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Borderlands 2 - 21 must-know facts about the Borderlands universe

Handsome Jack is Hyperion's leader, and becomes the dictator of Pandora

Fast forward five years, and Hyperion Corporation suddenly becomes the dominant force in Pandora. The companys new leader, Handsome Jack, takes over all major planetary settlements and sends the Vault hunters into hiding before taking credit for opening the Vault and killing the Destroyer himself. As Pandoras dictator, he promises to industrialize the planet and cleanse it of lawlessness by destroying its colonist population. Also, he constantly wears someone elses face as a mask, which is one of the coolest things a villain has ever done in the history of ever.

Rumors of a new Vault arise (so Borderlands 2 can exist)

Despite Hyperions genocidal lockdown, Pandoras remaining population--including some of the original Vault hunters--bands together to form a resistance against Handsome Jack and his army of robots. It turns out there was more than one Vault located on Pandora, and Hyperions ever-watchful eye cant stop these rumors from drifting to nearby systems. Thus, four new Vault hunters arrive in search of riches and fame: the short and stocky Salvador who can dual-wield firearms, a commando named Axton who can deploy a defensive turret, the Siren Miya that incapacitates enemies with her Phaselock powers, and the super stealthy ninja assassin, Zer0.

What awaits the new Vault hunters?

Money, fame, and a bajillion guns, to be certain. But how will the adventure unfold? What is Handsome Jacks ultimate goal? And seriously, who the hell is the Guardian Angel? Perhaps well find out in Borderlands 2, which launches tomorrow. Be sure to check back at 9PM PT for our review!

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