`/+++++++++/:.` `+ssss:` .:ossssso/-so .:dMMs:::+smNd/ -md:``/My `/hmy/-.``-/hMMm :MM- oMM/ yMo `Nm .hMh. /NN :MM- .MMy yMd``-hm/ `dMd` od` :MM- `-hMN: -MMhhh+.`oshhys- /MM/ ` :MMs++oyhdho. `/ydMMy `-MN+. sMM. :MM+:oNMm: `omh:`oMMs `hm: sMM. :MM- :dMN+ `dMo +MMh..dd. /MMo :MM- `sMMh. +MN` /NMmNy` hMN/ ` /MM: :mMm/ /MM+ `oMMMd: .y- `sMMh: .od- `/omMMmo/` `yMMh+: sNMdo+oydh/:hMMmhhmo .smMmyo//oydh+` --------` ----- `-::::.` `::::` `-:/+/:.` ``````````````` -oyNMNhyyyyyydNM+ yMN :M+ .h` oMN :. -mM` `` ``` oMN `h/ `+syy. :oyyy `smMMsoo-+syy- :oyyy` ./oh--yddo .+ssyhho. oMN:::::/yMo -MM- `oMN `-MM.`` .NM/ /MM` `/sMMhh+ss+ +mo. `.yMm- oMN+++++ohMo `MM- :MN .MM` NM/ .MM` NMs` :Mdoooooomms oMN `d+ `MM- :MN .MM` NM/ .MM` NM: yM+........` oMN ` `MM- :MN .MM` NM/ .MM` NM: hMy `` sMN `MM: sMN .MM` mM+ +MM` NM: +MM+ +d. -dMM/` dMmsosdhMMh+ `MMs:+s yMNsosdhMMdo` -NMs` sMMh+:/odh. -ssyyysso `oyhy+..s+:` :yhy+` `+yhyo-`yo:..osyysso` .oyhhyo- `::::. .mmmmdhhmmmhhdmmmm: `hm+/dMM+ :shMMMmhhdmmmhs/` -Mm: hMm -dM/ hM: -/. sMM. ./yMMh- :M: hMm .M+ NM- oMM. .dMMo ` hMm ` -+syyo/. /++MMo+++` oMM. `dMM/ hMm -mNo-.-+mMd- --:MM+---` oMM. :MMm hMm :Mm` `hMN- `MM- oMM. `MMM hMm dMs `NMy `MM- oMM. .MMN hMm NMy yMd `MM- oMM. oMMy hMm dMN` hMs `MM- oMM. /MMd` hMN -NMd` :Mm` `MM: oMM. :hMMs` .+MMMo.` .hMNo:-/yNs` `-sMMh:.` `-/mMMs//++shNMdo. ooooooooo` `/ooo+:` /+++++++. -++++++++++::. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction PlayStation 3 FAQ/Walkthrough by Darren Kuzela Final Version E-mail: hellviper69@hotmail.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Legal Information: This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. This walkthrough is authorized to be hosted on the following websites: www.gamefaqs.com www.gamesradar.com www.cheatplanet.com www.neoseeker.com www.psxextreme.com www.ign.com www.gamerdatabase.com www.supercheats.com www.cheathappens.com www.gamerstemple.com www.gamerevolution.com www.cheatcc.com If you see this walkthrough on a site other than those listed, please notify me of any such sites by E-mail. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Contact Information: I can be contacted by E-mail at hellviper69@hotmail.com. Check all the way through my walkthrough for the information you need before writing me with a query. Although as I am a bit anal retentive and yet lazy, typos tick me off but I don't really feel like running spell checker every planet so if you happen to notice one (or more) typos, do me a favor and e-mail me. Copyright (c) 2007 by Darren Kuzela Version History Ver 1.0--Second attempt ever at a walkthrough (also Taz: Wanted) Every skill point explained Cheats listed Ver 2.0--Gold Bolts added Began game walkthrough Weapons listed Ver 3.0--Continued walkthrough Started listing Holo-Plans Ver 4.0--Listed more cheat costs Added more planet walkthrough Listed more Holo-Plans Ver 5.0--Finished planet walkthrough Listed remaining Holo-Plans Celebrated my fifth time beating the game Finally able to begin playing Star Wars: Complete Saga Ver 6.0--Got bored and wanted to try making an ASCII header (If I end up updating this to Version 7, it will merely be for grammatical purposes or if I receive e-mails regarding any misprints/wrong info. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Table of Contents: I. Game Controls.............................(GCS12) II. Devices used throughout the game..........(DEV12) III. Gadgets used throughout the game..........(GAD12) IV. Items under the "INVENTORY" listing.......(INV12) V. Weapons used throughout the game..........(WEA12) VI. Planetary Walkthrough A-Planet Kerwan.........................(PKW12) B-Planet Cobalia........................(PCB12) C-Planet Kortog.........................(PKT12) D-Planet Fastoon........................(PFT12) E-Voron Asteroid Belt...................(VAB12) F-Planet Mukow..........................(PMK12) G-Nundac Asteroid Ring..................(NAR12) H-Planet Ardolis........................(PAD12) I-Rakar Star Cluster....................(RSC12) J-Rykan V...............................(RKV12) K-Planet Sargasso.......................(PSG12) F-Planet Mukow (revisited)..............(PMKX2) L-Kreeli Comet..........................(KRC12) M-Planet Viceron........................(PVR12) N-Verdigris Black Hole..................(VBH12) O-Planet Jasindu........................(PJS12) P-Ublik Passage.........................(UPS12) Q-Planet Reepor.........................(PRP12) R-Planet Igliak.........................(PIL12) S-Planet Fastoon (revisited)............(PFR12) VII. Skill Points..............................(SKIL1) VIII. Gold Bolts................................(GOLD1) IX. Holo-Plan Locations.......................(HPL12) X. Cheats and Skins..........................(C&S12) XI. Acknowledgments +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I. Game Controls (GCS12) **************** -Ratchet- START button: Pauses during gameplay and brings up menu SELECT button: Access the map of the level L1 button/X button: Jump/Twice-double jump/Hold down after to glide R1 button/CIRCLE button: Fires selected weapon/Uses Swingshot/Hydropack L2 button: Hold down to access Look Mode/First Person Targeting R2 button: Crouch/Drop down/Tap twice to use Charge boots Left Analog Stick: Walk/Run/Strafe Right Analog Stick: Rotate the camera TRIANGLE button: Access Quick Select pages (use w/ left stick or L1/R1) SQUARE button: Attack with wrench/Dive underwater (while swimming) -Clank- Left Analog Stick: Walk/Run Right Analog Stick: Rotate the camera R1 button: Slows time down (must hold down) X button: Jump/Glide (press and hold a second time) TRIANGLE button: Hold down to access Zuni command screen SQUARE button: Punch -Starship- Left Analog Stick: Steer ship Right Analog Stick: Aim the Targeting Reticule R1 button/CIRCLE button: Fire Gun Blasters L1 button/SQUARE button: Fire Missiles (Hold down then release to fire) L2 button/R2 button: Barrel Roll (left/right) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ II. Devices used throughout the game (DEV12) ************************************ I gotta say, the game is bought primarily to blow stuff up. It's the weapons that make this game great. That and the fact that I still don't understand how a little guy holds that many weapons on his person at one time. These devices add a little to the overall experience. There were a couple that would have been great to see as weapons in order to be able to upgrade them. Death Springs ============= Of all 8 devices, there were 4 that I got a lot of use from. These weren't any of them. Deploy one and red springs bounce across the ground killing/damaging any enemy they touch. Groovitron ========== A terrific addition to the R&C series IMO. Toss one and every enemy in the immediate vicinity stops attacking you cuz all they wanna do is dance. Upgradeable to the Golden Groovitron during Challenge Mode for infinite ammo. Leech Bomb ========== Good if you're low on life. Toss one and it will suck life from your enemy and give it back to you. Otherwise, of no use at all. Mega Leech Bomb =============== Again, good if you're low on life. Takes a much larger amount of life from your enemy and replenishes you with it. Otherwise, useless. Transmorpher ============ Turns enemies into penguins. Great if you are Skill Point hunting. Good if you're low on life since penguins don't attack. Similar to the Groovitron in that it disables enemies temporarily so you can beat on them without retaliation. Morph time is limited though. Visi-Copter =========== I used these twice. Once when I first got them and once for the Roflcopter skill point. Like the VisiBomb from 3&4 except now its a mini-copter that after a short while runs out of gas and falls. Mr. Zurkon ========== Seeing as how there were no Agents of Doom to assist you or your R&C GC robot aids, Mr. Zurkon is a nice addition. Activate him to have a little flying robot at your side to shoot things you may not have noticed sneaking up on you or even for additional firepower. Confuzzler Gas ============== Now I ain't everyone so if some of you liked using this, that's swell. Myself, I forgot I had them cuz I never ever once used one. Looks to be similar to the Infector from R&C3 I think it is. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ III. Gadgets used throughout the game (GAD12) ************************************* Swingshot ========= Returning from every single R&C game. Used to latch onto the familiar looking swing points and either swinging across ravines or pulling Ratchet towards them. Heli-Pods ========= Small helicopter blade items. When you locate a yellow glowing target, simply toss one of these at it and the Heli-Pod will deploy and lift whatever it is then attached to. Gelanator ========= Useful for boosting Ratchet up the sides of walls. Simply fill it up at any gel dispenser and you're good to go. Shoot a cube up to three times to increase it's size and ability to bounce Ratchet higher. Holo-Pirate Disguise ==================== Transforms Ratchet into a small pirate. Used to go by enemy pirates undetected and to also gain entry into forbidden pirate-only areas. Using any weapon will short circuit the device causing it to fail and Ratchet will again appear as himself. Heli-Pack ========= The first upgrade Clank ever gets back in the first R&C game. It's a helicopter attachment to allow for short heights gains or to glide further across gaps. Since they both come with Clank at the start of this game, I would recommend immediately switching to the... Thruster Pack ============= Does the same things as the Heli-Pack but does them better. Robo-Wings ========== Whenever you come to a green glowing wing-pad. Press TRIANGLE to deploy the Robo-Wings. Using the Sixaxis controller (or if disabled -the left analog stick) you can soar through the skies gaining access to areas normally not reachable by walking or gliding. Hydro Pack ========== Also returning from the previous games. While submerged underwater, pressing R1 will allow Ratchet to swim faster and with more control then by merely wading through the water. Grind Boots ========== When Ratchet approaches a grind rail, these boots allow him to grind without the fear of falling. Make sure to watch out for obstacles like fire and missiles and trains. Gravity Boots ============= When Ratchet steps onto a Gravity Ramp, these boots allow him to walk up walls or even across ceilings. Ratchet is limited to movement. No charging allowed and only a single jump is allowed. Charge Boots ============ Allows Ratchet to move across land in a short amount of time. Double tapping R2 will activate them and Ratchet will then blast across a short area of land. He cannot charge across very large gaps and the amount of time one charge lasts is quite limited. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ IV. Items under the "INVENTORY" listing (INV12) *************************************** O2 Mask ======= Used to submerge Ratchet underwater without depleting his Oxygen level. Basically allows him to breathe underwater. Geo-Laser ========= Clank upgrade. Get close enough to a certain wall and the Geo-Laser pops out. Similar to how the bolt detector worked from the previous game. The closer you get the more it beeps. Press TRIANGLE to activate it. Then use the Sixaxis to cut a hole in the wall. (I prefer disabling Sixaxis and using the stick myself, it's faster). InfoBot ======= (Appears in the same place as the washer. As I tend to skip through the cutscenes, I'm not completely positive what its true purpose is. If someone would let me know). 3 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer ================================= Not used until the very very end of the game after defeating the final boss Tachyon. It's used during a cutscene to fix the dimen- sionator. Decryptor ========= A neat little side game invention. Used to open or unlock different things through the game. You must roll a metal ball to connect to circuit points to allow the spark to travel from the green starting point to the red finishing point(s) to actually win. Gyro-Cycle ========== Used at any Gyro-cycle point in the game. Creates a glowing sphere around Ratchet for rolling and a type of General Grievous vehicle to travel. There are 3 courses in the game. Press X to cause the cycle to speed up. Treasure Mapper -3 ================== After you get this, viewing any map will be easier to locate missing gold bolts or other secret goodies to find. If you're short on Raritarium, this helps locate crates of that as well. Box Basher 2000 -3 ================== When you Hyper Strike the ground, any crates/breakable objects in the environment immediately surrounding Ratchet will blow up releasing bolts which are easier to grab with the... Armor Magnetizer ================ Polarizes Ratchet's armor which causes the magnetized bolts to just fly towards him making it easier to collect them. Tachyon Statues -6 ================== Only good on Planet Mukow. Collect all 6 to gain entrance to the obstacle course area of the planet. Lombax Flight Components -6 ========================================= This space is only occupied during your initial visit to Planet Fastoon when you are trying to repair the red ship that you will use for the rest of the game. Once all 6 pieces are collected, this space will re- main empty for the duration of the game. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ V. Weapons used throughout the game (WEA12) *********************************** To be honest, weapon stats just ain't my thing. Picking em up blowing stuff up is. I am going to give the honor to outsider90909's weapon FAQ at http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps3/file/932369/50639 I will however list each basic weapon and it's Level 5 upgrade. Of course Level 6-X just simply add the word "Omega" in front of the name. OmniWrench ========== The one weapon of Ratchet's that has never ever changed. Well...unless you count the whole upgrading thing from previous games. But anyway, it's always been there for Ratchet and has always been dependable. And you never have to worry about ammunition for it. Not upgradeable. Combuster ========= The "pistol" of the game. Upgrades to: Magma Combuster. Fusion Grenade ============== Bomb lobber. If there's a big group of enemies, lob one into the middle of them. Upgrades to: Fusion Bomb. Shock Ravager ============= "Whip" weapon. I was a fan of the previous R&C whip. This one seems to have better reach. Upgrades to: Lightning Ravager. Tornado Launcher ================ Nice use of the PS3's Sixaxis feature. We're not in Kansas anymore. OK that was lame but I got nothing. Upgrades to: Tempest Launcher. Buzz Blades =========== Throws out blades that can ricochet and hit enemies multiple times. Good for long distance attacks. Upgrades to: Doom Blades. Predator Launcher ================= "Lock-On" missile launcher. Decent but won't get used as often as some weapons except to obtain LX. Upgrades to: Raptor Launcher. Alpha Disruptor =============== Charge it up and let it go. Strong weapon. Upgraded it can take out multiple enemies with a single blast. Upgrades to: Alpha Cannon. Pyro Blaster ============ Flame thrower. Strafe back and forth against multiple enemies. Upgrades to: Incinerator. Plasma Beast ============ Always nice to have the "creature" weapon. Works like the Agents of Doom. Upgrades to: Plasma Stalker. Shard Reaper ============ Shoots out shrapnel like a shotgun. Good for close combat like the arena. Upgrades to: Nitro Reaper. Negotiator ========== Rocket launcher. Good for power and fighting large enemies/bosses. Upgrades to: Judicator. Nano-Swarmers ============= I love this weapon. Swarm of attacking insects for killing multiple enemies and a laser sight to direct the insects which upgrades to an ice beam to freeze enemies from doing anything. Upgrades to: Toxic Swarmers. Mag-Net Launcher ================ Launch an electro-net at enemies. Incapacitates them for a brief while as it continues to deplete their life with the shock. Even expands to cover larger enemies. Upgrades to: Mag-Net Cannon. Razor Claws =========== Hand-to-Hand fighting. When you got nothing else to do but upgrade, break these out. Using them increases your chances of getting hit so use them as long as there is no risk of dying soon. Upgrades to: Shredder Claws. RYNO IV ======= Yeah, ever since its not so humble origins in R&C 1, the RYNO has become one of the primary questions people ask of upcoming R&C titles. Is it gonna have the RYNO? It never disappoints and comes stocked with a lot of ammo. The Rip Ya a New One Class 4 is a must have this holiday season. And the best part is IT'S FREE THIS TIME!! Upgrades to: RYNO 4-Ever. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ VI. Planetary Walkthrough Note that any Gold Bolts not explained during the initial walkthrough of the planet can be found at the end in the Gold Bolt section. The reason for this is because aside from going for the Gold Bolts, Holo- Plans, or Skill Points, there's no other reason to return to that particular planet from a walkthrough P.O.V. The one exception to that is returning to Mukow to complete the arena challenges. This walkthru is developed during the initial playthrough. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A-Planet Kerwan (PKW12) =============== -Go to the Defense Center OK, let's begin this thing off. Starting off, there will be some breakable items. When you are done there, walk across the first bridge where you will en- counter your first enemy of the game, I'm gonna call him the mech-bot cuz I I don't have the strategy guide which from what I am told has the enemy's names listed. After you kill the first group, you'll notice the orange/red fish flopping around. Go ahead and whack those for more bolts. At the other end is a statue. Or partial statue. A new enemy the "cop bot." You get it? Cuz they're robots with sirens. Kill those and you can then proceed left from the statue for crates or just go right. For those that've beaten the game, it sucks start- ing all over again without the Box Smasher kinda blows. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my hyper strike wasn't working. Anyway...confront the next group of mech-bots. When you make your way through them, you're gonna enter a small room with exits in all directions. The left and right are a couple crates and consumer bots. The center is the way out. You'll see a hovering mech-bot. Kill him and when you approach the bridge a dropship appears and drops a lot of bad guys for you to destroy. After you make your way across the bridge, you'll see a green tri- angle. That's the launch pad, or jump pad. Stand on it and press X to launch. Don't try killing this 4-legged robot walker. Just make your way to the other end of the platform where you will see another jump pad. Take it up. At the third section, kill the dropped mech-bots and after you are done in the area, approach the first grind rail. Jump onto it and remember to jump to the right at the end to make your way to the next rail. Avoid the electrical rings and gaps in the rail. Try not to die by getting too into what's going on in the background as you grind. At the end, take out the mech-bots and some cop bots come out of the hall on the left. If you go straight past the hallway there are more crates. Then enter the hall to get a brief lesson on aiming. At the other end is a hovership. One fusion grenade should do it. Go out the exit to the left and take the jump pad. When you land, destroy all. One gre- nade centrally placed will take out both hoverships. Careful crossing this next bridge. It will collapse. Have the grenades handy to take out the enemies that appear. Jump the gaps and at the other end is another room to enter. OK, um, I'm gonna stop saying smash crates and kill enemies cuz that's kinda redun- dant. We're gonna do that anyway. Any-way, before taking the next grind rail you come to, there is a small room off to the right with more crates and nano- tech crates. Make your way to the second grind rail when you're ready. -Escape on the Mag Rail Now that you're on the grind rail, let it take you around to where it becomes 3 rails. Jump to avoid the trains and make your way to the center rail to make sure you get to the next area. When you're done on the next platform, hit the jump pad. At the next platform, same thing, another launch pad. The next platform is kinda long and will collapse so grab your grenades ready. Run and jump the gaps and toss grenades at enemies that appear to clear them out. At the other end, there will be a large explosion introducing you to the first Sixaxis part of the game. There's no missiles so it's easy. Just avoid traffic and once you hit bottom, you'll go to the final grind rail. Jump to avoid the hovership laser blasts and trains. Make your way onto the right rail to continue on. Jump the gaps the ship creates and keep jumping to avoid the laser blasts. The rail will then curve around for 3 more blasts. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- B-Planet Cobalia (PCB12) ================ -Search Cobalia To begin make your way up the platforms encountering the new ankle biter enemy and the centipede. Keep working on the crates and enemies as you go. As you reach the gap in the walkway, you can drop down for some more crates. Ultimately you will need to make your way across the gap to continue. High jump to get on the cliff and you will meet your first Basilisk Leviathan of the game. Can't do anything with him yet. You're gonna come to a tunnel. Kill everything but before you enter the tunnel, turn to the left of the tunnel. Jump up the ledge and you will locate your first Raritarium crate. Go back into the tunnel and continue to the other end passing more centipedes. You will see your first wall jump section. Just jump to a wall and keep pressing jump as you land to make your way up to the next level. -Explore Cobalia At the top of the platform, you will see another Leviathan flying around. Not necessary to kill it for any skill points. I just let it go and instead just glide down to the large island in the center of the swamp. Jump across the small islands til you reach the mainland. Kill everything and make your way into the next tunnel. Go up the next wall jump area. You will see a crate with a question mark. This is a jackpot box. It multiplies the bolt counter there- fore doubling (or more in Challenge mode) the number of bolts you collect from each crate/enemy. Hit that first then smash all of the remaining crates. I miss my Box Smasher. Make your way out the hole and continue into the swamp area. -Defeat the Leviathan The Basilisk has 3 attacks: The blue electric balls, the blue spitfire, and the charge attack. Basically avoid contact with the big guy while firing your grenades and combuster at it. Once it dies, you will collect your first Leviathan Soul. You will get these from different creatures throughout the game. They're good for money. Leviathans also drop Raritarium for you. Once you're done here, continue onward and you'll come to Cobalia Spaceport. -Explore the Spaceport For anyone trying for the Smashing Good Time Skill Point, this is where it starts. Destroy all consumer bots, crates in this area, even the second level, as well as in the Gel Factory, which is a bit later. You will also meet your first weapons vendor. The weapons vendor always has 3 options: Buy new wea- pons/ammo for any weapon; the middle option just buys enough ammo to fill every weapon without having to select how much is needed, and the right option is to upgrade the weapons you possess. For this you need Raritarium. You also need Outsider90909's weapon FAQ as it will explain the different upgrades for every weapon. Anyway, make your way to the pimp with the (is that a Proto Pet on his shoulder?) Yeah this guy is the Smuggler. You'll find him on a few planets throughout the game. He is always willing to buy Souls from you as well as provide you with useless knowledge. Talk to him to obtain the Gelanator. You can smash the green containers of gel without losing life then either enter the Gel Factory now, or turn left and continue along the walkway to meet your first device vendor. Not a lot to offer now, just the Groovitron and the Leech Bomb. Anyway, now you must enter the Gel Factory. -Restore the Gelatonium Pumps Inside the factory, you will notice the cylindrical gel dispenser. Walk up to it and press TRIANGLE to fill your Gelanator. Anytime you see a dispenser like this, you can fill or empty your Gelanator. Red is empty, white is full. You can never enter a Gel factory without filling it and you can never leave a Gel factory without emptying the Gelanator. Once inside, you'll see a wall with green arrows. Shoot the Gelanator to make a cube. Shoot that cube two more times to increase its size and bounce ability. Once at the top, you will come to the river/waterfall. Toss a cube in and jump to it. another cube, jump again and it should carry you to safety at the other end. The creatures with the glowing green butts don't harm Ratchet but they love gel. If you drop a cube, they will run over and start eating it so jump fast if they're near. Instead of walking forward, turn left and walk to the large wall. Three cubes should jump you high enough for a secret area. Crates, then jump across the ledges to the far end. Continue on to find 2 Raritarium crates. Make your way back to where you originally landed but walk through the hall and bounce up this wall. Defeat the ankle biters here and then walk up the Gravity Ramp. Go to the bolt sticking in the container and press SQUARE to attach your wrench to turn the bolt. Walk through the open door to the second waterfall. Make your way to the small rivers to cross. Since these rivers are moving, you're gonna want to toss the cube at the wall to give more time to jump on then off it. You need 1 cube the first time, then either 2-3 for the second jump. For the large moving waterfall, do the same thing and toss cubes towards the wall and carefully jump across the river. Here there are more ankle biters and crates. Turn the bolt in the ground here then go up the Gravity Ramp. Turn the bolt at the top of this canister. This starts the Gel pumps again. -Hunt for Leviathan Souls Now to exit the factory, continue towards the end and empty your Gela- nator at the dispenser and walk onto the elevator. This takes you back to the device vendor. Speak to the Smuggler and trade your Soul. If you want to ask him for the ride to Stratus City, ok. But I wanna get the Gold Bolt. ***************************GOLD BOLT: COBALIA********************************** Starting at the armor vendor go up the ramp to the main platform and continue walking forward and up the ramp leading towards the circulating gel pump towers. Make your way across the rotating platforms and continue until you reach the exterior second level of the gel factory. Smash through the crates and when you reach the other end near the zipline, you'll see the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* Behind the ship there is an armor vendor (with the silver cylinder next to it). There are 4 types of armor you can get. The first one being sold is called the BlackStar armor (sells for $30,000 bolts and absorbs 25% damage). Also behind the ship is the Cobalia wilderness. There are more Leviathans here to be hunted for their Souls. Just a little loop. When you return, walk up to the Smuggler again. -Hitch a Ride with the Smuggler Talk to Smuggler and ask for a ride to Stratus City after selling the Souls. **Until I'm told otherwise, and as long as you aren't strapped for bolts, don't sell the Souls to the Smuggler. Wait for one of the next 2 Soul planets to sell them for more then what you will get on Cobalia. They are also good to collect and save for the times in which you will need to trade Souls to the Smuggler for other goods. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- C-Planet Kortog (PKT12) =============== -Escape Tachyon's Forces To begin, you're gonna be floating downward. This time, and for every- time from this point on in the game, when you are floating down, there will be missiles launched at you. Once you reach the bottom, there is a weapons vendor. For those of you trying to get Wrench Ninja 3 S.P., this is where it starts. You need to make it to the Robo-Wings launch pad with only your wrench. But to start off, there will be a jackpot box behind the cop bots. Some drop- ships appear and you will encounter a shielded mech-bot. There is a Raritarium crate just up the first flight of stairs to the left. When you approach the large wall of crates another new creature blows through them. All he does is rotate and fire his gun trying to lock on you. Once past him, you will get the Shock Ravager (new weapon). Continue along the busted bridge and then there'll be more shielded warriors. Now in the circular room, if you walk around to the right and approach the Tachyon TV, there is a red tunnel. Follow it for another Raritarium crate. Go back and up the stairs. There are cop bots and hoverships. Go towards the left and hit the zipline. Now we're gonna use the Swingshot twice. On the floating platform, watch for the cargo ships carrying the 4 canisters. There is a grapple point below the cab. Press and hold CIRCLE all the way to swing to the next area of the level. -Swing through the Docks For Wrench Ninjas, it may be a good idea to jump around the wheeled gunner and the hovership and just sling your Swingshot to the next platform. Turn left where the 2 hoverships are and you will see a wall with yellow broken lines. These are actually grapple ledges. Jump up and Ratchet will grab onto them. Continue jumping and Ratchet will reach the top. Now don't touch the blue pool. It will hurt you. Go around the pool to the wall jump area. At the top, Swingshot one of the moving grapple points and hold on til you can drop safely in front of the second electric pool. There is a gel dispenser here on your left behind the crates. For those that want the We DonÂ’t Need No Stinkin Bridges S.P., fill up your Gelanator. Otherwise, it doesn't matter. You will see the gel cube wall. Use either the Swingshot or the gel cubes to go up the wall. Continue using the Swingshot to the circular platform with the 3 red pads. OK, for those looking for the W.D.N.N.S.B. S.P., avoid the red pads and make a large gel cube at the very edge of the platform facing the next area. Once it's built, jump on and bounce across holding X to make sure you glide across. Aim right if you're doing Wrench Ninja, or else you can land by the enemies and take them out. Otherwise, aim right towards the tall stacks of metal crates. Climb up and jump across to the adjacent tower with the zipline. Take it down. Swingshot across and you'll get the Robo-Wings. -Fly to the Hall of Knowledge Press TRIANGLE to deploy the Robo-Wings and fly through the path of rings the Zuni creates. When you make it to the Hall of Knowledge, make a mental note of where you are on the map. Now, IF you want to test the Robo-Wings out, you can explore the city. There's Raritarium crates, a Holo-Plan, and other goodies to be had. To complete every mission, you'll need to do it. But for now, I'm gonna direct you to the Hall of Knowledge so go ahead and explore but make sure to meet up back here with the rest of the tour group so we can continue on. -Explore Stratus City Not sure what you must do. I took off from the Robo-Wing pad near the ship and immediately fulfilled the mission. I will however explain how to get a Gold Bolt. ***************************GOLD BOLT: KORTOG 1********************************* OK, navigating with Robo-Wings is easy but explaining directions to the Bolt ain't as simple. And, since it didn't dawn on me til after I got flown to Fas- toon, I am uncertain as to if you can get this after reaching the Hall of Know- ledge through the Zuni rings or if you actually have to fly back after fixing your ship. But here it is: On the map is a large circular loop almost in the center of the city. It has 2 Robo-Wing launch pads in the lower left and one at the upper right. The building itself is just one big loop. If you land near the higher pad of the two in the lower left, you should see the Gold Bolt in the room next to the pad. ******************************************************************************* There is also a Holo-Plan to be had in the level. If you want to get it, just fly south of the large circular loop and you should come across a diamond- shaped area. In here, after defeating the enemies, you will locate a large stack of crates at the southmost point. Smash these crates to find the Holo- Plan. On with the tour, and we're walking... -Explore the Hall of Knowledge OK, for those that flew straight here after getting the Robo-Wings. And for those that just joined us after exploring the city, we will continue. In- side the Hall, hop in the water. SQUARE submerges you and R1 activates the Hydro Pack for faster swimming. Watch the mines. Eventually kill the wheeled gunner and you will come to a circular room with mines. Look around the room. There are 3 alcoves with touch pads. Swim around quickly and press all 3 to open the floor up in the center of the floor. Swim to it and through the tunnel. The Shock Ravager works well on the little cop bots. ***************************GOLD BOLT: KORTOG 2********************************* The next room has harmless jellyfish. If you look around there are 2 exits not including the one you came in from. One has yellow ladder rungs and the other is just a high balcony. That high balcony has a Gold Bolt. Go ahead get to the center platform with the bolt. Turn it to activate the high pitched sonar device to make the jellyfish rise up. Turn to face the jellyfish directly under the Gold Bolt alcove and toss a gel cube on its head. Bounce up for the bolt. ******************************************************************************* Return and use the circling jellyfish to reach the ladder rungs to leave the room. Now before you drop out of the duct, try to jump glide to the duct in front of you to find a Raritarium crate. Now drop down. This is where I got Surface-to-Air Plasma Beasts S.P. Go ahead and kill the mech-bots and shielded warriors. Eventually you will see 3 hoverships appear through the 3 windows. Just toss a plasma beast in front of each window and it will destroy its respective hovership. Level over for now. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- D-Planet Fastoon (PFT12) ================ -Explore the Lombax City Walk by the weapons vendor and jump onto the platform in front of you. Swingshot across and walk towards the junked red ship. Now we need to find all 6 pieces of the ship. There are new enemies here. Little red ones with clubs. If you notice the tall tower in the center, go ahead and climb up it. At the top, you will find your first Lombax Flight Component. Grab it then grab the jackpot crate then hit the Raritarium to double the amount and grab the zip- line and ride down. Smash all the crates here then jump back down to the main level. Turn immediately around and you will see a grayish circle with a small cut out circle towards the bottom. Walk to it and press TRIANGLE to send Clank into the Raritarium mines. -Search the Mine This is the first time in the game you get to play as Clank. And between the new slowing down of time and the levitation, it's a nice addition. Anyway, you will see 3 Zunis. To control them, press and hold TRIANGLE. Then press up and select FOLLOW. Now you can stand on the glowing circle on the ground. After the door in front of you raises, press and hold R1 to slow time down. Hold it until you make it through the door, then you can release it. Step onto the sec- ond circle and repeat through the second door. You don't need to worry about the Zuni, they teleport. Now you are officially in the mine. The crystal form- ations you see can be shattered for Moon Stones...no, silly, wrong game. Yes, the answer of course is Raritarium. Walk onto the red pad to activate it, then walk near the edge and press and hold TRIANGLE. Select down to Levitate and cross the gap. Walk over the other two pads and then go through the open door. In the next room there will be a series of smashing pistons, because as mine workers all know, you want dangerous smashing objects as you walk to your job daily. Anyway walk up to one and hold R1 to slow time down and walk safely through the pistons. One good thing about the Zuni is you don't need to tell them to attack. They will start lobbing projectiles at any enemy they encounter so that's good, one less thing. So continue on and Levitate across the gap that is right in front of another set of pistons this time above a large gap. Slow time down and when the first piston opens up all the way outward hold TRIANGLE and select Levitate and you should make it safely across without falling. The next section has a series of conveyor belts with spikes in certain sections. R1 and make sure to jump to each one as there are gaps to fall through in between. There will now be 3 green dots. Hold TRIANGLE and press left to MANIPULATE the Zuni. They will fix the elevator for you to ride up on. Repeat the process in next room after taking out the enemies. Again you need to select FOLLOW for the new Zuni. Cross by the next conveyor belts. On the third one, going down to up, you will need to Levitate really close to the end of it to make it to the last conveyor belt. Now you can hold R1 to slow time down and kick ass Matrix-style. Or just let the Zuni take em all out. After the room is clear, Manipulate them to raise the junk to reveal a red pad. Hit all three to open the next door and you will lose your Zuni. But you get the second flight component and you're done with the cave so it's ok. Jump down the elevator and exit back out to Ratchet. -Find the Lombax Ship Parts Back in control of Ratchet, walk to the right along the cliff edge and you will come to a Swingshot. Cross over it, kill everything and you can then walk up the stairs and enter the doorway. You will see the flight component in the middle of the dirt mound. Take the launch pad near the Swingshot back and turn right and proceed to the Gravity Ramp. On top, walk through the area and you'll get the next flight component at the end of the balcony. Now jump off and continue right. There will be a small platform you must jump to with a big group of crates to smash. When you're back on the main level, right to your right will be a raised platform to jump to and continue climbing the platforms. You will be above where the shuttle is that you took to get here. Continue walking around the second level and you will come to another flight component. One more to go. Zipline down to the main level and continue walking to the right and you will see the building with the doorway in the front. Enter it and you will see a pool of water. Jump in and make your way to the other side. Kill the two red creatures and jump into the second pool. Make your way to the left and when you round the first corner, pop up and you should see the last compo- nent on the left on a little ledge. Get it and continue swimming onward. You will get to a Raritarium crate and then hit the four columns with the wrench and jump in the water. Go left but follow the right wall til you make your way out of the water and go back to the junked red ship. -Repair the Lombax Ship After you repair the ship, it will talk to you. You are gonna want to have it play the cartridge to get access to Planet Mukow. But on the way... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- E-Voron Asteroid Belt (VAB12) ===================== -Battle the Space Pirates Flying space level. R1 to fire guns. Hold L1 then release to launch missiles. The round blue rings restore health. If there is a large group of enemy ships, quickly hold L2 until they are all locked on then release to get them all at once. When you start off, just do me a favor and keep pressing L2 or R2 over and over til you get the Skill Point. OK, now I'm satisfied. Eventually you will make your way to the level boss. I hope they didn't just call him Poopy-Pants Wallace. Or maybe it's Poofy-Pants Wallace. Dodge around the red spinning blade. Circle around the screen to avoid the missiles he fires and then when the mouth opens, watch for the white laser. Just circle around the screen avoiding it and eventually you will defeat him. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- F-Planet Mukow (PMK12) ============== -Explore the Festival Make your way to the armor vendor and stop. Now, to proceed through the Trail of Turning Terror, you need 6 Tachyon statues. Spin the camera around from the armor vendor and you will see up on a platform to the right the first one. They float and emit a blue ring. Go to the right and jump up to get it. Now go onto the fountain and jump to the pillar in the center of it and grab the next statue. Continue forward and there will be a small landscaped area touching the fountain. Third statue. In front of you should be a group of consumer bots and beyond them a gap with a row of TNT crates lined along the edge. Take them out and jump the gap towards the statue surrounded by cop bots. Grab the statue and jump back to the main level. To the left you should see the weapons vendor and beyond him another statue next to the floating monitor. Stop right where you are when you get this statue and turn the camera right to the fountain. You should see a large yellow building with the ferris wheel behind it. Go towards the building and look to its right to see the Tachyon statue that emits a fire blast. In front of which you should see statue #6. Now, enter the yellow building to your left. -Trail of Turning Terror Proceed carefully through the rotating tunnel with the buzz saws to the other side. Swingshot to the rotating tower and again to the next platform in front of the ferris wheel. There are some crates and Raritarium crates to the right of the ferris wheel. Also this is where the Mukow Holo-Plan is located. Hop on the ferris wheel and ride it around to the platform on the left to con- tinue. Again, Swingshot this time past 2 rotating towers and onto another sec- tion of land. ***************************GOLD BOLT: MUKOW 1********************************** As you go down the steps, head left and walk along the cliff. You will come to a rocky structure. Jump around the structure and you will see a few Raritarium crates. The Gold Bolt is located in here. ******************************************************************************* Back in the main section, hop up to the walkway into the next section. Here's another rotating tunnel with more buzz saws. Carefully go through here and you will find the Charge Boots. Walk down the Gravity Ramp to the next area. Take the zipline at the end back to your ship. -Find Qwark Go back into the Festival and take the right path near the armor vendor. At the weapons vendor, take a sharp right and walk to the Swingshot to enter the Challenger's Entrance. Proceed through here avoiding the fire on the bridge and you will get to a wall jump. Go up there and be careful when you step on the floor pad because 2 (clapping) bots will attack. Through the door will be a launch pad. Now if you go left up here it will take you around a loop for crates and Raritarium but ultimately will take you back to the zipline. ***************************GOLD BOLT: MUKOW 2********************************** If you walk to the edge of the cliff near the zipline and look down-left, you will see a walkway. If you jump and glide down there, go through 2 Tachyon statues that shoot fire, you will come to the Gold Bolt. If you jump down here you will wind up at the main section. Just repeat your steps to get back up to the zipline and this time take the zipline down. ******************************************************************************* Taking the zipline down will put you at the next area. Cop bots and mech-bots. Go left and up the steps. Here you will see, just to the right of where the stairs are located that has a stream of fire shooting across it, there will be a green light above a section of wall. This is another Gold Bolt location. Patience, we can't get it yet. Proceed up the steps avoiding the fire and walk along the pathway avoiding the teleporting enemies and those that pop out from the side. You will approach a bridge. Cross it and try not to hit any of the 4 sets of Tachyon statues shooting fire. (Fast and Firey-ous S.P.) At the other end it the arena. Step on the warp pad and enter the arena. This consists of three rounds. Anyone working on the Everybody Dance Now should toss Groovitrons here as this is the only area of the game where some enemies appear. Anyway, good strategy is just exhaust your Plasma Beasts and Fusion Grenades into large areas of enemies and toss the wrench at single enemies. Then again, the ammo crates are there so it doesn't matter that much what you wanna use. After the three rounds, you will fight the boss Crushto. He has 3 attacks: 2 volleys of machine gun fire. Just jump to avoid these. Missiles-if you just run left or right, they won't hit you. And lastly he sucks and blows. (Stick to the walkthrough...) He will either try to suck you in and gnaw on you at which point, just push down to walk away and keep firing. Or he will try to blow you off the platform. Just push towards him and keep shooting. Not hard. Beating this first match will give you the Heli-Pods and also locate Qwark. -Win the Coliseum Battles To unlock these, you will first have to beat Crushto and see Qwark. (Noobius Maximus) Three rounds. Same battle that you fought to locate Qwark. Good strategy is just toss Plasma Beasts and Fusion Grenades into large areas of enemies and pick off individual enemies with the Combuster. No Crushto. (Deadlines are Brutal) You have 2 minutes to go through 5 rounds of enemies. I use the same strategy every time. Large explosions to take out many and pick off the stragglers that remain. (Flaming Cragmite) I don't know what the "firey wrath" means cuz I got hit with the fire blast and didn't lose. 5 rounds to go through with no time limit. (The Lightning Round) It says just use the Shock Avenger. But you can also use your wrench if you run out of ammo. Try to take the enemies out in groups to conserve ammo. 3 rounds of enemies. Third round seemed shorter then most. (Smackdown at the Disco) 4 rounds. This one is a bit tougher since you can only use the wrench. That means getting close and if you don't have much life, one hit could end it. So practice tossing your wrench for safety. Once per round in this fight, a Groovitron comes out for a limited time so take that time and kill off as many enemies as possible before the music stops. I try taking out the shooting enemies first since I can run from and dodge the blade-swinging ones. (Return of Crushto) Same fight as you did before against him except now there's a time limit of 1 minute. Good strategy is use the heavy hard hitting weapons til they're empty to take as much life as possible. Then whittle away at what's left. 10,000 bolts for beating him the first time at this challenge. (Get Your Dang Hands Off Me) For those unfamiliar with arena fighting in R&C, this one is more strategic. You can't get hit by anything or else you lose. That means keep your distance. Plasma Beasts, wrench tossing, Fusion Bombs, Swarmers, anything that will hit from a distance and keep you safe. 4 rounds. Afterwards, it's time to try out the Heli-pods. Walk forward and check out the yellow glowing target. Toss a Heli-pod at it to raise the door. Jump on the platform and toss a second heli-pod to raise yourself up. Step on the warp pad to return to your ship and get into your ship. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- G-Nundac Asteroid Ring/Apogee Space Station (NAR12) =========================================== -Make a Trade with the Smuggler Walk up to the Smuggler to talk to him. We're gonna need to collect Souls to trade for the launch code. Now before heading to the left into the ring object. This is a teleport cannon. Not yet Daniel-san. There are also blue crystals. Yes Raritarium. So if you need it, break it. Walk around the right side of Asteroid Alpha. There are two floating smaller sections of aster- oid here. Jump to the larger one to fight your first Leviathan of the level. Heavy weapons then use what you got left. One Soul down. Locate the green launch pad on the smaller asteroid and take it. Crates and such. Now jump to the teleport cannon Alpha. Aim it towards Beta and fire. I need me one of these to get to work. On Beta, if you hyper strike 5 of the centipedes in the level, you can get a S.P. As you continue around Beta, you will come to a decision, launchpad or Swingshot. ***************************GOLD BOLT: NUNDAC*********************************** Take the Swingshot here twice to find the Gold Bolt. Swingshot back. ******************************************************************************* Otherwise, take the green launchpad up to the next level. There should be 2 Le- viathans to fight here for your 3 Souls needed for the Smuggler. You could go back from Beta to Alpha and sell them off for the launch code. but I figure, I'm already up here, might as well make my way across all the asteroids. If you don't wanna be like me, skip down to the "Sell Your Souls." Otherwise, let's continue on to Asteroid Gamma. Raritarium, centipedes, crates, the usual. Leviathan here. Use the green launch pad to find another Leviathan. Shard Reaper also a good weapon against them. Now make your way back down to the teleport cannon and fly to Delta. Delta has a weapon and device vendor if you need them. Navigate around the asteroid past the device vendor and you will come to a launch pad and Swingshot. Take the Swingshot for another Leviathan and another Swingshot will take you to the Nundac Holo-Plan. Grab it and use the green launch pad to fight another Leviathan. Jump down back to the teleport cannon and fly to Epsilon. We will be using the Gelanator here on Epsilon. To both the left and right of the dispenser are areas of the asteroid where you can use gel cubes to bounce and get some crates and Raritarium, To the middle, though, behind the dispenser you will see a hollowed out asteroid. Just in front of that, stand on the green pond and build a large gel cube and bounce up to the top. There will be a Leviathan here to fight. Before you jump back down, there is a small island off in the distance. If you want the Raritarium and crates on it, you will need to build a large gel cube and bounce/glide over to it and repeat to get back. Fly to Asteroid Zeta now. If you flew in the correct alphabetical order, you will get the Skill Point. On Zeta, walk through it to the green launch pad and use it. Leviathan again. Now since all the Leviathans should be dead, teleport back to Alpha and talk to the Smuggler. -Sell Your Souls After you retrieve every Leviathan Soul for the entire level. There are roughly 8 or 9 in all among the various asteroids. That includes the ones you trade for the launch code, not just for money. -Navigate the Gravity Cube After selling the Souls and getting the launch code, walk over to the round shuttle and get in to go to the Station. We will begin at the start of the Gravity Cube. Jump and walk across any platform or moving platform you come to. The blue see-through ones will drop after a real short time so hop fast. Also watch out for the yellow laser beams. They could knock you off the plat- form you're on. Starting at the Sigma-3 Maintenance Hub. Make your way through all the platforms and obstacles until you reach the Gravity Ramp that leads you up to the Apogee Space Station. There are some crates around the outside as well as a new teleport cannon Eta but to finish, you must enter the elevator. -Get to the Space Station Successfully navigate the Gravity Cube and then jump into the elevator at the end to go up to the Space Station. -Search the Station Take a right into the next room and collect everything, then head back to the left and you will hear the Station Commander talking over the intercom and then the door will open. Take out the laser arm bots and go all the way through til you reach the large door with the jackpot crate. Take out all the bots here and there will be one turret near the bolt you need to turn. When all is calm, turn the bolt and jump down into the pool. Swim through avoiding the mines and when you exit out the tunnel, swim to the top. Locate the large waterfall and then turn left to find the area you need to jump out at. When you get on land, a turret will immediately pop up so have a weapon ready. Go ahead and take out everything in this room. make your way up the stairs past the laser trap and go to the next room. Behind the right stack of crates will be a turret. Go up the stairs and maybe drop Plasma Beasts because roughly 8 turrets pop out of the ground and then one more as you are heading out the exit will pop out of the ceiling. Continue til you reach the outdoor area. Watch for the turrets and more of the laser arm bots. Take everything out in order for the laser trap in front of the door to go away. Once it does, go ahead and enter the doorway. You will meet Talwyn, Cronk, and Zephyr. When you leave the hideout, take a right and jump up til you reach a section of wall where the Geo-Laser works really well. Press TRIANGLE and then either use the Sixaxis or left analog stick to burn through all the small crosshairs to blow a hole in the wall. That ends the level. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- H-Planet Ardolis (PAD12) ================ -Infiltrate the Pirate Hideout Starting off, walk along and past the first doorway on the left you will notice a pathway off to the left. Take the path and use a Heli-pod to raise the grind rail. Ride it jumping the gaps and make your way to the little island. Toss more heli-pods to raise the platforms out of the water and make your way to the building in the background. Use the Heli-pod to open the door. If you want, high jump on the door and high jump again to the left and there will be a Raritarium crate. Jump back down and enter the door. You can explore but you will need to go to the metal door with the Heli-pod emblem and the 2 sticks coming out of the water with the Heli-pod. Now jump on the raised ship and let the wind blow you. Off to the left you should see the Swingshot to use. Make your way up to the Raritarium crates then jump/glide down to the lower levels. Swingshot again to the dock. ****************************GOLD BOLT: ARDOLIS 1******************************* OK, the first dock will have a Heli-pod platform to the right. Hit it to lower a bridge for you to cross but don't cross it. Instead ride it up to the main deck of the ship next to you and you will see the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* Jump back to the dock and repeat with the second platform. Now jump up towards the door at the end and you will locate the armor magnetizer to attract bolts from further away. Now use the Heli-pod to open the door here and you will be be back out where you first started. Walk down the hill, cross the gaps and when prompted, use the Geo-Laser to open a hole in the wall. You are now in the Walk slowly into it and when you notice the Thwogs sleeping upside down, take out the Predator Launcher works good, and target 5 or more of the sleeping ones and in doing so, you will get the S.P. Walk up the hill and continue until you reach the bridge with the shielded pirate at the other end. Take him out and then next two pirates by the fire out. Further on you will have another Geo-Laser spot to cut down a stalagmite (or stalactite). Walk back up and use the newly fallen stalac-thing to hop across to the other side. Another Geo-Laser spot and you will enter the secret Pirate hideout. To thin the numbers, I like tossing Plasma Beasts into the room and then running through it tossing Fusion Bombs at the groups of shielded pirates. You will notice a door with a pirate head on it. This is a door guardian but to get access, you'll need to come back after receiving the Holo-Pirate Disguise. At the far end of the room will be a ramp up to a doorway with a Corsair behind it (Pirate with a gun). The next enemy you will come across is a Necrophyd. If you are just starting out, 4 Fusion Bombs should do the trick. Follow the path and continue on until you see a pirate barge stop and drop off 4 shielded pi- rates. Kill them and there will be a Corsair to the right. Step on his platform and walk near the pole in the center to ride an elevator up. Take the zipline to the next area. There is a weapons vendor here and then 2 Corsairs appear near the dock. Kill them and you will see the Swingshot point on the right. Make your way to the other end of the ship and ride the next elevator up to the next zipline. Kill every Corsair here and 2 more Necrophyds will come running. After dispatching them, walk into the pirate bar. Once everyone is destroyed, an elevator with 3 Corsairs comes down. Take them out but wait to ride the elevator up. Around the one side of the room you will or should notice a Heli-Pod gate. Use a Heli- Pod to open it and high jump to get outside. There will be a Raritarium crate and some other crates to smash to locate the Holo-Plan. Now go back inside and take the elevator up. Walk and shoot everything until you make it to the end of the dock. Another barge appears and deposits clubbed pirates. Walk onto the plank and board the barge, or Rusty Pete's Pirate Tour. 4 pirates appear to be taken out. Then walk off the barge to reach the pirate base. Another weapons vendor here and continue into the round room where you will meet a large top-heavy robot. Dodge his balls that come out of the small cannon arm. Once he's down you will see 3 doorways. To the left, a door guar- dian so save that for later. To the right are some Raritarium crates and then straight ahead is the walkway to the warp pad back to your ship. -Find the Treasure Room Not specifically sure what I did for this. But it is covered already in the planet walkthrough. -Catch up to Talwyn After retrieving the Lombax artifact, you will meet up with Talwyn who will then take the artifact from you. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I-Rakar Star Cluster (RSC12) ==================== -Evade the Pirate Fleet Flying space level. R1 to fire guns. Hold L1 then release to launch missiles. The round blue rings restore health. If there is a large group of enemy ships, quickly hold L2 until they are all locked on then release to get them all at once. (Yeah that's the same text as before but it's the same con- cept as before). If you are Skill Point hunting, you can actually do all three in one pass. One thing are the large battleships. There are 3 to worry about: The first one comes on the left. Shoot the white orb on its hull to destroy the ship. The next two actually cross from the outside of the screen inward. Hit the closer one's orb and blast through the smoke and aim for the second one and you should earn that S.P. Secondly, there are 3 Snatchers in the level. Roughly halfway through you will encounter a ship that just hovers and shoots a constant energy beam at you and will chase you around the screen with it. Avoid the blast and don't shoot any of these 3 ships to earn another S.P. Lastly, eventually you will make your way to the level boss. His name is Iron Crotch. He also, like the boss before him, has 3 attacks: the first and least used are the missiles. Secondly, his favorite is the white ball he tosses to create a pillar of fire. Just roll left or right to avoid most of those. Lastly he shoots energy rings outward. To avoid getting hit, try to stay in the center of them and just keep shooting and using missiles until he blows up. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- J-Rykan V (RKV12) ========= -Breach the Security Barrier You will start off free falling. Just move around to avoid the missiles and once you reach the ground, it becomes a pretty big war. Just keep moving around taking out each enemy that appears. Plasma Beasts are good here as they will lie in wait for enemies to approach in the next waves. Once enough enemies are beaten, Cronk runs to the door and plants an explosive. Keep killing until you see a timer count down from 20 seconds. Once it goes off, you can locate a weapons vendor and proceed to the next section of battle. -Defeat the Imperial Forces There will be more enemies to fight off. Once you manage to make it through most of the waves of enemies, the green orbs on the wall will activate. -Destroy the Artillery Turrets Each one is a gun turret. Just jump to avoid their blasts or use the cover to protect yourself. Keep firing at them to take them out. Most weapons are good enough to hit them. But ultimately once you blow up the last one, an elevator will lower allowing you access to the Rykan V Spaceport and your ship. -Buy a Gyro-cycle Talk to the Smuggler here and ask him about exploring the Lombax Re- fineries, can you help a Lombax out? He will then offer you a Gyro-cycle for 5,000 bolts. You don't have a choice, you will have to buy it or else not worry about beating the game. If you somehow don't have enough for it, you can take your ship and work on increasing bolts somewhere. -Explore the Spaceport There is also weapons, device, and armor vendor here. The armor vendor has a new armor called the Helios Armor and it goes for 100,000 bolts. You'll also notice beyond the armor vendor some yellowish pipes with a container in front of it. (Or skip to the Lava Tube if you don't need/want the bolt). *******************************GOLD BOLT: RYKAN V 1**************************** Jump to the container and grab the ledge below the yellow pipes and shimmy around to the left. Repeat with the next ledge and you will now be in a new area. Follow the walkway to the left and you ultimately will find a Gravity Ramp. Take the ramp up and turn right. You will notice a building with the top of the zipline. Jump to that building but DON'T take the zipline. To the right of the zipline cable is a building you should be able to jump/glide over to. Do so and then hop up to the right onto the higher roof. Now walk to the edge of the roof near the lava river and spin the camera. You should notice a small alcove in the front of the building. Inside of which is the Gold Bolt. To exit, jump out and go around the left of the building to reach safety. ******************************************************************************* While you are in the area, if you go back up the Gravity Ramp and this time, look right but find the row of buildings on the left along the mountainside. Jump/glide to the first one and make your way to the fourth one, that's the one with the green electrical barrier. Use a Heli-Pod at the green barrier to raise a platform. use it to jump across to another roof with crates to smash. Inside of which will be the Holo-Plan. -Travel the Lava Tube Network If you got the Gold Bolt and Holo-Plan, just make your way via zipline back to the main section of town. Next to the Smuggler and your ship you will see a warp pad. This one is actually used for the Gyro-cycle. Go ahead and step on it and press TRIANGLE to activate the Gyro-cycle. The Lava Tube isn't all that difficult. You will need to go through twice for the two Skill Points. Just remember X to boost speed. Roll onto the 3 red pads to open the door to the course and just make your way along the path. You don't need to avoid every single flame spurt unless you are trying for the Untouch- able S.P. Otherwise, you can hit a few without dying. Just roll along each section and you will be shot upwards from one pipe into another pipe and con- tinue along the path. Be careful not to fall off the narrow platforms while trying to avoid the flame spurts. Once you get shot upward and out a second time, you will be done with the Gyro-cycle. When you reach the island, and after a cut scene, exit the building. Now, we can go for another Gold Bolt or just walk to the warp pad to teleport to your ship and onto another planet. *******************************GOLD BOLT: RYKAN V 2**************************** Upon exiting the building, turn right and you will see a short ledge you can jump to. Between two large rocks you should see some crates and Raritarium. From here, turn left and you will see some bushes blowing in the wind. If you look carefully, you should see the Gold Bolt in these bushes. Just don't fall into the lava river. ******************************************************************************* Now you can teleport back to your ship and you're pretty much done here. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- K-Planet Sargasso (PSG12) ================= -Trade Souls for the Decryptor Speak to the Smuggler and you will find out you need 3 Souls to trade for the Decryptor. If you decided not to sell some of the Souls from previous levels, you may have enough to trade right off the bat. Otherwise, you are going to have to hunt down Souls. That means Grunthers. They are large, mean vicious dinosaurs. They resemble T-Rex in a way. And generally will pop up out of the water when you come close. Now there are ultimately 16 of them on the entire planet. Killing all of them gets you the Extinction S.P. and if you have been hunting Souls on all 3 planets, you should also get the Bolts in the Bank S.P. as well. Anyway, once you have 3, return to the Smuggler and trade up for the Decryptor. Now if you killed every Grunther, you can also sell the rest of the Souls for a nice 8,000 bolts apiece. There is one Grunther hiding in the banana shaped peninsula on the southeast island. Hop on the first drilling platform you come to and walk around it until you see a bone outlined cave. Inside will be a single Grunther. -Soul Searching Covered in the previous mission. Basically once all 16 Grunthers are hunted down, return to the Smuggler to sell the Souls off and you will accom- plish this mission. -Explore Sargasso To use the Decryptor, walk to the Robo-Wing pad next to the Smuggler and press TRIANGLE near the podium to activate it. The object of the Decryp- tor is to roll the metal ball between 2 electrical contact points, then hold down X to keep it from rolling away, and what will happen is the flow of electricity (represented by the spark) will make its way through the circuit. On some circuits, it takes planning to decide just how you want the spark to travel to make its way to the end (the red light). Some circuits even require you to have the spark split like a parallel circuit and therefore will have more then one red light end point. \ -Search from the Sky But once you unlock the Robo-Wing pad, the planet becomes that much funner. First off, you need to follow the Zuni rings to locate the Kerchu Outpost/Gel Factory. Walk along the platform and enter the Gel Factory after you activate the Decryptor point at the front gate. -Investigate the Kerchu Outpost Inside there will be one enemy, he resembles a buzz saw when he rolls up and comes at you. Try to kill him and then fill the gelanator at the dis- penser. There are a few crates in the back but ultimately you want to locate the wall with the gel cube hint icon in front of it. Make your way up and around the entire factory being careful not to miss the moving platform. Empty the gelanator and walk to the platform at the exit. **************************GOLD BOLT: SARGASSO 1******************************** Before you jump off, move the camera to the left, then down. You will see the Gold Bolt next to the large orange silo thing. Jump/glide down to it and grab it. ******************************************************************************* Out on the main ground, there will be 3 buzz saw creatures and 3 red pads. Ac- ticate the red pads and a lift will lower from a nearby platform. Ride it up to the platform and turn right. You will see another couple platforms moving back and forth across the water. Make your way across and use the Decryptor podium to open the large door. Inside are 2 pyroguards. Kill them and then a whole mess of enemies appears. Kill them off then walk to the dirt hill at the rear of the room you are in. To the right of the dirt mound will be a short ledge against the rear wall you can jump to then high jump up to the platform. Turn the bolt with the wrench to open the door and then jump to the next plat- form to discover the Alpha Disruptor. Go back out and you will see a bridge come down. Cross the bridge to find another area with 3 more red pads. Step on them to lower another lift to yet another platform. Walk along the platform and jump to the moving platform which takes you to a platform with 2 buzz saws. You will see an arched doorway you must enter now. Carefully go through the rib cage bone bridge and out the other side where you will see another Decryptor. Enter the door to the Lombax Testing Facility. Continue to the next area. ************************GOLD BOLT: SARGASSO 2********************************** From here, you will see 2 Troglasaurs with a Grunther in between them. Make your way to the Troglasaur on the left (technically east one-according to map) and walk under him. You will see one red pad. The other 2 are under his rear feet. Activate the rear leg pads first then hit the one that is exposed to open the door in the side of the mountain. Enter it for the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* Now make your way up the back of the Troglasaur that is standing on the pads. If you turn around from his back you will see the building with the stack of crates and a few flying bee/mosquito enemies. Smash the crates here to find the Holo-Plan for this planet. ************************GOLD BOLT: SARGASSO 3********************************** Get your Robo-Wings out and fly to the southwest island and locate the Trogla- saur here. He has the Gold Bolt right on his back. ******************************************************************************* ************************GOLD BOLT: SARGASSO 4********************************** Fly to the starting point and activate the Robo-Wings and fly dead ahead to the last drilling platform before you hit the mountainside. Near the end will be a big square platform. Land on it and right in the middle of it you will see the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* -Return to the Fight Festival Once you're done doing whatever you want to do on Sargasso, take your ship to Planet Mukow to fight again in the arena. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- F-Planet Mukow (revisited) (PMKX2) -Return to the Aphelion Once you receive Qwark's encrypted message, return to your ship to play the message. (Aphelion is the name of your ship if you weren't aware). -Fight for Cash Prizes When you enter the Festival, take an immediate right and follow the mountainside to the Decryptor podium. **************************GOLD BOLT: MUKOW 3*********************************** Activate it and then jump up the wall jump. At the top will be the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* Make your way back to the arena. Don't take the cab though. **************************GOLD BOLT: MUKOW 4*********************************** Take the old fashioned way and eventually after a zipline you will come to the stairs with the flame shooting across it. Walk to the green light and below it is when Clank's Geo-Laser activates. Cut the hole for the Peephole S.P. as well as get the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* Back at the arena, you will continue fighting. First you will start with a 5 minute time limit, 5 round challenge. Not too tough. Swarmers and Plasma Beasts make most arena battles easy. After you win, you will now take on Zorthan. He has 3 attacks: his spinning tornado attack which allows him to chase you; his energy balls that get tossed and then bounce endlessly around the screen hoping you run into one; and the dual laser blasts which will cross in the middle twice but just jump and hover to avoid them. (Well Done, Mustachio) The 5 minute, 5 round fight you won before. (Introducing Zorthan) A repeat of the previous battle. Same strategy to win. (Variety is the Spice of Death) 5 rounds as your weapon randomly changes. Once you run out of ammo, the weapon will change randomly. (They Were on Sale) 100 bomb bots through 5 rounds. Easy thing is drop a Swar- mer every so often and they will take out most of the bots. I made it through 4 and a half rounds just using the Plasma Beasts and Swarmers without moving. (Untouchable) Similar to Get Your Dang Hands Off!. One touch and you fail. Just use the distant weapons, like Swarmers and Plasma Beasts. Avoid the saws on the ground as well. Just keep tossing a Swarmer followed by a few Beasts. (Tag Team) Battle against you and Crushto AND Zorthan. Same strategies for them when you beat them before. It will switch from Crushto to Zorthan to Crushto to Zorthan and finally Crushto's last stand. (Light a Match, Mustachio) 3 rounds. Take out the enemies fairly quickly as there is poisonous gas depleting your life. With the amount of nanotech crates, I generally forget there is even gas here. (Heavy Hitters) 4 rounds. You can ONLY use the Alpha Disruptor. There is in- finite ammo for this challenge. Whenever you release a bullet, it will reappear in your ammo slot. (Zorthan's Revenge) 2 minutes to take out Zorthan. Same strategy the previous times. Even without maxed weapons, it still only took 51 seconds to beat him. (Everybody Wants a Piece of Mustachio) 5 rounds of kinda tough enemies followed by the Tag Team of Crushto and Zorthan. I managed to drop the occasional Swar- mer and refill it with the ammo crates and the Swarmers took me all the way to Crushto without wasting any other ammo. Then repeat the Tag Team strategy. Exiting the arena will allow you to receive the coordinates to the IRIS. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- L-Kreeli Comet (KRC12) ============== -Infiltrate the Pirate Camp At the start, walk past the weapons vendor and you will eventually come to a group of pirates talking around a cauldron. Take out every pirate you see and once that is done, use the Holo-Pirate Disguise. Walk up to the Pirate Door Guardian and talk with him. Whenever you want to gain access to one of these doors, you will need to be wearing the Disguise. The view switches to look behind Ratchet. There will be 3 pirates now behind Ratchet. Whenever the left one points his sword outward, press the stick to the left. When the right one points, press right. When the one behind Ratchet points up, press up. Whenever all 3 turn around and shake their booty, shake your controller back and forth to shake your booty. Now that you have access into the first pirate door, continue into the large room. Smash everything and then turn the bolt with your wrench to go up the elevator. Now if you are looking to earn the Mow Down Hoedown S.P., you can begin at this turret. Otherwise, take out the pirates however you wish. You will come to the grind rail. To work on the Lombaxes Don't Like Cold S.P., pay attention because there are icicles on the grind rail to shatter. When you drop off, take out the pirates and jump across the islands onto the next area. Careful of the turret and the shielded pirates. Once they are eliminated, go to the turret and you will see a couple ledges to jump up. Some pirates will pop out and a Necrophyd appears from the Raritarium crate. After he's dead, climb the ladder and at the top, shimmy to the left along the stern of the ship. You will reach an opening you can jump up. Do so and take out the pirates. You eventually gain access into the ship. Take out the many pirates that attack here as well as another Necrophyd. After that, there is only one way out. If you look, it is actually a Gravity Ramp. We're gonna avoid that altogether, well we will as long as you want a S.P. and the Holo-Plan. If you look dead ahead past the net you will see the Swingshot. Go ahead and jump off to the left and glide down, you will land on a secret icy area with a Pirate Door Guardian. Walk the other way and you will come to a Swingshot. Swing over and smash the crates for the Holo-Plan. If you take the next Swingshot, there will actually be icicles to smash for the Lombaxes Don't Like Cold S.P. ****************************GOLD BOLT: KREELI 1******************************** After you're done, go back and enter the Door Guardian door. As you walk through here, you will see the Gold Bolt lying among some Raritarium crates as well as regular crates. Grab it, then get on the blue elevator to go up. ******************************************************************************* You will now be at the location that the Gravity Ramp would have taken you. Another large metal pirate robot crashes down. Take him out and then continue. -The Battle for the IRIS Here you will see the warp pad back to your ship in case you feel like using it. Further on, carefully watch out because there will be turrets up ahead both to the left and the right. Through those will be another turret on the right. At some point, you will come to a bolt to turn in the ground. Be- fore turning it, if you aren't leveled up or are short on strong ammo, I would recommend dropping 3-4 Plasma creatures out in front because after a short time a Necrophyd will emerge and come towards you. If the Plasma creatures take it out before it reaches you, so much the better. Or Swarmers. You will then cross the bridge. One of the large pirate robot flies up from the chasm. Take him out and Clank will make a comment that there has to be another way through. The Geo-Laser at this point will activate. Follow it and cut the hole it suggests. Make your way across the islands until you reach the area with the gunner pirates. Along the walkway you will reach the third cauldron of four (if you weren't counting). There is also a weapons vendor here to restock and then make your way into the ice cavern. The fourth cauldron (if you are working on the Saucy Wrench S.P.) will be at the bottom of the slope after the Necrophyd. Hit the jackpot crate and work your way through the level avoiding the pirates and turret. After you can, safely make your way to the final Door Guardian and enter it. The last large robot pirate will appear here. Once past him, walk into the archway to gain access to the IRIS supercomputer. -Repair the IRIS Another Clank level. Step onto the monitors and step on the circle then press TRIANGLE to send Clank in. Here in the supercomputer there are a series of rotating disk/circles to avoid. R1 to slow time down works real well here. Also you will make it to electrical barriers. R1 to step through those is also suggested. But in the first room, step through the disk then locate the Zuni. Go through the first electrical barrier and then you come to the electrified floor. You can only step on the sections that aren't moving (non-electrified). If you can't make it to one by walking, you must levitate across to one. Before you make it off the electro-floor, there will be 3 Zuni off in the distance to your right. Levitate to them and have them follow you. Return and walk off the electro-floor to a group of 2 pedestals. Have them charge up the pedestals. One note about having Zuni charge up. It is inevitable, you can't finish without it but once they finish charging, they are gone. Can't use them again. There are 2 ways to take out the pirates. You can wait while the Zuni lob their energy orbs or slow time down and run in with 2 punches to kill them faster. Instead of passing through the electrified barrier, look right and you will notice a diff- erent way to proceed. Take that path and you eventually find 6 Zuni. Take them and return to the path you would have been on had you gone through the barrier. Charge the 4 pedestals and continue on. Here you see 2 rotating disks. If you decide, however, to turn right before the first disk, you should see a safe section of floor among the electrified ones. Levitate to that. Continue levitating until you come to the last safe area and you should receive the secret code that everyone is asking about (if you didn't already know where it was). Anyway, back on the main path, you eventually will come to a couple more pirates. Also there will be a decision as to which way to go. To the left a stationary platform, to the right, 3 hovering platforms. We need to go right for more Zuni so levitate across each platform and locate the Zuni, then levitate down to the platform you were on and then take the left platform and across the floor and through the next disk. At the next platform are more pedestals to charge and some Nanotech crates. 3 Zuni left. Continue on killing whatever comes at you until you hit the row of 4 electric barriers. I like to turn the camera slightly one way and slowly make my way through all 4. At the end is a type of hieroglyphic circle. Levitate to is and manipulate the Zuni to repair the IRIS. Not much left unless you want to ask IRIS questions. Warp pad back to ship. You now have coordinates to Planet Viceron. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- M-Planet Viceron (PVR12) ================ -Grind the Rails to the Prison If you look off to the left near the edge, you will notice a series of platforms along with a series of Heli-Pad platforms. **GOLD BOLT** But this is one of the longer ones to obtain and instead of explaining here how to get it, just drop down to the Gold Bolt section. In fact, I made a special jump word so you can jump immediately to it, then just scroll back up to here. (SGBVR) to go down. And (RTPVR) to return here. OK, the other direction is towards another edge, past the cop bots and you will eventually see (or not see) 2 semi-invisible enemies. Electricity will disrupt their camouflage and make them vulnerable. I like to lay down a Swar- mer or Plasma creature and once the camouflage shuts down, they will immedi- ately target the enemies. Use the Decryptor podium and a grind rail will ro- tate into place. Take it avoiding the usual obstacles but also there will be gaps that will automatically catapult you into the air. When that happens, immediately use your Swingshot to swing to the next grind rail. At the other end you will see red searchlights and in the distance a robot surrounded by a green force field. If any of the searchlights spot you, these robots will be dis- patched to attack you. You can, however, shoot through the searchlights safely. On the next platform will be a bolt to turn. The safest time is when the red searchlight JUST passes by the bolt moving to the left. Turn the bolt quickly and an elevator will lower. Now there are a few crates and Raritarium crates behind the robot on the main level but to continue, you need to get on the elevator. There's a device vendor straight ahead and a jump to the left to make it to the next area with the Gravity Ramp. If you save the cop bots, you can toss a Groovitron for the Dancin' On the Ceiling S.P. At the top, avoid the searchlights as well as the new electrical barriers and you will make your way to the prison. -Jailbreak We start of in Sector 2 Cell Block. After dispatching enemies, use the Decryptor podium and then cross the bridge. There are 2 large walkers here to confront. Pass them and Swingshot to the far platform. Once the enemies are beaten, enter the next area where you will see tentacles emerging from holes in the wall. I haven't been able to kill or disable them so I have to assume they are indestructible. ******************************GOLD BOLT: VICERON 1***************************** When you reach the other end of the tentacle room, if you look to the left of the Decryptor podium dead ahead, you will see another Decryptor podium slightly around the corner. Activate that one to enable an elevator. Take it to the second level. Avoid more tentacles to get some Raritarium crates and eventually the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* Jump down and proceed back to the Decryptor podium that was straight ahead of you. It will open the floor in the next room so jump down. Navigate Ratchet through the safe spot in each laser floor. There are 7 in all. At the bottom, 4-5 of the robot suited Drophyds appear. This is where I got the Grilled Ahi S.P. with the Pyro Blaster. Anyway, forward from that you eventually reach a room with a weapons vendor and another Decryptor podium. Activating it will allow you to free Talwyn. -Escape from Zordoom Back through, kill whatever enemies you want or need to and once you are back at the area where you dropped through the laser floors, it will contain an elevator for you to ride up. Take out whatever drops to fight you and at the top, Talwyn will fly off to the upper doorway while you go through the lower doorway. Once you are at the main room that you first entered the prison through, you will want to go up the steps after killing the walker. At the top, you can take out some of the enemies walking around the middle plat- form because that is where you are jump/gliding to now. You will see one way out from the middle and that is via Swingshot but careful because when you do approach the edge, bots will fly up from below. Soon there is another ten- tacle room but they will be on both sides of the room this time. There is also another weapons vendor here. Make your way to the next room which has a circu- lar platform with a small barricade and 5 panels on the wall. Toss a Swarmer and take out any enemies that appear from behind the panels. There are many waves of them but once the last one is gone, the door to the left will open. JUMP to the door so you don't fall and walk down the Gravity Ramp. When the enemies here are gone, you will notice 2 raised platforms from where you are standing, one to the left, and one to the right. Take the right one and there will be a group of crates. Smash them for the Holo-Plan. Now go back to the left and jump on the taxi to go back to your ship. Our next stop will be Planet Jasindu, but first a short stop along the way. