Call of Duty 4: DownloadRadar

A lot of excellent shooters from last year sit in our game libraries and hard drives waiting to be played again. But lately, we find ourselves coming back to Call of Duty 4 and we know we’re not the only ones. Finding active servers with settings you like is rarely a problem. But an added bonus to Call of Duty 4’s popularity is the wealth of awesomely original fan-made mods and maps.

Click on to the next page for tons of links to downloadable goodies that feature new game modes, awesome maps and bizarre creations. But while you’re here, take advantage of our printable maps and improve your kill/death ratio with the great guides, cheats and FAQ below.

Tips and Tricks

Laptop locations and secret modes
A video guide showing the locations of every intelligence laptop in the game and the secret modes you can unlock by collecting them.

Sneaky sniper spots exposed
Find out exactly where those camping bastards are hiding.

Weapons, Equipment and Perks
Are you using the right custom class? This FAQ by Alexander Young will make you rethink your favorite build.

Printable maps
If you want to be the one calling in air strikes and helicopters all the time, you’ll need to know every inch of every map. Download them and study up with the link above.

Start Downloading

Call of Duty 4: DownloadRadar
Head here for links to download maps, game modes, mods, and more.