands on the map, and look for the LARGE dinosaur, same size as the second bolt dinosaur - it will be near water between two outcrops of land after the large Gel tower in the middle of these islands. Collapse the wings over the dinosaur and glide down to its back. The golden bolt is on its back. j)Kreeli Comet Mid way through the level there will be a grav ramp that will twist right, and you will be walking under HUGE cannons that arbitrarily open up and fire. As you approach this grav ramp from the previous room, you will be staring at a black net, on the other side of the net you will see some icy platforms and sling shot points. These are used to get to a holo plan piece, you will have to double jump out of the room, NOT following the grav ramp! But rather, gliding down and to your left to a chunk of land. Keep turning back towards the building/ship you just jumped out of and you will see a pirate door. Equip the pirate disguise, dance your jig, and the golden bolt is behind the door. k)Viceron The First Bolt - From the ship landing head left, raise a platform with you on it using a heli-pod, then repeat this action on a diagnally moving platform next. Then shoot the attached helipod on the next platform so it falls down to you, jump on, attach your own helipod, then ride it up. Open the large door with a helipod to get to the next room. Jump down and kill the bots in this room. Now attach helipods to the pieces of bridge that are hanging down facing each other - not the door on the left wall, that's another adventure. Quickly backtrack up the platforms towards where you entered, and cross this bridge that won't stay up very long. Re-attach helipods if you must to get across. Use a helipod to raise the door to get outside, use your wrench to raise a fan and a platform. Attach a helipod to the platform and ride it. You will need to attach a helipod to a distant target in front of you to the left to open a door exposing a fan that will turn your platform, also you will have to keep attaching helipods to the platform you are on to keep it airborn. This might take a couple tries. Repeat this with the next door/fan, only this time the distant target will be to the right. Jump off to the platform, wrench it to bring up a new fan and platform, before you helipod this platform look down level and see an existing helipod holding up a door over a fan, shoot it down from here so you will not have to deal with it while on the platform. now keep this platform floating with helipods all the way to a circular platform with tons of goodies and a golden bolt. The second Bolt - From the ship, head straight, use the decryptor to spin the grind rail in place, take the grind rail all the way to its landing spot. Fight or sneak your way up the grav ramp, and use your wrench to bring down an elevator in the next area, take the elevator jump across to the next plat- form, and fight your way through the next grav ramp. Use the decryptor to extend the bridge in the next area, go around the center of this huge room, have fun with the walkers! Slingshot across to a landing and fight off a wave or two of bad guys. Enter the hallway with the random creature arms or mouths or whatever they are coming out of the left wall. At the end of this hall- way, there are two decryptors: one ahead and to the right in front of what is obviously the door out - ignore this one for now. The second one is to the left before you get to the door. Use your decryptor here, then take the elevator it brings down up to a second level above. Follow this second floor back down the hallway breaking 3 raritanium crates and finally you will find the golden bolt. l)Verdigris Black Hole Oh boy, so finally we make it to the last space shoot 'em up level... Take out the five rainbow colored glowing targets that show up, again it's much easier when returning and not worrying about dying, only looking for the targets. With that in mind, keep an eye and an ear out for the following: 1. pretty hard to not see this one, approaching the black hole, with a space station getting close it will be center left of the screen 2. in the mine field "this is one secret we'll be sure to keep to ourselves" This one is also center of the screen a little left, not to be confused with the glowing mines 3. When you are fighting along the top of their secret base, and floating towers with helicopter tops keeping them up are shooting at you, look in between the last two of these towers towards the top of the screen. 