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Box office wonder Alice reigns

No screams of “Off with her head!” for Alice In Wonderland this week, as the 3D extravaganza clung resolutely to its number one spot at the box office for a third weekend in a row.

Despite taking a diminished $34m, the flick was still queen over all, having now earned a right pretty $265.8m in the US, while international takings soared to $300m.

Not bad for a century-plus old tale originally written by a mathematician.

Second place this week went to Chloe Moretz and her Diary Of A Wimpy Kid , which took a meagre-by-comparison $21.8m. Media bods have blamed a lacklustre marketing campaign for the flick’s radar-dodging.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler's tabloid-baiting The Bounty Hunter nabbed just $21m – a disappointment considering the high profile stars splashed all over the ads. Seems the gossip whores would rather just sit and read The National Enquirer than go watch a movie. Especially this one.

Other new BO botherer Repo Men came in fourth place with a quite embarrassing $6.2m – a surprise seeing as Jude Law hit gold with Sherlock Holmes in December. We’re guessing audiences only really want to see Robert Downey Jr there. She’s Out Of My League wasn’t far behind in fifth place with a lean taking of $6m.

The rest of the top ten was mostly a non-event, with Green Zone slipping to sixth ($5.9m), Shutter Island right behind it with $4.7m, Avatar dropping from seventh to eighth with $4m (as compared to last week’s $6.6m), and Our Family Wedding dropping three places to ninth with $3.8m.

The biggest slump came with R-Patz’s Remember Me , which debuted last week in fourth place, but dived all the way to tenth this week, mustering a feeble $3.3m. That’s a decline of almost 60% for you maths bods

So Alice ’s multi-dimensional adventures have won over audiences for almost a month now: let’s see how the flick holds up against How To Train Your Dragon 3D , which opens in the US on Friday. Will dragons trump general madness?

What did you see this weekend?