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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 collectibles guide

Mission 5 - Hypocentre

Collectible #23 - 54i Data Pad

As soon as the mission starts, follow Hendricks as his runs down the green slope to the right. As you head down, you’ll notice a tent covered in tattered yellow cloth. Sneak inside and you’ll find a 54i Data Pad waiting inside.

Collectible #24 - Contamination Test Kit

After entering the Coalescence Centre reception (the one with all the big screens that come to life). Head left and following the corridor as it curves around. At the end you’ll find a Contamination Test Kit on a table.

Collectible #25 - Coalescence Marketing Material

After descending to the bottom of the giant circular shaft, head to the right (keeping to the edge of the chamber) until you reach an open door. Go in and you’ll see some Coalescence Marketing Material on a table.

Collectible #26 - Bio-containment Canister

After you and Hendricks locate the damaged the damaged recon droid, head through the doorway with the red-lite doors. Take an immediate left into an office and you’ll see a yellow Bio-containment Canister on the floor to the your left.

Collectible #27 - E-Ink White-board

As soon as the cutscene where you and Kendricks discuss being wary of Kane concludes, head to the right-hand side of the human test trials chamber. In an alcove, you’ll find a E-Ink White-board.

Collectible #28 - Prototype DNI-Implant

After the encounter with the zombie robots in the flooded laboratory, head to the other side, exit the water and enter the doorway. Take an immediate left and on the left-hand side of the room you’ll find a Prototype DNI-Implant on a shelf.

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