4. While plowing through the ice shards in the ice covered canyon, keep your aim to the left side of the screen, the target will show up after you blast away two levels of ice shards once you enter the canyon 5. while you are clank on the turret, you will see a chunk of ice floating through space all by itself at the top of the screen, might as well start to shoot at it, becuase the last target is coming up right behind it. 5/5 targets will earn you the golden bolt m)Jasindu The First bolt - head back to the ship and find an elevator to the left of the ship if you're looking at it from its front. Take the elevator down to an underground area, filled with gelenating excitement for all. Work your way through this area abusing the mighty powers of your gelenator. You will glide down to rocky platform in a lake of green gel towards the end of this area, there will be two rocks protruding from the gel lake, a smaller one on the left and a larger one on the right, you will have to go right to turn a crank bolt in order to get back to the surface, but if you go left you will find a golden bolt behind the gel tank, as I like to call it (the large container of gel that is on tank treads) The second bolt - This time take the surface route from the ship. After you fight off a bunch of pirates in an open field you will have to walk under a bridge, remember this bridge! Continue through the level, fighting your way into a small room with large crates on the right side of the room. (the entrance to this "room" actually looks like a construction vehicle of some sort with tank treads and all) After leaving the room/vehicle, make an immediate left turn, and look to your left to see a path leading back up the side of the room/vehicle. Take this path up to it's end to find the end of a zip line. Double jump on top of the room/vehicle, make your way up the rocky path across it, fighting off pirates as you go. You will then cross the bridge you previously went under to find a golden bolt in the next room. n)Ublik Passage The First Bolt - Fight your way all the way through this pirate level, and you will end up on a flying ship, with other ships pulling along side and firing massive cannons at you. You will destroy these cannons as well as dozens of pirates before the ship will dock and you will get off on a plat- form just before a large room. Fight your way through the room, beware of the pirates with turrets, when you get to the end of the room there will be a weapons vendor and a teleporter back to your ship. Look at the wall towards the exit of the room to find a grav ramp, take it until it dead ends at a gyro- cycle launch pad. Use the gyro cycle to be shot through some bright orange pipes and you will run right into the golden bolt The Second Bolt - After you beat slag, and talk to Rusty Pete, walk out to the transporter that will say "Return to Ship", but don't you dare return to the ship. Instead walk up to the edge of the platform and look down and right, and there will be a ship with a very obvious golden bolt, float down and double jump to this platform that looks like a balance, and get the golden bolt. This can also be found earlier in the level, but it's much harder to get to. When you must use the wrench to drop down a bridge early in the level, walk towards the pirate turret, and there will be a grav ramp at the edge of this platform, take it around, break the boxes on the other side of the wall for a holo plan piece, but continue on to find a pirate firing at you off the side of a ship - use a heli pod to lift a small boat up to the side of the ship, jump off, and find the golden bolt floating up on a platform to your left. o)Reepor The First Bolt - After completing this level, your friends will want you to go save some other planet, and their ship is conveniently out of service, but you aren't going to save that planet just yet, you are going bolt hunting. With clank once again on your back, make your way back through the level backwards. From the Ship, take the elevator behind you, jump platform to platform all the way back to the weapons vendor next to a bunch of ammo crates, look past the vendor, over his shoulder almost, and you will see a platform way off that you can reach gliding - this is why you need clank back, glide down to this plat- form, and work your way to the top of this newly found path to find two raritanium chests and a golden bolt. The Second Bolt - On your way back from the last golden bolt you just got, work your way towards the ship again. Stop when you get to three smaller rock platforms just before the elevator back to the ship. Get on the platform to your right heading towards the ship (left going backwards) and look down towards the cave wall to see a platform with a helipod target. Glide down to this platform - going in small circles if you don't trust where you're going using the right analogue stick to look down at it. Land on it, helipod it up to another ledge of the cave, hop up to the ledge. Jump up the stair like rocks to find a Raritanium chest and a golden bolt. p)Igliak The first Bolt - From the ship, go straight ahead, fighting off enemies as they come, until you reach a grav ramp straight up a