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Burger King and Kinectimals team up for a playable promotion

In the valiant tradition ofSneak King and Pocketbike Racers, Burger King is teaming up with Microsoft for another interactive promotion. Later this year, fat children everywhere will find a small plush animal packed into Burger King Kid’s Meals. Better still, these toys can be scanned into Kinect and then played with in Kinectimals. We’ll let Mich Mathews, Senior Microsoft Marketing VP explain:

It’s no Sneak King sequel, but it’s still kinda cool. Now, you’ll notice Mathews had a little trouble scanning in that giraffe. Okay, if you’ll allow us to put on our Irresponsible Speculation Hats we received upon graduating The Academy of Games Journalism… Are we to believe Kinect cannot recognize pink dresses? Will Kinect be able to scan all Beanie Babies or just those officially sanctioned by Microsoft? Is Kinectimals biased against giraffes?!

Above: A scandal in the making?

When it comes to Kinectimals, we’ll always ask the tough questions, even though it’s pretty clear the system was having trouble dueto a lack of light (Hey, Kinect never promised thermally enhanced Terminator vision.) Either way, we’d expect you can find the Kinectimals toys all lubed up with fry grease and inside BK Kids Meals when the platform launches in early November. And hopefully, this makes a little headway into our dream of scanning Kinectimals into other games, which our readers dutifully depicted using rising Kinect powerhouse, Skittles the Tiger!

Above: From ourSkittles should be in every game!feature

Jul 6, 2010