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Having posted our Top 50 Worst SF and Fantasy Films That Had No Excuse feature this week, we thought it would be fun to see how familiar you are with these much-maligned movies.

So, 15 pictures below – which of those 50 movies do they come from? Since these aren’t the most popular films in history, we predict much head scratching.

Usual request: please don’t put answers in the comments section below (though feel free to use it to boast/bemoan how well/badly you’re doing) but the folks on this thread are quite happy for you to post and discuss answers if you follow the golden rule of only posting answers in invisible text (if you don’t know how ask somebody there – they’re very friendly).

Answers on the next page…

Answers on the next page…

Blade Trinity



Alien Versus Predator Requiem

Ghosts Of Mars

Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones


Johnny Mnemonic

Mary Reilly

Planet Of The Apes

Pluto Nash

Resident Evil: Apocalypse


Southland Tales

The Exorcist 2: Heretic