white tower. Take this grav ramp up and once you are at the top, turn around to your right and look down at the area you just came from. To the left of this area, there is a glass covered dome, with a golden bolt floating on top of it, jump down and glide to the golden bolt form here. The second Bolt - Once you have gotten through the level to the point where you are back at your ship, turn around and head back a couple platforms until you see another glass covered dome, this time out to the left, all by itself or to the right if you are working your way through the level forwards. It is found between some large columns with angled blue lines in them. Look out to this dome structure, and there will be a landing area. Double jump then glide to the landing area, and there will be a golden bolt right there. q)Fastoon ____ NOTE: This can only be found when you return to fastoon as the last level of the game. The only bolt - this one is cake to find. Fight your way through the seemingly hundreds of cragmites here, until you come to an area with lots of round rooms each of which has round stairs leading up to it - it's the area right before you step on the red floor buttons to open the path to the final battle. In this area find a round room that is open on the left wall if going forwards through the level, or right wall if backwards. There will be an opening to get inside of this room, and in it you will find the FINAL BOLT!!! yay. ================================== IV. HOLO PLAN GUIDE (BY PLANET) ================================== a)Kortog After you get your robo wings and follow the Zoni rings. Launch the robo wings again,and fly to the middle of the map, hit select and look for a diamond shape with 4 circles as the corners. Land here, there will be two ways to go, either will work. Work your way through the enemies to the North most corner, break these boxes and you will have the holo-plan for this planet. (angelbemine3, cbt711) b)Mukow Take the ferris wheel (after you get all the statue pieces and go through the tunnel of death thing) up the right side and about halfway up jump and glide to the right. You'll reach an area with a bunch of of crates a holo plan is hidden within em (argargarg1, edited by cbt711) c)Nundac Asteroid Ring That one I know is on one of the farthest outer asteroids, on Delta right beside a box by one of the green launch pads, the one further away from the teleporter. Have to swing your way over there across two gaps (outsider90909, junor324) d)Androlis Before taking the elevator to the warp pad back to your ship there will be a door to the right of you. Use a heli -pod on it and go to the right. There will a chest of raritanium and crates smash the crates and you will be rewarded with a Holo-plan.(nayr626) e)Rykan V Go to the "town" area where your ship and all the sales-bots are. At one edge of town there is a river of lava flowing out from under some big structures. It will have a pipe that seems to be full of lava, and there will be a large box in front of it. Jump up to the box and then up the structure until ratchet grabs on to the ledge.. this is where you will have to do a hand-over-hand on the first ledge of the cylindrical structure on the furthest corner of the "town" away from the ship, it will have a pipe that seems to be full of lava, and there will be a large box in front of it Jump up to the box then jump up when you have to and walk the rest of the way across. In the farthest corner of the platform, there is a "box" with a forcefield on one edge and a platform with a Helipod target on it. Jump into the box from the platform to the left of it, then use your Helipod to raise it high enough to get to the platform next to it. Break boxes there is the plan (DesiredFX_EF, edited by cbt711) f)Sargasso You have to climb onto the dinosaur by the gold bolt--the one who's standing on two of the tri-pads. Once you get about halfway up his spine, you can jump to the building. Of course, the other option is to use the Robo-Wings to get there, but the dinosaur makes a good reference point. (DesiredFX_EF) g)Kreeli Comet At the point where you use the magnetic track to get past the pirate cannons, jump out and glide down to the land below you. You will be right outside a pirate doorkeeper, and behind you there is a swingshot target. Swing across to get to the holo-plan piece.