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Call of Duty: Warzone has apparently removed vehicles from Solos mode

Warzone snake glitch
(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone players logging on to enjoy Season 4 may notice a lack of vehicles in Solos mode - and they may not be happy about it.

A Reddit post from Thursday, June 11 titled "They removed vehicles from Solos" wonders why such a decision was made in an "already campy mode" and hopes "to see this change reverted ASAP."

Getting on a vehicle in Warzone is already risky, as there's a good chance you'll get C4 hucked at you, an RPG shot at you, or get picked off the vehicle mid-acceleration by a competent sniper. But vehicles in Solos encourage more aggressive gameplay in a mode that is already plagued with camping - removing them will just make the matches go even slower.

Floor loot has also gotten better, so the question is: why would you leave a camping spot if you have high-quality weapons and plenty of armor plates? There's certainly no reason to, but now aggressive players who enjoy hopping in a vehicle and chasing people around the map after getting a UAV can't even kick up some liveliness in a somewhat stagnant gametype. And now, for players who prefer to hunker down, moving to a new spot will be more tedious.

This decision looks like it's here to stay for the time being, but feedback from players may bring vehicles back to Solos in the near future. I for one avoid that game type because I'm not competent enough to drop into Verdansk on my own, but now I will most certainly never play it if my ass will be walking slowly everywhere. Fish, meet barrel.

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