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16 bizarre, strange, and utterly tragic Miiverse posts


The post: "My mother broke up with her boy friend.So her boy friend broke into da house, got the key 2 da shed,and stole a $140 saw.My mother got over this quickly,and went on a dating site 5mins later.#whocares?"

Wait, what the why did he steal a saw? I MUST HAVE ANSWERS.

Trash talk

The post: "Congratulations Syrenne for this masterpiece! After saw your 'game' a question is normal: How you post comments and bad reviews on other game? Good luck for your sales! I think it's easy to sell a '80 Game in 2014."

Okay, some context for this one. The poster in question is actually a developer who, enraged by the fact that the user he's harassing gave one of his games a bad review, decided to talk smack in return about her game. Here's the kicker, though: Syrenne, the harass-ee, voiced her opinion about O2 Games' creations from her personal account. O2 Games returned fire from its official MiiVerse account. Brutality. Here's a thread in which you'll find the whole exchange.

Fatherly (lack of) love

The post: "why doesnt my dad love me?"

Well, if your dad is like mine, I'd wager his lack of affection directly correlates to your lack of Little League baseball skills. Sorry, kid. It hurts, I know.

Mmmm, cat pee

The post: "my cat peed in my mouth what do i do?"

That's a tough one. Spitting it out would be a good first step, though.

The eternal struggle

The post: "This game is fun my mom and dad have been fighting a lot"

There's something oddly humorous about seeing such a disheartening sentence juxtaposed to such beautiful colors.

Injury after insult

The post: "kicked ur pixel'd ayss, also my granpa died tonight"

What an interesting tactic for taunting an opponent.

How 2 count

The post: "Two words: that was hard but i beat it"

Hrm, close, but not quite

Life is weird

What did you think? Pretty odd, yeah? Now the question remains: How many of those were real posts, and how many were just silly jokes? I guess we'll never know. Have you seen any other super strange Miiverse posts? Let us know in the comments below!

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