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- N-Verdigris Black Hole (VBH12) ============= -Escape from Slag's Clutches The final flying level. R1 to fire guns. Hold L1 then release to launch missiles. The round blue rings restore health. If there is a large group of enemy ships, quickly hold L2 until they are all locked on then release to get them all at once. Just in case you forgot. At the end, you will fly into the black hole. The boss here is Greasepalms McGee. He's a large skull ship. His 3 attacks to watch for are the missiles, which you should already know to just fly around the screen to avoid. He also has a machine gun which will also follow you around the screen, just rotate around again. And the third attack, which is the hardest to avoid, is a series of lasers shot from the various points surrounding the skull. It generally rotates around but sometimes will be fired at random points. Just try your best to avoid as many as possible. But it's ok to get hit cuz if you are trying for the Can't Touch This S.P., you only have to avoid damage up until you make it to face the boss, not including facing him. Once you beat him, any and all S.P.s that you earned through the level will be rewarded to you. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- O-Planet Jasindu (PJS12) ================ -Search the Gel Factory I know it's out of order, but I just want to get what's at the end of the factory first before the rest of the level. So, when you start, turn around and head back to the ship. You will see a warp pad which actually is an elevator to take you down into the Gel Factory. Fill up your gelanator and go to the next room. Here after the enemies and crates, you will see a gel lake with an island in the middle. When you're ready, gel cube bounce to the island and then again to reach the higher platform in front of you. Here there is a pressure plate. Step on it and when the door is fully open, tap R2 twice to charge through before the door closes. Turn the bolt to open the next door and gel cube bounce up into it. The next room will be a long stretch of gel lake. Bounce across it and at the end is an electric barrier. It will disintegrate gel so you need to quickly make a cube then bounce up before the electricity comes back on. Turn the bolt to get to the next room. Glide to the island and turn right. There will be, off to the left and right, alcoves you can get into and a circular door dead ahead. ******************************GOLD BOLT: JASINDU 1***************************** First bounce to the left alcove and behind the large gel canister you should see the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* Now, to the other alcove in front of you will be a bolt you need to turn to open the large circular door. Finally bounce to the large open door and go through. You will see 3 electrical barriers here followed by a gel lake. You can actually go past the electricity and stand at the edge of the lake safely. Then just bounce to the other end. Defeat the Pyroguard here and turn the bolt in the ground. It will open another door to go through. Go up the wall jump and there will be another pressure pad on the floor. This time it's not a simple charge through. Which is why the gel eating creatures are here. You will have to create a cube on the pressure plate to open the door and get through before the gel slides off the pad or the creatures eat it. Once you get through, you will pick up the Box Smasher 2000. This, along with the Armor Magnetizer, makes earning bolts all the easier. Drain the gelanator and exit out of the factory. -Follow the Road to Kerchu City Back at the ship, take the path across the gaps. You will come to 2 pirates shooting it out with a Pyroguard. Take them all out and walk across the path alongside the cliff. When you make it to the other end before walking into the large field populated with many many pirates, turn to the right and you should notice a ledge high up with a Raritarium crates and a few other crates. Jump up to it and smash everything to find the Holo-Plan. Jump back down, take out all of the pirates and continue forward underneath the bridge. You will come to a large square shaped vehicle with treads. The vehicle doesn't move, it's stationary. Which reminds me of the joke: Why doesn't a notepad move by itself? It's stationery. Get it? I'll be here all week, try the veal. I'm gonna delete that in Version 6, I swear. So anyway, as you pass through the treaded object and come to the other side, you will notice to the right is the path to continue on. ******************************GOLD BOLT: JASINDU 2***************************** However, if you turn to the left and go up the steps to the base of the zipline you will be able to hop up onto the treaded object's roof. Walk along this path and through 2 more structures where you should see next to the top of the zip- line the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* Take the zipline down and take the right path. You will board the barge. This is the barge for the Dead Aim S.P. At the other end, fight off the Pyroguard and use the weapons vendor if needed. -Fight Your Way into the City Make your way into the building behind the Pyroguard and turn left. There will be 3 buzzsaws and a Pyroguard further up. Cross the bridge and a large ship will drop off numerous enemies. However you want to take them all out is up to you. You will then want to walk up the ramp into the next area. -Survive the Kershu Onslaught You will encounter another Necrophyd here. Proceed left down another ramp and you will see a lot of pirates approaching. Use the Swingshots across and there will be a weapons and device vendor. When you are set, walk along to the grind rail. First you are going to have to jump the gaps the large guardian makes in the rail. Then are a series of green flames to jump. You will spiral up a tower but make sure to jump the electric rings. When the rail splits to 3, jump to avoid the guardian's missiles and eventually get back to center rail. Jump the rings and eventually you will turn upside down and face off against the Guardian. -Defeat the Kerchu Guardian I have beaten him both remaining upside down on the initial platform and also when he smashed my platform I ended up falling down to the ground. I prefer the first one for some reason. He has 3 attacks while you are upside- down: a barrage of missiles fired that will stick in the ground then explode after a period of time so don't stay near. He will pound the platform sending a brown shockwave that you need to jump over (or under...not sure how that works upside-down). Lastly, if you stay too long on a particular side of the platform, he will smash a fist into it sending it crumbling and leaving you with one fewer platform section to run between. Swarmers, Plasma creatures, and the heavy hitting weapons are what's needed to quickly deplete his life. And reflexes. I know there is a different attack if he is successful at knocking you off the platform, I think maybe Cop bots or some small creatures will attack. But for the life of me, I can't remember. The same strategy should apply. Dodge the missiles and retaliate with a heavy barrage and let your Swarmers/Plasmoids work for you. Upon defeating him, you will be able to warp back and continue onward to... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- P-Ublik Passage (UPS12) =============== -Infiltrate Slag's Fleet The last weapon available for purchase, the Mag-Net Launcher is here. If you haven't gotten the Six Gun Salute S.P., I will make it easy for you. Starting off, immediately morph to the pirate. Walk forward and you will encounter the first pirate of the planet. Press X so the pirate salutes back. Repeat this 5 or 6 more times and you will have the S.P. Now kill him. Jump to the barge and kill the one pirate that emerges. At the other end, take out the pirates and you will then turn to the right down a hallway. A large robot pirate emerges. Take him out and then walk to the end. You are going to see 2 things: a bridge that is not extended and opposite that, a Door Guardian. Open the door he is guarding and you will see pirates, a bolt to turn, and a turret. Take out the pirates to avoid them getting on the turret. Before turning the bolt, look to the right just past the turret along the edge. You should see the Gravity Ramp. The Holo-Plan is listed in the Gold Bolt description here. ****************************GOLD BOLT: UBLIK 1********************************* Walk along the ramp and at the other end will be a large row of crates. The Holo-Plan is in side them. Continue along the path and use the Heli-pod to get up to the pirate barge. To the left under the zipline will be e Gold Bolt on a suspended platform. Get it, then take the zipline back to the turret. ******************************************************************************* Turn the bolt and cross the newly extended bridge. There will be a weapons ven- dor before you cross if you need it. At the other end, toss a Swarmer to take out the 5 pirates. As you near the hole in the center, another large robot pirate emerges. Take him out and then prepare for 4 Necrophyds appearing. Once every enemy here is defeated, a new bridge will connect you to the next area. Kill the club pirates and cross it. I am unsure if it is a glitch or if the Raritarium crate housing the Necrophyd after you cross actually moves towards you or if it was supposed to remain still. But anyway, left of the Necrophyd is a few real Raritarium crates to smash. You ultimately want to go the other way of the bridge. Look towards the left and you should see a grated walkway. Take it, killing the turret pirate and anything else in your way. Fill up at the weapons vendor and board the barge at the end. As you ride the barge, there will be 3 enemy barges that appear. Each has 3 cannon doors that open up and fire on you. Your goal is to shoot all 3 cannons on all 3 barges while staying alive between the cannon fire and the pirates that board your barge. I like using the Swarmer/Plasmoid combo to watch my back while I concentrate on heavy firepower towards the cannons. One Alpha shot is enough to take out a cannon. The first 2 barges come from the right, the last from the left. After they are gone and the pirates on your barge are as well, you should dock at the next area of the planet. Walk forward and 2 Necrophyds should jump out to attack. Activate the Door Guardian here to gain access into Slag's inner base. Take out the turret at the very beginning of the room and then proceed around the walkway until you reach the next Door Guardian. ****************************GOLD BOLT: UBLIK 2********************************* BEFORE walking through the Door Guardian door, you should notice to the left is a Gravity Ramp. Take it up and then around the ceiling and down to another platform in the room. Smash the crates and walk through the hall where you will see a Raritarium...oh no, it's another Necrophyd. What a surprise. Take him out and then get on the Gyro-cycle platform. No time limit S.P. here. Just a nice leisurely ride through a clear tube where you will automatically run across the Gold Bolt. Then be deposited back in the room with the Door Guardian. ******************************************************************************* Now you can walk through the Door Guardian to face Captain Slag. -Defeat Captain Slag He, like those bosses before him, has 3 main attacks. The most common is the blue bullet/boomerang projectiles. You can actually shoot these with most weapons while at the same time hitting him. He has a flamethrower in his mouth. The fire emitted remains on the ground for a while so be careful while you are walking. Lastly he carries a hammer. He will strike the ground with it which will send a white wave outwards. Just jump over it each time to avoid it. After each quarter of his life is depleted, he will jump up to a platform and send out a series of pirates. While waiting for them to come out, toss a Swar- mer to take out most if not all of the pirates for you. Slag will then jump down. Just repeat what you did before until he eventually explodes. It will look like he should be dead at one point because you don't see any red in his life meter. Just keep going, don't let him kill you when you're that close. Walk past Rusty Pete and you will receive treasure mapper. Then warp to your ship and fly off to the next Planet. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Q-Planet Reepor (PRP12) =============== -Search the Cragmite Homeworld You must fly down while avoiding missiles. There is a huge battle here. To the left of where you touch down is a weapons vendor, he is very useful be- cause when you buy things, he will replenish your life to full. The first wave of enemies is long. Shielded bots, gunner bots, hoverships, walkers. Just keep working on them and you will know you are done with the first wave when the spinning gears appears at the bottom right to show a save to the hard drive. -Secure the Area Refill your ammo after each wave. Now, to the left of where you landed will be a structure guarded by a force field. The second wave begins with the wheeled gunner as well as more enemies from the dropships. Take them all out and your teammate (either Cronk or Zephyr-I didn't pay attention). Enter the building now and take out the enemies, then run across the 3 touch pads so that the cannon here will be able to be activated. Go back out to the main area and the third wave will appear. Take them out and this time, to the right of where you dropped in will be another structure similar to the first one on the left. Before entering it, if you look at the left of it, you should see a platform with a small stack of crates. Jump to it and smash the crates for the Holo-Plan. Now go around the front and enter the right building. There will be a wheeled gunner at the back. Take him out and hit the 3 touch pads here and the cannon here will be reactivated. Exit and take out the wave 4 enemies. -Deactivate the Forcefields Afterwards, Talwyn will speak and then soon after cannon blasts will disable the forcefield, allowing you to gain entry to the base. As you go near the elevator, there will be one more walker to take out. When you do, before going up the elevator, if you look to the left and right, there will be hallways. If you want the crates, there will be some in both directions. If not, just get on the elevator and go up. -Infiltrate the Cragmite Base At the top, another walker comes out from the force fielded base. Kill it and Talwyn will then suggest to find another way in. Now if you walk to where she was standing on the right side of the upper level, the Geo-laser should go off. Cut the hole, then enter and make your way around to the ele- vator which will take you down. -Search for Ratchet After the cutscene, you will be in control of Clank for the last time in the game. Even without Zuni present, you can hold R1 to slow time down. You can use this to take out the enemies here. Then locate the 3 Zuni to the left. Use them to manipulate the rock pile. Levitate over the gas spurts. You will find more Zuni and have them charge the platform so it rotates to you. As you reach Zuni points, just have them charge up or manipulate whatever is in front of you. Before you have the 4 Zuni manipulate the next platform, look off to the right and you should see more Zuni up on a ledge. Now it doesn't look as if you can levitate but you can. It will bump you up to the level to retrieve the Zuni. Then levitate back down. Make your way to the other end where you will be forced to levitate down to where a group of regurgitating enemies are located. You can Matrix punch them or let the Zuni take them out. You will then walk to the end while jumping the gaps and avoiding the gas spurts. -Escape from Cragmite Caves Back to Ratchet, there will be a weapons vendor. Now since you don't have Clank, be extra careful when you jump gaps. Make your way around to the next area where you will encounter the purple warping ninja type enemies. I'm gonna call them PWNs (Purple Warping Ninjas). Of course, if you take them for granted, they will PWN you something fierce. Once you take out the first group of them, walk forward and you will see a pod come up and spit out a number of the little purple creatures. If you take the pod out, it will stop producing enemies, however, it will only produce around 10 so it's not going to be too overwhelming if you want to gain some experience. You will come to a Swingshot to cross. Continue along the rocky platforms until you come to a weapons vendor off to the right. Refill here, but more importantly, look off beyond him to the right of the purple column and you should see some stone steps. This goes to a Gold Bold but without Clank, it's useless. But you will have him soon. On the last platform right before you go into the narrow walkway, you will fight a large number of PWNs. Take them out to gain access to the walkway. You can jump across the stalactites that fall creating jumpable gaps. Go forward all the way and get on the elevator. Walk to your teammates and there will be a cutscene. You now have coordinates to Igliak but you also have Clank back so if you want to go back for the Gold Bolts, you can. And there won't be any enemies left so it will be smooth sailing. Just jump down to the Gold Bolt section to do it (GIASN) or else just get in your ship to fly off. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- R-Planet Igliak (PIL12) =============== -Save Meridian City At the start, there is only a weapons vendor. Cross the bridge and take out the small creatures then go up to the ledge ahead of you. Jump up and you will run into the PWNs. Hold L2 and tap left or right and jump at the same time 10 times to get the Hold Still... S.P. Continue forward to the Gravity Ramp and you will meet 2 more PWNs. Go up the ramp to meet another weapon vendor. *****************************GOLD BOLT: IGLIAK 1******************************* Jump to the next platform outside the large glass dome structure. Before enter- ing, turn to the right and look down over the edge. You should see the small dome that the PWN was standing on earlier. The Gold Bolt should also be easy to spot on it as well. Jump/glide down and grab it. ******************************************************************************* Make your way back up and this time enter the glass dome. There will be 2 PWNs and a walker in here. Climb up the higher level and toss a Groovitron to make it easy on yourself. Take out the PWNs and walker. Then while on the higher level, turn to face the door that you walked in through. You should notice on each end of the platform is a glass walkway along the edge of the room. Look at the left on (right on your right as you entered the room) and you should see a small stack of boxes. Smash these boxes to locate the Holo-Plan. Go to where the walker was and step on the pressure pad to deactivate the red force field. Walk down the Gravity Ramp and you will come to another weapon vendor. Up the next ledge will be 4 more PWNs to take out. After which will be a covered arched building where you should encounter a walker and a spawn pod. *****************************GOLD BOLT: IGLIAK 2******************************* After taking out the walker here, and before going up the elevator that was behind it, walk along the edge of the structure with the archway openings look- ing out into the city. If you look down a bit, you should see another of the small domes structures with a Gold Bolt on the left side of it on a glass plat- form. Jump/glide down to it. ******************************************************************************* To safely make it back, look for the shiny rim along the bottom of the struc- ture you flew to. If you hug the wall, you can walk around it and then jump back to the area you were at before. Just go back and ride up the elevator now to another Decryptor podium. Activate it for access to the Spaceport. **For those attempting the Everybody Dance Now S.P. I tossed my Golden Groovi- tron everywhere but I actually got the S.P. in the Meridian City Spaceport room when I tossed the Groovitron fighting the PWNs in here. So basically, I know I already got the enemies I will encounter on Fastoon. Hopefully a helpful FYI.** -Rescue Qwark Once you free the city, the doors in the Spaceport will open allowing you access to the right (back to your ship) or left (Gyro-cycle and then a Robo-Wing section). Left is the way we will need to take unless you have to refill ammo. Take the Gyro-cycle. Now if you can navigate the half-pipe area and collapsing bridges without dying within 55 seconds, you can get the S.P. After the two collapsing bridges, you will reach the other end of the course. -Rescue Qwark - Part 2 In the next area, walk forward and use the Robo-Wings. If you want to get the S.P., I would suggest doing it at the very first electrical barrier. Just fly underneath the lower of the two streams and you will get it. Continue avoiding the traffic, electricity, and signs falling until you reach the other end. There will be a few more PWNs to take out but in the end, defeating them will free Qwark and end the level. -Return to the Aphelion Tachyon is back on Fastoon. Warp back to your ship and take off. