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Bomb Queen creator promises her return will "offend everyone"

(Image credit: Image Comics)

Image Comics has announced the return of creator Jimmie Robinson's irreverent title Bomb Queen for a new limited series titled Bomb Queen: Trump Card, which, in the words of Image's official synopsis, is "pretty much guaranteed to offend everyone".

The new story jumps ahead to a dystopian near future in which the titular Bomb Queen gets involved in electoral politics with an aim to oust United States president Donald Trump before he can be "president for life".

(Image credit: Image Comics)

Here's Image's official synopsis for Bomb Queen: Trump Card:

"Set in the year 2024, Bomb Queen: Trump Card follows supervillain Bomb Queen on her quest to stop Donald Trump from becoming president for life. Her plan: campaign against Trump, steal his voter base, and lay bare America’s dark underbelly in the process. This new chapter in the series promises the kind of irreverent, twisted fun longtime fans of the character have come to expect—in other words, it’s pretty much guaranteed to offend everyone!"

(Image credit: Image Comics)

"I returned to Bomb Queen to get a few things off my chest,” says Robinson in the series announcement. “From social politics to the state of the comic industry, nothing is safe from the Queen of obscene. Sometimes the best medicine is bitter and hard to swallow, and considering the current state of things, it seemed the perfect time for her to return to add to the chaos!"

The four issue Bomb Queen: Trump Card – which Image Comics is careful to note is rated "Very Mature" – debuts August 26.

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