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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 collectibles guide

Mission 1 - Black Ops

Collectible #1 - NRC Comms Earpiece

As soon you blast your way out of the air control room, head left down the stairs, crouch under the burning landing gear and turn right. You’ll see a flashing computer terminal with an NRC Comms Earpiece in front of it.

Collectible #2 - Dud RPG

After Hendricks stabs the guard and opens the gates, follow him through the compound to another door. Hendricks will take out the two guards sitting down and motion for you take control of the cameras. The Dud RPG you’re looking for is opposite the terminal, on the floor to the right of the big window.

Collectible #3 - Egyptian Army Cap

After your first proper gunfight in the service tunnel, follow Hendricks upstairs and breach the door to the right. Immediately to the left, you’ll find an Egyptian Army Cap in a pigeon hole (if you’re looking at the cap, the interrogation room will be to your right).

Collectible #4 - Replica Nano Drone

When you reach the hangar with the APC (the one trying to rip you to shreds, you can’t miss it), head inside and turn left - there’s a room adjacent to the stairs with a forklift truck inside. Head around the other side of it to find a Replica Nano Drone.

Collectible #5 - VTOL Panel

During the first section of the mission, and after your first encounter with the robot soldiers, head inside the garage. Once you’re in, run over to the other side of the room and you’ll see a VTOL Panel on a table to the right of another parked APC. Be quick though as you only have a short window before you’re attacked again.

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