(DesiredFX_EF) h)Viceron After finally exiting Zordoom Prison, you will be on a grav-ramp. The path to the left leads back to your ship, but the right is a very short detour with a Holo-Plan piece. Also when you revisit the planet, You can take a taxi back to the end of the level, then hop off the taxi. The piece is on the platform before you take the taxi back to your ship. Instead of heading towards the taxi turn around and the holo-plan is in a set of boxes directly opposite the taxi. To make it easier to the taxi is on the left the plan is on the right. (MrBlockHead, outsider90909) i)Jacindu Take the above ground path from where you land, kill the little bug eyed guys until you get to some Pirates in an open area before you go under a Bridge. As you approach the open area from the path, stop between the two rocks where the first pirate is (kill him before you just stand there). Look directly to your right, there is a ledge about a double jump high in the face of the rock of the right wall of the open area. Up there is a Raritanium chest with the holo plan piece in it. (cbt711) j)Ublik After you take the first ship across, fight your way to an area with a bolt crank. To your right is a magna-path that will take you around behind the building. You'll find some Raritanium chests, etc, and a path that leads to a ship. Don't follow the path just yet. Smash stuff up and run around until you find the plan. I apparently went right past it on the first go. (DesiredFX_EF) k)Reepor There are two gun-control turrets that your robot pals use to take out the force field. There is a platform in front of the control room to your right that you have to jump across open space to get to. You can see it pretty easily because it has a cluster of eight crates on it. Smash 'em and grab your plan. (DesiredFX_EF) l)Igliak There's a big domed room about midway through the level with a trench in the middle that you can fall through the city if you fall in. In the right hand corner from where you enter it, before the trench, up on a ledge, there's a group of boxes. It has the plans. (RayMoe the Conqueror, edited by cbt711) m)Fastoon NOTE: This can only be done on your return to Fastoon at the end of the game. This one's kind of tricky to describe, and if you don't want to fight Tachyon, you have to do this before Ratchet and Talwyn open the final chamber When you use the Decrypter to get into the area outside the final showdown, keep to the right wall, smashing crates and whatever as you go. It's actually very easy to find if you stay along that wall, but it will probably go unnoticed, otherwise. (DesiredFX_EF) ================================== V. OTHER ITEMS ================================== a)Treasure Mapper What it does: Keeps a running count of holo plan pieces on each planet that has one. They will show up dark grey in the planet selecting menu in your ship if you don't have the piece yet, or light grey if you do have the piece. The treasure mapper also points out areas you have not found on maps by making them blink, as well as points out the locations of gold bolts on the map. Where you get it: At the end of Ublik's passage, when you beat slag, on the way out to the transporter that takes you back to your ship, you will run into the treasure mapper. b)Armor Magnetizer What it does: Lets Ratchet pick up bolts from farther away, increases in level with more play throughs. Doesn't work on raritanium or ammo. Where you get it: Finish the path you took to get the first golden bolt as described earlier in this guide for the planet, Ardolis - right before it leads back to the ship you will pick up the armor magnetizer. c)The Box Basher 2000 What it does: Lets ratchet destroy boxes with the slam of his wrench from a decent distance away even. Experiment with the jump, wrench slam to find out exactly how far away it works. Where you get it: On the planet Jasindu - if you finish the underground path as described in the first bolt walk through earlier in this guide, you will find the box breaker before getting back to the surface and your ship. d)Clank's Secret Code What it does: Unlocks something unknown at this time in a future release of the PSP game from Insomniac, Secret Agent Clank. I could just tell you the secret code, but I'm about to show you exactly where it is, so you can find it yourself... it's more fun that way. Where you get it: When you are Clank in the IRIS super-computer on Kreeli Comet and the crazy little Zony are helping you around, You will eventually come to a path with two Gyrating spheres in a row. At the entrance to the room with this path, look down and right. You will see hexagonal pads that combine to form a path around the right of the main path in this room. You will have to use the Zoni ability to levitate over the hexagonal pads. Notice most are electrified, so avoid these and land on the safe pad, as always slowing down time (R1) helps a lot. From the first safe landing pad look left, and levitate to the next pad, on this pad you will be given Clank's secret code. Enjoy it someday far off in the future. Don't look if you want the challenge, but if you've already passed this level you can't go back until challenge mode so the code happens to be: left, left, right, down, up, up X "your secret disguise code:" e)All Other Items Yes, it is the other items