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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 script portions and character details possibly leaked

A source allegedly involved in the recording of dialogue for 'Call of Duty 2013' has leaked some snippets of dialogue from the game and confirmed that it will follow the Modern Warfare series' story arc. Normally we'd just say it's a plausible but unprovable guess, but this same source also reportedly leaked Sleeping Dogs script details (opens in new tab) back when it was True Crime: Hong Kong, which turned out to be accurate. So what's being said about the potential Modern Warfare 4?

The main character will reportedly be a battle-hardened soldier in his mid-thirties, with a 'nihilistic' point of view. In other words, he's a bit of a rogue, big on destruction and not caring for authority too much. Surely that's not a great trait for a soldier? The allegedly leaked dialogue lines are as follows:

"Reminds you of Phuket, doesn’t it? Only this time the dust gives you cancer… OK, park yourself and get ready. When this thing kicks off, put a hole in anything that moves."

"This is Sentinel Zero One, successful crypto change on C2 net break, requesting immediate update of blue force picture and status of artillery, over. I have you broken and unreadable, I say again, requesting updates to friendly positions and status of arty support. Do you read, over?"

"We’ve got KVA on the move! They’re going to strongpoint the main gate, ETA two mikes! We’re providing support for our heavy rollers! Ready up and let’s move!"

"Goliath, this is Sentinel Zero One! We have enemy armor at the gate, hundred meters north of our position! Requesting close-air grid mark three-one-six!"

Sadly, there's nothing of any real substance in there (except that this scene is NOT set in Phuket, that's for sure), as it's all fairly generic military tactical talk. But we're glad the crypto change on the C2 net break was successful. Bit of a spoiler, actually, come to think about it. Sorry about that.

Source: Siliconera (opens in new tab)

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