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- S-Planet Fastoon (revisited) (PFR12) ============================ -Return to Fastoon Fly to Fastoon from whatever planet you are adventuring on. This will be the last time you will have to fly down while avoiding missiles. Aww, I know I'll miss it too. -Destroy the Magna-Cannons There will be 5 of these on Fastoon. They're large and fire white blasts in the air. 2 on the main platform. One beyond the Swingshot. One up in the Gravity Ramp room. And the last one, you need to climb the central tower and zipline down to the Magna Cannon. -Cover Talwyn Once all 5 Cannons are taken out, Talwyn will fly in. A whole bunch of enemies will then commence attacking your team. Dropships, wave after wave of bots and even a few PWNs. At some point, Talwyn will try to work on lowering the bridge so you need to fend off more waves of enemies. I generally like the Swarmer/Plasmoid combo again to take out multiple enemies without worry- ing about them myself. Once the bridge is down, walk across it to the weapon vendor. At the top, there will be another large battle against the PWNs. Once you defeat all of them, walk forward towards the Gravity Ramp for a cutscene. -Enter the Court of Azimuth Make your way up the Gravity Ramp here next to the Tachyon TV. There will be one PWN to defeat on the ramp. Then make your way down to the doors leading to the Courtyard. You can buy any unbought weapons, refill ammo, refill devices, and buy armor if needed. If I didn't mention it sooner, there should be the third and best type of armor available, I forget the name but it costs 300,00 bolts and will be the last available type of armor until you sign up for Challenge Mode. Step on the red pad to open the door and walk through. There will be a number of PWNs to defeat here. Once you are able to though, I would recommend retur- ning to refill your ammo. Go back through the room and you will locate the last Decryptor podium to activate. Once doing so, a door will open and you will face yet another large batch of PWNs. Once they are dispatched, Talwyn will tell you she needs the bridge moved. Walk across the 3 red pads and then turn the bolt in the ground to rotate the bridge. Walk up towards the steps and your last (yes I promise) battle against numerous PWNs will occur. Talwyn will then join you and stand on one of the 2 glowing red pads. *****************************GOLD BOLT: FASTOON******************************** Before stepping on your red pad, walk towards Talwyn, then turn around to face into the room. There will be a wall to your right. Walk along the wall and below the bridge that you rotated should be a door that has been recently opened. Inside, you should find the Gold Bolt. ******************************************************************************* Continue walking along the right side of the room and continue walking past the doorway you entered from and after a short walk past the entrance doorway, you should be able to locate the Holo-Plan. Now if you want to retrieve the RYNO, I suggest stepping on the red pad to deactivate the forcefield and gain entry into Tachyon's chambers. That way, when you return with the RYNO, you won't have to fight through all of the PWNs that respawn. Then again with the RYNO it may not matter. Whether you are returning from getting the RYNO or just getting done stepping on your red pad next to Talwyn, your next step is to walk into Tachyon's chambers for the final boss battle. -Find Tachyon Once you walk between the 2 red pads into the doorway, you will enter Tachyon's chambers. The first third of his life is fought in this room. He fires laser beams at you but his favorite attack here seems to be releasing tiny robot spider droids to run after you. Strafe and jump to avoid them while firing. Or just continually run in a circle around him. The Swarmer/Plasmoid combo of course helps out but if you have the RYNO, there is no need to bother unholstering anything else to beat him. After a third of his life is gone, the battle will change theaters. The rest of the battle is fought on an asteroid. The same attacks as before but there are a couple new ones. He will toss a group of pinkish/purplish orbs/ rocks at you. Run to dodge them. Also watch for when he jumps. When he lands, there will be a large yellow ring that radiates out from him. You will need to jump over it but just keep shooting. When he gets very low on life, he will shoot off a ton, and it really seems like a ton, of missiles. Keep strafe jumping and shooting and you should have it in no time. If you can't seem to beat Tachyon, email me with your problem and I will try to help you in any way I can. If you can't figure out how to strafe jump or run in circles, I can't help you. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You have beaten the game. Sit back and watch the cutscenes. You will then have the option to warp back to before defeating Tachyon. Just like previous R&C games. Or start Challenge Mode, which is just a tougher version of the game but with better weapons and bolt multi- pliers. Just like previous R&C games. Enjoy. For those that needed it, I hope this walkthrough helped out. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ VII. Skill Points (SKIL1) ***************** Some of these are very VERY tough to obtain. If you've read the forums, you might have noticed this as well. I'm going to attempt to keep from getting wordy and overly descriptive as I tend to do in my descriptions of the various skill points throughout the game. I welcome e-mailed questions however I'd advise you to read the forums as I tend to not check my e-mail regularly. But if you do have a question, list it in the subject and I'll reply soon as I can. Planet Cobalia ************** ---A Smashing Good Time (10 pts) "Destroy all crates and consumer robots in the spaceport and gelatonium plant." Simple. Every crate on the main level and up above the spaceport after riding around the circulating towers. And every little consumer bot that's wandering around. Show no mercy. =============================================================================== ---I Should Have Gone Down in a Barrel (10 pts) "Jump into each of the two gelatonium waterfalls in the Cobalia gelatonium plant." As you go through the plant, you will notice two large waterfalls. They are in separate rooms. Jump into the first one you see and you will be brought back from the floor. Now further in you will come to another waterfall of gel. Jump into it as well, die, be reborn and you should have the point. =============================================================================== ---Giant Hunter (10 pts) "Kill all Basilisk Leviathans in the Cobalia wilderness." If you have leveled up weapons, it's easier then starting a brand new game but do-able nonetheless. Behind the Smuggler's ship or next to the area con- taining the armor vendor is an arched walkway leading to an area we're gonna refer to as "the wilderness." It's a big loop containing 2 (I think) Leviathans. Simply kill them to get the point. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Planet Kortog ************* ---Wrench Ninja 3 (10 pts) "Use only the wrench to get through the level." I did this on Challenge Mode. Not entirely recommended as I didn't really use the wrench, I just jumped and leapt past most enemies to avoid dying. However, it worked. You can use either the Swingshot or the Gelanator to get past the area that asks for the Gelanator. When you make it to the point where you earn the Robo-Wings and have only used the wrench, you will get the point. =============================================================================== ---We Don't Need No Stinkin' Bridges (10 pts) "Cross the tri-pad sequence using only gel cube bounces." Ahh the Blazing Saddles quotes never get old...Well ok yeah they do. Anyway. At the part of the level where you are on a circular platform and only have 3 red pads to walk over thus deploying a bridge. Simply avoid deploying the bridge and instead use the gelanator to make the large (not small or medium) cube. Bounce over to the other side and make sure to glide to guarantee safety. =============================================================================== ---Surface-to-Air Plasma Beasts (10 pts) "Take out 3 flying targets using Plasma Beasts." I achieved this in the room with the 3 windows. First you must destroy the mechanical soldiers and eventually 3 of the flying ships appear one in each window. Just lob one Plasma Beast in front of each window and it's that easy. =============================================================================== ---Been Around (10 pts) "Take off from every Robo-Wing launch pad in Stratus City." There are 11. And I checked, all of them are on the map. Now I think they are anyway before jumping off the pad. Maybe they doen't show til after you use the pad. Anyway, due to lack of a working USB cable for my digital camera, I am unable to illustrate where they are on the map. Also I am ASCII-challenged so drawing a cute map is out of the question. I will attempt to narrate where they are (in no particular order) so as you look at the map, please try to follow along: (1) Upper left frying pan platform-far top left tip of handle (2) Diamond structure in center of map-top point of diamond (3) Starting point near ship (4) Bottom platform below diamond-left most point, almost, almost below ship starting point (5) Go northeast from diamond platform to the gas mask shaped platform-if you were wearing it, it would be located on the right eye area (6-8) The large loop in the map's center-Two of them are located at the bottom left of the loop. The third is located at the top right of the loop Where the circle extends out from the loop (9) Look north from loop and there is a...um...sideways space shuttle with a path extending north and then proceeding east along the north side of said space shuttle. It's located on the east most point of that northern walkway. Or due west of the room that always blinks (11) OK, between the starting point dock and the large loop is an area with two medium sized circles: one green, the other blue. Above the blue one is a smaller blue circle. Left of which is a small semi circle coming off of the main structure. Located directly above the green circle. It's on there If you die by running into a flying vehicle, you will need to start over. **If anyone cares to make a map of either this or Planet Sargasso, I will gladly post the link here for people to look at for a nice visual illustration. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Voron Asteroid Belt ******************* ---Collector's Addition (10 pts) "Collect all cargo containers." There are 10. Right after the very first battleship you encounter, there will be a group of 3 right behind the ship. Eventually you come to your first asteroid belt. A group of 3 are located above that belt. Shortly after you dive right and eventually to the health ring. You will come across 2 more right before the ring. Lastly, after Clank takes the turret, as you are pulling out of the asteroid belt, there will be 2 more. I think 1 on the left and 1 on the right so be quick or you'll have to do it all over if you miss. =============================================================================== ---Minesweeper (10 pts) "Clear out 10-15 mines." Usually they want more specific goals. If 10 is enough, why not just ask for 10. But I digress. Mines are rainbow colored and have spikes jutting out from them. Just shoot 10 (or 11,12,13,14,15) and you're good. =============================================================================== ---What's that R2? (10 pts) "Barrel Roll 10 times." Easiest skill point. OK, second easiest. Cheapskate being easier. Hit L2 or R2 to barrel roll until you get the point. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Planet Mukow ************ ---I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick (10 pts) "Ride the ferris wheel for 5 loops without getting off or taking damage." Easy enough when you get the pattern. Simply jump onto the roof of a car and just jump between it and the cars on the inner loop avoiding the green fire and repeat through five loops and presto. =============================================================================== ---Fast and the Fiery-ous (10 pts) "Use the Charge Boots to cross the bridge to the arena without being burned." Should be worth more I think some people would agree. Pain in the butt to nail every time and it's not even a consistent point due to the glitch. You're supposed to charge through all of the flames without getting hit. Here's merely the way I did it. First there is a grassy area with cop bots and a pair of statues that spit flames. Clear out the bots and that brings us to the flames. There are 4 (four) sets of statues in all before the arena. I aimed myself and charged though the first set, naturally coasting to a stop before hitting the next pair. Charged through the second set and tapped SQUARE to stop before running into the third flame. Charged through the third flame and actually ran into the fourth stream but still got the point. =============================================================================== ---One Heckuva Peephole (10 pts) "Use the Geo-Laser to blast through the wall." After you Swingshot from the main grounds with the vendors into the Challenger Entrance. Eventually you make it to a zipline. Go down, kill the cop bots and mech soldiers and when you see the stairs with the flame shooting across them, to the right is a wall with a green light above. Go there and use Clank's Geo- Laser to carve a hole in the wall. You will also find one of the Gold Bolts inside. Yeah, do I need to mention you need to return here AFTER getting the Geo-Laser? Not during the initial run-through. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Nundac Asteroid Ring ******************** ---Alphabet City (10 pts) "Teleport to each of the six asteroids in alphabetical order." A quick lesson in Greek. Each asteroid has a teleporter you can use to jump across each asteroid. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta. First 7 letters of the Greek alphabet. Merely teleport to each one. **One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong--You only need to teleport to six of the seven. Eta isn't required for the Skill Point. =============================================================================== ---Knock You Down to Size (10 pts) "Use Hyper Strike on 5 Cerullean Centipedes." Throughout the level you will encounter the larger centipede creatures. Merely Hyper Strike (jump then SQUARE) five of them. =============================================================================== ---Dancin' With the Stars (10 pts) "Make 5 enemies dance at once on an asteroid." Simply locate an asteroid with 5 of the little bug creatures and toss a Groovitron at them. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Planet Ardolis ************** ---Taste o' Yer Own Medicine (10 pts) "Destroy all of the Corsairs with the Combuster." Corsairs = pirates with guns. Not the swords or shields or clubs. Just the gunrunners. It's a good idea to upgrade the ammo on the Combuster to make sure you don't encounter a Corsair and not have any ammo. Just make it through the first area, into the caves, to the large double level room with the walkway (2 Corsairs on walkway as well), across the ships, into the night club, and to the Pirate Base making sure to kill ALL the gun pirates with JUST the Combuster or its Omega counterpart until you get the point. =============================================================================== ---Preemptive Strike (10 pts) "Destroy 5 of the Thwogs while they are sleeping." The bat-like creatures. When you first enter the Geo-Laser cave, don't move, just start launching RYNO or Judicator rounds into the cave. If you're good enough to hit 5, it's all done. =============================================================================== ---It's Mutanty Cap'n (10 pts) "Change 5 Pirates into penguins in one blast." I did this right at the beginning. Go past the first 2 pirates and you get the cut scene of the Corsair walking out from behind the rock. 3 more Pirates join in. Kill the Corsair on the rock and the other 5 shouldn't be able to get you on the rock. Try to get all 5 to walk towards the rock or somewhere where all 5 are in a tight area and just toss the Transmorpher. Or you can do it in the bar. Or before you jump on the barge when the clubbed pirates appear. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Rakar Star Cluster ****************** ---You Sank My Battleship (10 pts) "Shoot down 75% of the big destroyers." They're the large ships that fire white lasers from the little pods on the hull. The first one is on your left. Locate the small white pod and hit it enough times to sink the ship. Eventually you come across two battleships from either side of the screen. The closer one has a white pod on the top. Hit that and fire into the smoke while trying to aim for the second battleship's pod on the bottom. After you hit the 3, you should get the point. However, and it's meant to be this way on the flying levels, you won't get the point til after you beat the level boss ship. =============================================================================== ---Pretty Lights (10 pts) "Complete Rakar Star Cluster without destroying any of the Snatchers." There are 3 of them. They are ships that just hover in front of you and chase you around the screen with a constant laser beam of white energy. Just avoid shooting down all 3 of them for the point. =============================================================================== ---I've Got Places to Be (10 pts) "Destroy Iron Crotch Caruso in under 2:30." He's the boss. Just keep using your missiles and gunfire to blow him up while avoiding his attacks. I managed this my first time through. Pretty simple. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Rykan V ******* ---The Consumer is Not (Always) Right (10 pts) "Destroy 18 consumer robots on Rykan V." Just walk around town destroying 18 of the small consumer bots. =============================================================================== ---Live Strong (10 pts) "Complete the Gyro-cycle tunnel in 1:45 without dying." The more life you've earned, the easier this one is. Cuz you're gonna lose life doing it fast. Just keep pressing X through the tunnels and be gentle and careful when taking the corners in the lava rooms. Falling down=dying. When it thrusts you up and out of the second tunnel and towards a small island, you will know if you made it. =============================================================================== ---Untouchable (10 pts) "Don't take damage in the Gyro-cycle." Unless you possess God-like abilities with the controller, you will probably need to run the course more then once to get both the Live Strong and Untouchable points. No time limit on this one though. Just make it through, slowly if you'd like to avoid the fire spurts and of course from falling off the ledges. Again as you are sailing through the air towards the island, you will know if you got the point. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Planet Sargasso *************** ---It Sounded Like a Freight Train (10 pts) "Get 11 Anthropods in one tornado." The little red things that come out of the ground. Generally it's easy cuz 11 or so tend to pop out in each area that they are located. Make sure no Grunthers (T-Rex dinosaurs) are in the area and it'll be easier. Just launch a tornado and aim it towards 11 anthropods. =============================================================================== ---Head Examiner (10 pts) "Land on all of the Troglosaurs' heads." There are 5 of them. TheyÂ’re the large Brontosaurus-like dinosaurs. Like a nicer, gentler Shadow of the Colossus. You can climb up their tails, to the back and leap to the head. But flying is just so much more fun. (1) Starting island with the vendors and smuggler. (2) North of 1. You should see it if you are standing on the first one. (3) Bottom left island. West of the banana peninsula on the starting island. I believe it's standing on the red pads. If you go to the west most point of the upper half of that bottom left island, you should see it. (4) Top left island. Bottommost point of it. (5) Same island as 4. Notice on the west side it juts inward at a point. He's right about at that point. =============================================================================== ---Extinction (10 pts) "Kill all the Sargasso Grunthers." The T-Rex type dinosaurs. There are actually 16 of these scattered throughout the planet. If you fly around killing them you will immediately get the point upon killing the last one. And if you leave the level, they don't respawn so you don't have to kill all of them one time through the level. Don't forget the one in the hidden cave on the peninsula attached to the southeast island. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Kreeli Comet ************ ---Lombaxes Don't Like Cold (10 pts) "Break all the breakable icicles." Easy enough. My suggestion is go through the entire level and warp from the IRIS computer to your ship. I can't recall if I died at that point to regen- erate every icicle and cauldron or not. But none of the pirates were respawned so maybe I didn't die. Anyway, best if you have the level cleared out and the Box Breaker as well. Pretty straightforward through the level. Just remember when you reach the Gravity Ramp out of the ship/base area, glide out to the left onto the path. You'll then Swingshot twice to small islands each with a few icicles of their own. Then Swing back and enter the Pirate Doorguard door. Continue on and you should get it once the last one breaks. =============================================================================== ---Mow Down Hoedown (10 pts) "Use turrets to destroy 10 dancing Pirates." Not required with one turret. As soon as you come across a turret, kill the turret pirate and toss a Groovitron. Jump on the turret and start firing away. When all the pirates in that area are gone, move to the next turret and repeat until you manage to kill 10 dancing pirates. =============================================================================== ---Saucy Wrench (10 pts) "Destroy all the campfire sauce pots with your wrench." There are 4 of them. If you utilize the method from the Lombaxes Don't Like Cold point, it makes it quite easy. Just smash all 4 cauldrons using only the wrench. You only have to hit them once. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Planet Viceron ************** ---Dancin' on the Ceiling (10 pts) "Successfully use a Groovitron while on the Gravity Ramp." Successfully use means walk on a Gravity Ramp and toss a Groovitron. If it deploys and plays the funky music...(white boy), you get the point. If simply deploying the Groovitron doesn't get the point, try making sure an enemy is in the area to dance. =============================================================================== ---Seared Ahi (10 pts) "Use the Pyro Blaster on 3 Drophyds after freeing them from their robotic suits." The little orange fish that drop to the ground after you shatter the robot suit. When you come to a group of 3 or 4 of the robots, unleash the Pyro Blaster on them and you should get this one. **Works well right after you drop through the 7 laser traps to the bottom floor.** =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Verdigris Black Hole ******************** ---Expert Marksman (10 pts) "Kill 75% of all of the enemies." Easy to do with ONLY your guns which will also net you the Pyew Pyew point. If you have to go through a few times to memorize patterns, then so be it. Or even if you want to use missiles to obtain this point, that works too. Just aim and keep firing and when you reach the skull boss, just try to avoid the missiles and the laser beams and you should have both points when you win. =============================================================================== ---Can't Touch This (10 pts) "Don't take damage before fighting Greasepalms McGee." He's the skull boss. As long as you watch where the ships are firing and if you utilize your missiles to clear out groups of them, this shouldn't be that bad. Just remember not to get hit until you make it to the boss. =============================================================================== ---Pyew Pyew (10 pts) "Complete Verdigris Black Hole without secondary fire." By far my most favorite Skill Point title. Secondary fire means using the L1/ SQUARE buttons to fire missiles. Main guns allowed ONLY. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Planet Jasindu ************** ---Dead Aim (10 pts) "Destroy 3 destructible towers while on the pirate barge." When you board the ramp onto the pirate barge, it will begin to move. Quickly look around and you will see towers located on the cliffs on either side of the barge. To make sure you take them out without having to repeat the level, use something with heavier firepower to knock em out in a couple hits. After you blow up 3 towers, you'll get the point. =============================================================================== ---Fire With Fire (10 pts) "Kill 2 Kerchu Pyroguards with the Pyro Blaster." They're the large tank treaded fire throwing robots. Take out 2 using just the Pyro Blaster and you'll get the point. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Ublik Passage ************* ---Six Gun Salute (10 pts) "Get 6 Pirates in a row to salute Ratchet while wearing the Holo- Pirate Disguise." Wow 6 in a row without accidentally revealing that you're Ratchet in disguise. Yeah we're gonna avoid that. Don the disguise and walk up to the very first Pirate you see. Hit X to salute him and after he does it 6 (may have to do it 7) times, you get the point. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Planet Reepor ************* ---Gotta Catch 'Em All (10 pts) "Hit all Cragmite Warriors with the Mag-Net Launcher." I actually forgot I was trying to get this point until I reached the caverns. At which point I tossed a net at every Warrior I came across and got the point. I understand it may be as simple as coming back to the level a second time. Entering the cavern from behind the ship and tossing a net at just one of the Warriors. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Planet Igliak ************* ---Stay Still So I Can Shoot You! "Use strafe flip 10 times while fighting the Cragmite Warriors." The Purple Warping Ninjas. As you are fighting one, hold down L2 or R2 and tap jump and either left or right on the stick to flip sideways. Repeat for 10 total times and you should get the point. =============================================================================== ---Now Boarding (10 pts) "Complete the Gyro-cycle area in 0:55 without dying." When you reach the SpacePort. The room that has 2 doors, to the right your ship, and left the vendors and the Gyro-cycle course. The course is pretty easy for the most part. Just remember to keep tapping X through the tunnels. And definitely hold X when you cross the collapsing dirt bridges or else you will die. Make a tight turn after the first one and go left across the second one and if you reach the next platform, you will know or not if you got it. =============================================================================== ---Low Flying Howls (10 pts) "Fly under en electrified barrier with the Robo-Wings." After the Gyro-cycle course comes the Robo-Wings course. Locate the two white electric surges crossing the path. There is room enough to get underneath the lower one of them without hitting the green electrified ground. Doing so once will get the point. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Planet Fastoon ************** ---Nowhere to Hide (10 pts) "Destroy every piece of breakable cover." OK, that was misleading to me cuz I saw "Bring your big guns because you're gonna need to destroy EVERYTHING not resembling a robot." There are small structures that look like demolished building remnants throughout the level. They're gray cement blocks with 3 smaller stones on top and steel rods protru- ding from each smaller stone. I found this easiest after stepping on the red pad next to Talwyn when you disable the final force field to locate Tachyon. That you now know there's nothing left to kill you, smash each and every barri- cade you come across as you walk back to the start of the level. You won't actually have to get ALL of them, but when you make it back to the area with the tall tower in the center, you should break a few of them before getting the point. =============================================================================== General Points (Doesn't matter what planet you're on to get these) ****************************************************************** ---No, Up YOUR Arsenal (40 pts) "Upgrade every weapon to the max." Obtain all 15 weapons. Pay to upgrade them to 100% and then max them up to level 10. I liked going through Igliak over and over upgrading the weapons that needed it. The large 4-legged walkers give some good weapon experience. ---Roflcopter (20 pts) "Turn an enemy into a penguin, then use the Visi-copter to destroy the penguin." If you're decent with the helicopter controls, it should be easy. Just morph an enemy. Then launch a Visi-copter and keep shooting till the penguin dies. If the enemy morphs back, you gotta re-penguinize it. ---Golden Children (40 pts) "Find all the Gold Bolts." There's 32 of them. Look at Gold Bolt section for details. ---Cheapskate (10 pts) "Purchase a single Combuster shot." What? Not 60 points, this one was a pain. Go up to a weapon vendor. DON'T click the buy all ammo option. Select Buy new weapons/ammo option and then select the Combuster ammo and just select one to buy. Easiest point in the game. ---Everybody Dance Now (40 pts) "Make every type of enemy in the game dance." Now there are people that say bosses aren't included. They can dance too so I say let's dance. (Put on your red shoes and dance the blues). That was for the Bowie lovers. Where was I...yeah I might suggest somebody go and create a list of every enemy you had to make dance with the Golden Groovitron cuz I don't see myself doing that anytime soon. OK, I lied, I got bored of sitting around after my Lasik procedure so I did make one. Go to the following link to view it. http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps3/file/932369/51009 Just to remember though it includes the Smuggler, each type of vendor, Talwyn, Cronk, Zephyr, and the little consumer bots, gel eaters, Rusty Pete, and the penguins. ---Chorus Line (10 pts) "Make 11 enemies dance together." Round up 11 enemies and toss a Groovitron. I feel like I should type more. **Thanks to coahtemoc, I have more to write. He suggested doing this on Sargasso with the Arthropods. They are such useful creatures. ---Happy Feat (10 pts) "Get 9 penguins dancing on screen." Morph em all first, then toss a Groovitron. Need I say...Sargasso Arthropods? ---Disco Inferno (10 pts) "Use the Groovitron followed by the Pyro Blaster." You get it? Disco (dance) Inferno (fire). Any enemy will do for this one. ---Bolts in the Bank (10 pts) "Sell 20 Leviathan Souls to the Smuggler." Between Cobalia, Nundac, and Sargasso, you should be able to obtain 20 souls to sell. And it's easy money so it's a win-win situation. ---It's Like the South Pole Here (10 pts) "Turn at least 15 enemies or citizens into penguins at one time." That means all 15 at one time. Not with one Morph ball. If you have 15 enemies and morph 6, then 6, then 3, you should still get it. I'm not sure if 15 is accurate cuz I ended up with 16 when I got the point. Guess where I got this one? Sargasso Arthropods...how's you guess? ---Say Hello to My Little Friend (10 pts) "Kill 15 enemies with one RYNO shot." That's from Scarface. Sargasso is sar-awesomo for Skill Points. ---For The Hoard! (10 pts) "Get every device." The "the" is capitalized for this one. Guess they love their WarCraft. 8 devices in all: Death Springs, Groovitron, Leech Bombs, Mega Leech Bombs, Transmorpher, Visi-Copter, Mr. Zurkon, and Confuzzler Gas. ---Promoted to Inspector (10 pts) "Get every gadget." One cannot help but hum the theme song as they read this skill point. 11 in all: Swingshot, Heli-Pods, Gelanator, Holo-pirate Disguise, Heli-Pack (start with), Thruster Pack (start with), Robo-Wings, Hydro Pack (start with), Grindboots (start with), Gravity Boots (start with), and Charge Boots. You have to find the charge boots in every single game. Why can't Ratchet ever hold onto these boots? ---Global Thermonuclear War (20 pts) "Get every weapon." 15 in all. Collect the whole set. No need to upgrade or max out. ---Even Better the Second Time (40 pts) "Complete Challenge mode." Um...complete challenge mode. Defeat Tachyon...the second time. ---The Hardest of Core (20 pts) "Get every other Skill Point and everything else in the game. Now go outside and play!" Basically, get every weapon, upgrade all of them, every skill point (prior to this one), every gold bolt, every skin, every device, every gadget, everything. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ VIII. Gold Bolts (GOLD1) **************** There are 32 Gold Bolts in the game. They are used to purchase different character skins to alter the appearance of Ratchet. To tell if you have collected the Gold Bolts on a particular level, go to the "blast off" screen. The screen that shows the planetary alignment and by pressing up and down, you can choose which planet you want to go to. Anyway, on that screen, select a planet. When the planet description appears, you will see in the bottom left some numbers. OK, the #/# represents how many Gold Bolts you got out of how many total Gold Bolts there are on that planet. Also, the spaceship levels don't make it terribly easy to describe just where in space the flickering bonus objects are located to shoot down in order to obtain the Gold Bolt for that space level. I will to the best of my ability try to explain just where to look. Kerwan (none available) +++++++++++++++++++++++ Cobalia (1 available) +++++++++++++++++++++ --SpacePort: NEED: Nothing special--Starting near the armor vendor as a reference. Walk up his ramp across the main platform to another ramp going up. Turn left and you'll spot the rotating towers with the platforms spinning on them. Make your way across them and eventually you will end up on a second story ledge of the gel factory. Smash crates as you continue to walk towards the zipline. You will eventually come across the Gold Bolt in front of you. Kortog (2 available) ++++++++++++++++++++ --Hall of Knowledge: NEED: Gelanator--The circular room filled with jellyfish. Turn the bolt in the center to turn on the sonar device to make the jellyfish rise up. Look at the jellyfish directly below the very high alcove in the room. Build a gel cube on its head and bounce up into the alcove for the Gold Bolt. --Stratus City: NEED: Robo-Wings--Locate the circular loop almost in the center of the map. There are two Robo-Wing pads in the bottom left of the loop. Fly towards that loop and you will notice it is just an inclined loop. Fly near the top which is where one of the launch pads happens to be. Next to the balcony the pad with be a small room. Inside of which is the Gold Bolt. Voron Asteroid Belt (1 available) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ --Spaceship: NEED: Spaceship--OK, humor me as I attempt to describe where the 5 bonus objects are. (1) Before the first large battleship. Shoot near the middle and you should see it and hit it. (2) After the first health ring, you will get closer to a group of mines. The special object looks similar from a distance to the mines so pay special attention. It should be in the upper/upper right area of the mines you come across right after the health ring. (3) You will eventually fly into an asteroid field. As you go through, you should fly through 4 rings. After the fourth one, there will be the bonus object right about the middle of that fourth ring. (4) After passing through the second health ring, Clank will take the turret. Aim towards the lower right and eventually the object should come into view. (5) Clank will leave the turret and you will have control of the ship again. You will at a point come to an asteroid that has a large crack/crater in the lower left of it. As you begin flying into the hole, in the lower right of the crack should have the fifth and final bonus object. If you hit all 5, you will immediately get the message you got the Gold Bolt. Mukow (4 available) +++++++++++++++++++ --After Ferris Wheel: NEED: Swingshot--After you jump off the left side of the Ferris Wheel, you will Swingshot across 2 rotating towers and landing on the next area. Go down the steps and when it turns left, you will see a cliff off to the left. walk towards the cliff and then follow it along until you reach the rocky structure. You need to jump around the rocks to find the secret area with the Gold Bolt a Raritarium crates. --Challengers Entrance: NEED: Nothing--You will come to a zipline right after the green launch pad. Now creep up to the edge and look down to see a walkway below the zipline. Instead of using the zipline, jump and glide down to the left of the walkway landing on it. When you make your way to the end the Gold Bolt should be right there. --Beginning of the level: NEED: Decryptor--In the main area with the fountain and vendors, walk around the right side and there should be a Decryptor station next to a blocked off wall jump area. Use the Decryptor to open up the wall jump. Go up and you will find the Gold Bolt. --Challengers Entrance: NEED: Geo-Laser--Return here and instead of taking the taxi, take the long way across the Swingshot and down the zip lines again. You will reach an area with mech-bots and a single flame shooting across a winding staircase. To the right of the stairs is a green light. Walk towards the light Carol Ann. When you near the wall, Clank's Geo-Laser will go off. Cut the hole to find the Gold Bolt. Nundac Asteroid Ring/Apogee Space Station (1 available) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ --Asteroid Beta: NEED: Swingshot--Starting off at Alpha, teleport yourself to Beta. Go ahead and walk around the right of it til you come to a series of Swingshots. Take them to the floating island where the Gold Bolt is located. Ardolis (3 available) +++++++++++++++++++++ --Beginning of level: NEED: Heli-Pods & Swingshot--As soon as you start the level, keep a watch on the left side along the cliff for a path leading to a grind rail. Toss a Heli-pod to raise the rail and grind it. At the bottom, continue using Heli-Pods to raise the platforms out of the water and cross them to the building at the other end. Use a Heli-Pod to open the door and enter. Walk around to the right and you will see a gap in the ground with 2 Heli- Pod targets and a closed sewer gate. Open the gate with a Heli-Pod and then toss 2 more at the targets sticking out of the water to raise a raft. Jump on it and the winds will blow you away. As you are sailing, look off the portside and you'll see a Swingshot point. Swing over to it and glide to land. Jump up the steps and you'll be standing on a cliff. Jump and glide down to the island in front of you. Go ahead and use the Swingshot here to reach the dock. Use the Heli-Pods to lower a platform but don't go across. Just stand and wait on it and once it raises you'll be able to jump on the ship and claim the Gold Bolt. --Pirate Base: NEED: Holo-Pirate Disguise--In the base there is a door guarded by the Pirate door guardian (the correct name escapes me). It's located just after you first enter the base using the ship. However, you can teleport there since you have to come back to get this one. Just don the disguise, do the dance, and enter the room to get the Gold Bolt. --Caves: NEED: Holo-Pirate Disguise--Make your way through the caverns and even- tually you will come across a hole in the wall behind which is a large group of pirates. Make your way along the ground looking for the Pirate Door Guardian door. Don the disguise, do the dance and make your way up the elevator to the second level. Walk around the walkway looking for the hallway on the right. The Gold Bolt is back in there. Rakar Star Cluster (1 available) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ --Spaceship: NEED: Spaceship--I will again try to explain where to look for each bonus object. Again, there are 5 of them. (1) As soon as Clank takes the turret, aim towards the top and it should come into view to shoot. (2) Right after passing through some debris while Clank is still manning the turret, aim towards the upper left and the next one should be in there. (3) When you're in control, and after the 2 battleships cross in front of you, you will see a red planet that is kind of skeletal, broken up. Pass the health ring and you should see the bonus object right in front within some asteroid fragments. Be quick because it will fly by real fast towards the left. (4) You're gonna see a large red planet that kinda radiates light from all around it to your right. You will see 3 cargo containers and then right around the corner you will see the fourth bonus object to shoot. (5) You will start flying in an area with a lot of blue, satellite-dish shaped structures each with a lighter blue highlighted area to shoot through. The fourth one of these structures will appear at the bottom right. The fifth ob- ject is right behind the fourth structure. Shoot it quickly to nail all five to receive the Gold Bolt. Rykan V (2 available) +++++++++++++++++++++ --Town: NEED: Swingshot--Starting at the vendor/Gyro-cycle/your ship side, make your way around to the opposite side of town. There will be a cube sitting near the large yellow pipes. Jump onto the ledge below the pipes and shimmy across to the left. Drop down and repeat with the next ledge. Continue walking around the next area until you locate the Gravity Ramp. It should be pretty much all the way at the other end from where you start on this platform. Walk up it and turn right. Jump/glide down to the building with the zipline. DON'T take the zipline. Instead jump to the building to the right of where the zipline runs down. When you land on the roof, make your way to the highest roof and get near the edge of the roof. Try turning the camera so that you would be looking at Ratchet from the lava river side of the building and you should see the little alcove where the Gold Bolt is sitting. Jump/glide down into there to claim it. (Did that last part make any sense?) --Island after Gyro-cycle course: NEED: Gyro-cycle--After the course spits you onto the small island, don't enter the building or take the warp pad. Look to the left of the building and you will see a short ledge you can jump onto. Fol- low that around to the left around a corner near a lava stream and in a large group of bushes, you should see the Gold Bolt. It's near the water's edge. Sargasso (4 available) ++++++++++++++++++++++ --Cave next to Troglosaur: NEED: Robo-Wings/timing--Do this one when you