section, inside the other items section. I will not go into great detail about these items, since you HAVE to get them in your journey through Tools of Destruction. And once you get them you can read all about them in the pause menu under gadgets and inventory. So without further delay, the other items of the other items of the collectibles guide, in no particular order: You start with: (from older Ratchet and Clank games) -Swing Shot -Hydro-Pack -Thruster Pack (just enable it on the menu, gadgets page) -Heli-Pack -GrindBoots -Gravity Boots -O2 Mask Things you pick up, and where: -Heli Pods, after the first trip to the arena -Gelenator, on Cobalia from the smuggler -Holo-Pirate Disguise, second trip to the arena -Robo-Wings, from the Zony on Kortog -Geo-Laser, Zony hook you up again on Ardolis -3 and 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer, from the plumber -The Decryptor, Sagrasso, from the smuggler -Gyro-Cycle, from the smuggler on Rykan V -Tachyon Statues, Ok so these are optional, they are found on Mukow in the courtyard area with the vendors and a fountain right when you arrive to the planet. See the next section for help with these. ================================== VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ================================== >>What do the golden bolts get you? A skill point for collecting them all, and you can buy skins with them. See the skins section above for more details on the skins. (cbt711) >>What do the holo-plans get you? Gadgetron has classified the blue prints to their ultimate weapon, which later is revealed as the Ryno IV, you must find all 13 pieces of the blue print, or holo plan, then turn it into the smuggler for a free Ryno IV v1 (cbt711) >>Is the Ryno worth all this trouble? Depends on if you are sporting or not - it pretty much eradicates everything on the screen. The down side, is that it makes the game ridiculously easy, and if you're trying to get 2 million Raritanium for the infinite ammo groove ball - it won't help directly. A great way to use it to help get Raritanium in challenge mode, is kill everything in sight until the multiplier gets to x20(Gmail_Spam), then use any of the raritanium yielding weapons to generate tons of raritanium and have it multiplied 20 times over! So the Ryno is great for grinding out TONS of bolts and raritanium... but it will take most of the challenge out of the game.. if not all the challenge. (cbt711) >>What are the max capabilities of the Ryno? Max level, ammo, and damage? With all raritanium mods, at v5, the Omega can be bought for 50,000,000, and at level 10, it has 900 rounds, with 5141 damage each (DesiredFX_EF) >>I found where the holo plan should be, and it plays the animation, but then it doesnt give me the piece, why did this happen, and what do I do now? This happened to me on my first play through as well. Not ALL hope is lost, but you might want to start thinking about picking it up on the second play through. What happened is you either had the box breaker equipped or got in an unlucky shot with one of your weapons around the box with the holo plan piece, and you knocked it through the rendered textures or off a nearby ledge. The only fix for this has been to walk around adjacent walls and areas, and if you're close enough (the armor magnetizer helps a lot with this), you will eventually pick the piece up where ever it landed, even if it's stuck in the background. On my play through and some other people I have discussed this matter with's play through you eventually skip to where it should have been, it plays the animation without actually holding the piece up, but then it does show up in your inventory. If this doesn't work, you can always get it on the challenge mode play through, since the boxes will respawn then. (cbt711) >>Where are the last (or last couple) Tachyon Statues on planet Mukow? Alright, I didn't put these in the guide since 4 of the 6 are in plain sight all around the fountain in the area with all the statues, so I will help you with the hard ones here. 3 are right out in the open, 1 is behind the fountain area to the right of the entrance to the hall of doom, to the left of the path with a slingshot there is an island, double jump and glide, fight off the sop bots, and there is a piece. 1 piece is actually ON TOP OF THE FOUNTAIN ITSELF!!! People miss that one somehow. And the only true hard one to find: From the ship, follow the path that leads to the purple and yellow and green archway entrance to the courtyard. Hang a left right after this double archway, work your way towards the water, to the left you will see a platform leading back to the archway, double jump up here, then double jump up to the next platform, and the statue piece is up there. (cbt711) ================================== VII. 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