first unlock the launch pad with the decryptor. Follow the rings until you enter the first cave. Fly through it and immediately at the other end you will come across a Troglosaur on your right side. Stop flying and run below him. You will see a red pad but don't step on that one yet. Underneath his two rear feet are the other two pads. Now his back left leg should raise first so run under it and hit the pad, then over to his back right leg and then hit the visible pad that you noticed originally. After the cave door opens go in for the Gold Bolt. --Drilling platform: NEED: Robo-Wings--Take off from the launch pad near the starting point and fly dead ahead all the way past a few drilling platforms til you reach the last one. There is a large square surface and the Gold Bolt will be sitting in the middle of it. --Troglosaur: NEED: Robo-Wings--There are 5 Troglosaurs. Two are near the starting point. If you take off from the launch pad near the start and imme- diately turn left. You will almost run into a drilling platform with a mountain behind it. Fly around the right side of the mountain and when you come around the other side there will be a large stretch of land with it's very own Troglo- saur. Land on his back to get the Gold Bolt. --Right after Gel Factory: NEED: Nothing--After you empty your Gelanator and proceed to the exit. Before you jump out, look down to the left and behind the large yellow silos you should see the Gold Bolt sitting between them. Glide down from the exit to the left and land nearby to get it. Kreeli Comet (1 available) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ --Right outside of Pirate Ship/Base structure: NEED: Swingshot (Holo-Pirate Disguise to get back in)--After you shimmy around the back of the ship and en- ter the doorway, fight off the enemies and you'll eventually come to a Gravity Ramp with a few cannons that regularly open up. Before you take this walkway around, leap off the left side of the ramp and glide down to the left. There is land so you're safe. Walk along and you will end up coming across 2 Swingshot points. Swing across to claim the Gold Bolt. Now go back the way you came but you will need to don the disguise to get back inside the ship. Viceron (2 available) +++++++++++++++++++++ --After rescuing Talwyn: NEED: Decryptor--After you locate Talwyn, head back the way you came fighting off enemies. Take the elevator back up and as soon as you enter the long room with the plant tentacles reaching out, turn immediately to the right. There is a little nook that has a decryptor station. Use it to activate a small elevator. Take the elevator up and you will be on a walkway above the room. Avoid the tentacles and go to the other end for the Gold Bolt. --Zordoom (SGBVR) Prison: NEED: Heli-Pods/Lots of patience--From the starting point, there's a series of platforms that ultimately lead to a Heli-Pod lift. Ride that to the next platform. Turn left to face the wall and shoot the acti- vated Heli-Pod to bring the platform towards you. Go up to the door and use the Heli-Pod to open it. In the next room are two large vertical platforms with Heli-Pod targets at the bottom. Quickly activate them to raise the platforms and very quickly go back up the stairs and hop onto the platforms and try to cross over them to the open door. Drop down to the next room and open the next door with another Heli-Pod. Now for the hard part. Wrench turn the bolt to raise a large fan up. Then get on the Heli-Pod lift and toss a Heli-Pod to make it start. Now if the Heli-Pod runs out you will fall and start the whole thing over from the first large fan. When you are on the lift for a while you will see a fan to the left. Try to toss a Heli-Pod to open the fan door so that it will blow you away from the spinning blade while monitoring the statues of the Heli-Pod that is keeping you afloat. Once it runs out, quickly toss another one to keep you up and you will land on a sturdy platform with cop bots to kill. Another wrench bolt and another Heli-Pod lift. Only this time, the fan you need to utilize you actually don't need to toss a Heli-Pod. Just shoot at it to dis- able the Heli-Pod and drop the door so the fan blows. Just don't shoot your Heli-Pod. Again, with the fan blowing, monitor your Heli-Pod and toss another one when it runs out. You'll arrive at the platform with the Gold Bolt. (RTPVR) Verdigris Black Hole (1 available) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ --Spaceship: NEED: Spaceship--The last painful attempt to describe the bonus object locations on a flying level. (1) After passing by a comet, the first battleship will begin to appear, the first one is RIGHT IN FRONT of the ship. (2) You will turn away from the black hole and pass through a health ring. The second one will be shortly after and slightly to the left of center. (3) Flying through the satellite shaped objects, you will notice between the last 2 satellites will be the third object. (4) In the ice caverns, near the end you will see the object on the left side against an ice wall. (5) Clank will take the turret. After the last batch of ships, you will want to aim towards the upper right. A floating piece of ice will enter your screen and the last object will be right in front of it. If you hit all 5, you will immediately know if you received the Gold Bolt. Jasindu (2 available) +++++++++++++++++++++ --Beginning of level (Gel factory): NEED: Gelanator/Charge Boots--From your ship, don't go anywhere. Walk around the ship looking for the platform you can take to ride down into the gel plant. Use gel cubes to bounce to the island in the gel river then another cube to bounce up to the cavern walkway higher up in the distance. Stand on the pressure plate and line yourself up and charge through the opening. Use gel cubes to bounce up to the opening by the gel eat- ing creatures. Cross the gel river with more cubes. Then carefully avoiding the electricity make another cube and jump up into the next opening. Make your way into the large gel river area. Use gel cubes to make your way to the small al- cove on the left. Walk behind the gel canister for the Gold Bolt. --Midway through the level: NEED: Nothing--As you make your way through what appears to be a very large dismantled treaded vehicle, go out the other end from where you entered and turn left and follow it around the vehicle and go up the steps and jump onto the roof of the vehicle. It's near the bottom of the zipline. Continue up more steps and through a couple buildings and over a bridge. Exit the second building, grab the Gold Bolt, and go down the zipline. Ublik Passage (2 available) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ --Mid-level: NEED: Gravity Boots--After you get off the barge, walk forward. You will then turn right along a walkway and come to an opening to your right that has a turret pirate and a few other guards. Kill everything and as you face the turret from the way you entered, look to the right and you should see the Gravity Ramp. Follow it down and around to the back of the building. Continue until you reach a Heli-pod platform. Take it up to the large barge and up on a scale type platform next to the zipline will be the Gold Bolt. --Before fighting Slag: NEED: Gravity Boots--Right before Slag's area, you should notice a Gravity Ramp to the left of his doorway. Follow it and it will lead to a Gyro-cycle course. Run the course to get the Gold Bolt. Reepor (2 available) ++++++++++++++++++++ (Neither of these are available as you are progressing through the level your first time through due to the fact that you don't have Clank to glide with.) However, you can, on your initial play through, get them without leaving and returning to the planet. After you reach the ship and meet up with the trio, you will have Clank. Simply turn around and walk back in and get them). (GIASN) --From your ship, look behind the ship and go up the elevator. As you make your way, you will come to a chasm with stalactite islands to jump over. Jump to the first one, then notice there is one off to the left. Jump to it and then creep to the edge and look down to see a Heli-pod lift. Jump and glide safely down to it. Use a Heli-pod and take it back up to the other side. Continue up and you will find the Gold Bolt. --From your ship, look behind the ship and go up the elevator. As you make your way, you will come to a chasm with stalactite islands to jump over. Jump across them to the section of land on the other end where the Purple Warping Ninjas are located. Continue until you reach the platform that houses the weapons vendor. If you look behind the vendor, you should see a large purple-ish rock column. To the left, a Raritarium crate and to the right, stone steps leading around the column. Jump/glide to the first step and then make your way up to discover the other Gold Bolt. Igliak (2 available) ++++++++++++++++++++ --After weapons vendor: NEED: Nothing--Make your way from the ship across the bridge. Keep going and walk up the Gravity Ramp to find the weapons vendor. Jump from the vendors ledge to the adjacent walkway that leads into the glass covered area. Before walking into it, turn to the right and look down. The small dome that one of the Cragmite Warriors was perched on has the Gold Bolt in the middle. Just glide down. --Near Spaceport entrance to the right of your ship: NEED: Nothing--If you havenÂ’t beaten the level, then great. As you are making your way through the level and come to fighting the second large 4-legged walker with the spawn pod in the corner, look out one of the archways to the right as you face the walker. Walk out and look down. You should see the Gold Bolt sitting on the ledge of the nearby building. Fastoon (1 available) +++++++++++++++++++++ --Court of Azimuth (was that its name?): NEED: Nothing--This one actually can't be obtained til you are almost done with the game and have returned to Fastoon to stop Tachyon. As you make your way into the Court of Azimuth, there will be a room where you'll have to fight a bunch of PWNs. Once that task is done, you should also see a bolt to turn in order to move a bridge. This is the room you must be in. Now it should work before you and Talwyn depress the red pads but if it doesn't work before that point, just step on the red pad. Now don't con- tinue on. Go back and look under one of the ends of the bridge. There will be an open door. Inside the little room should be the Gold Bolt. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ IX. Holo-Plan Locations (HPL12) There are 13 pieces of the Holo-Plan. Once you collect all 13, take them to the Smuggler on Sargasso and he will assemble the RYNO IV for you free of charge. To tell if you have collected the Holo-Plan on a particular level, go to the "blast off" screen. The screen that shows the planetary alignment and by pressing up and down, you can choose which planet you want to go to. Anyway, on that screen, select a planet. When the planet description appears, you will see in the bottom left some numbers. OK, the #/# represents how many Gold Bolts you collected on that planet. then there is a vertical line after which may or may not be a square with lines inside. That is the Holo-Plan. Now if it is a dark gray, you still need to look. However, if it is lit up bright, then you have found the Holo-Plan for that particular planet. A brief descrip- tion of how to get all 13 follows below. (This picture on the Blast Off screen will not appear until you have finished Ublik Passage. Kortog ****** --OK, if you use the Robo-Wings to fly due east of your starting point and fly until you reach due south of the large circular loop, you should discover a diamond shaped area with circles at each of the corners. When you land here for the first time, there will be a few enemies to take out. Take either path through and you will eventually come across a stack of crates that when you smash them, you will discover the Holo-Plan. Mukow ***** --Near the Ferris Wheel. OK, as you are on the platform in front of the Ferris Wheel, if you look off to the right there will be a raised section of land con- taining Raritarium crates and regular crates. If you go near that area and jump on one of the taller brown rocks up against the raised plateau, you should be able to high jump over the fence into the area. Destroy everything and you will come across the Holo-Plan. Or take the ferris wheel and jump to here. Nundac Asteroid Ring/Apogee Space Station ***************************************** --On Asteroid Delta, pass the device vendor. Take the Swingshot near the green launch pad. It leads to an asteroid where a Leviathan is (or was) located. Continue to another Swingshot past that and there will be the Holo-Plan among a few crates and some Raritarium crates. Ardolis ******* --In the Pirate Bar, if you are standing at the entrance you arrive in and look towards the area of the bar the elevator comes down loaded with the 3 Corsairs, look to the right and you will find a Heli-pod door. Open it and high jump to reach the platform. Take it outside and you will find a Raritarium crate. Smash it to find the Holo-Plan. Rykan V ******* --When you're in town, walk from your ship to the armor vendor and beyond him you will see some yellowish colored pipes. There will be a large box/container in front of it. Jump on that container and grab the ledge directly below the yellow pipes. Shimmy to the left around to another platform with another ledge you shimmy around. At the other side, walk along the buildings until you find the Gravity Ramp. Walk up it and look to the right. You will see a row of buil- dings along the mountain on the left side. The fourth one being a small one with a green electric barrier. Jump/glide down to these buildings and make your way across them. At the green barrier, toss a Heli-pod to raise a platform that allows you to jump onto it and across to another building with more crates. Smash these crates to find the Holo-Plan. Sargasso ******** --On the northernmost island will be 2 Troglasaurs. Of the 2, the one more "east" is the one we're gonna need. He's the one standing on the red pads. When standing on him, you should notice towards his right-rear side is a small buil- ding. Jump to this building and there will be a stack of crates on one end. Smash these crates to find the Holo-Plan. Kreeli Comet ************ --Once you shimmy around the rear end of the pirate ship/base, eventually you will come to a Gravity Ramp heading down along the side with cannons popping out. Before you stand on the Ramp, jump and glide down to the left and you will land safely in an area with a Door Guardian and a Swingshot point. Just Swingshot yourself along and you will find the Holo-Plan among crates. Viceron ******* --Upon exiting from the prison, after rescuing Talwyn, and right after the room that has tentacles coming out of both side, you will find yourself walking down a Gravity Ramp. When you reach the bottom, there will be 2 raised paths you are able to take. The left one leads to the taxi that takes you back to your ship. However, the right one will have a small group of crates on it. Smash those crates to locate the Holo-Plan. Jasindu ******* --As you start the level, proceed to walk forward jumping across the gaps until you make it to the next section. Here you will walk along the edge of a cliff with a large open expanse in front of you. Generally, a huge amount of pirates will make their way into this area to fight you. Right after you cross past the cliff, and before walking forward into the large field, turn to the right and you should be able to see a ledge with crates and a Raritarium crate as well. Jump up there and smash everything to locate the Holo-Plan. Ublik's Passage *************** --After the first barge, as you proceed, you will come to an area with a bridge going off in one direction, and in the other a few pirates, bolt to turn in the ground, and a turret. Take out the pirates and step up to the bolt in the ground. If you pan the camera to the right slightly past the turret, you should see the Gravity Ramp at the edge. Take it around to the back and smash the first group of crates you see to find the Holo-Plan. Reepor ****** --In the initial area of the planet, where you fly down to, or end up every other time you fly to the planet, there will be a building both to your left and to your right. Each one had cannons that your teammates took control of to blast through the force field the first time through. If you walk up to the building on the right side, you should notice a platform off to the left side of it with a few crates. Jump to it and smash the crates to find the Holo-Plan. Igliak ****** --Right past the second weapons vendor of the level is a large dome. You en- counter 2 of the purple ninjas and a 4 legged walker in here. The platform that you climb up to reach the purple enemies is where you need to initially get to. Once there, you will notice at each end 2 glass walkways extending from the central platform. If you stand on the platform and turn to face the entrance that you initially came in from towards the weapons vendor, off to the left, you're gonna see at the end of the walkway a small set of crates. Smash them to locate the Holo-Plan. Fastoon (revisited) ******************* --This is quite a ways into the level. Once you reach the Court of Azimuth, after activating the final Decryptor podium, and of course after fighting off quite a few of the purple warping ninjas, Talwyn will need you to rotate the bridge so she can deactivate the forcefield. Do so and then stand back at the doorway you came through to get into the room with the bridge. Now, as you face into the room, turn to the right and follow the wall and in a short amount of time, you should find the final Holo-Plan. **If you are going to want to get the RYNO IV at this point, I would recommend stepping on the red pad adjacent to the one Talwyn is waiting on after every enemy in here is beaten. This will open up the chamber to the final battle but more importantly when you leave and return here, you shouldn't have to worry about killing all of the purple ene- mies a second time. Though with the RYNO, it's probably not a big deal anymore. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ IX. Cheats and Skins (C&S12) ******************** Most of the cheats are simply to view things done by the creative team in order to get the game made. Art sketches, videos of demos. A few are used to adjust the graphics of the game. Head size, wrench replacement. After each cheat is a number in parentheses. The number represents the amount of Skill Points you have to discover to unlock each cheat. 2007 E3 Trailer (25) Unlocks a new movie in the cinematics menu. Big Head Mode (50) Laugh in the face of gravity by swinging around this ridiculously large noggin'. Choices are: Off, Big, Huge, and Tiny. Character Concept Art (75) Unlocks a new pack of art in the concept art menu. Big Head Enemies (100) Give your wrench a bigger target. Choices are: Off, Big and Tiny. 2006 GDC Trailer (150) Unlocks a new movie in the cinematics menu. Tools of Production (200) Unlocks audio snippets from a few of the unsung heroes of R&CF: TOD. Environment Concept Art (250) Unlocks a new pack of art in the concept art menu. Wrench Replacement (300) Tired of using the same old Omniwrench? Try your hand at a few pirate weapons. Choices are: Wrench, Cutlass, Axe, Club, and Sword. How to Draw by Dave Guertin (350) Principal Artist Dave Guertin teaches how to draw Ratchet. James the Galactic Defender (400) Replaces Mr. Zurkon (device) with a kinder, gentler galactic hero names James. Weapon Concept Art (450) Unlocks a new pack of art in the concept art menu. Levels Are Mirrored (500) See the world through the looking glass. Script to Screen (600) Unlocks a new movie in the cinematics menu. Ratchet Paintings (750) Unlocks a new pack of art in the concept art menu. Unlike previous R&C games, the Gold Bolts you earn in this game are simply used to purchase skins. The skins are used to make Ratchet appear different merely to you, not to the enemies on screen. There is word, although uncertified by my experience, that if you are using a skin and attempt certain skill points, it won't allow the Skill Point to register. Mustachio Furioso (3 G.B.) This is the character Ratchet uses to participate in the arena games. Snowman (3 G.B.) For most of the R&C games, there is the snowman that always nabs you a Skill Point. Now you get to play as the snowman. Cronk (4 G.B.) One of Talwyn's team members. Zephyr (4 G.B.) One of Talwyn's team members. Dan Johnson (6 G.B.) Not sure offhand who he is, although my guess is he was a member of the Insomniac team. When you beat the game, there is actually a nice "In Memory of Dan Johnson" that comes on the screen. Cragmite Skin (6 G.B.) You get to look like a Cragmite, which of course are the primary enemies of the game. Rusty Pete (6 G.B.) Member of Captain Slag's crew. He's the Captain's right hand man. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ X. Acknowledgments ****************** Insomniac -- For creating this terrific time-consuming awesome series http://www.gamefaqs.com -- The ultimate gaming website and the only one I ever go to for my game information My wife Melissa -- Who never harped me about staying up till all hours of the wee morning playing the game as soon as I got home from work and still let me sleep in the next day. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ** All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. **</p>