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BioWare shares why the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer won’t be in the Legendary Edition

Mass Effect 3
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Bioware has explained why it decided to leave multiplayer out of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. 

When asked why the multiplayer function hasn’t been added to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, in an interview with gameinformer, project director Mac Walters said “it's just a lot of work. And I think people underestimate what it's like to do this game, because - at every step - you are given an agonizing choice of 'is this the thing that we want to spend our time on and really try to improve it' and 'where will this lead us down the road?'" 

Walters went on to reassure fans stating that: "I feel strongly that we've chosen the things that are what the majority of our fans were most passionate about.” He also touched upon the logistics of online multiplayer stating: “then questions came up like, "Do we support it post-launch? What about people who are still playing multiplayer today? Do we try to find a way to somehow do crossplay between the PS3 and PS4?" 

The multiplayer aspect of the Mass Effect games was introduced in Mass Effect 3 and is apparently still alive and kicking today. The mode allows up to four players to play online together to fight in the galaxy-wide war and is still regarded as a fan-favorite aspect of the series. 

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date was recently confirmed as May 14, 2021, after the remaster was originally announced on N7 Day (November 7 to anyone who isn’t a Mass Effect fan) and will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, with forwards compatibility with PS5 and Xbox Series X.

For more on this remaster, check out the Mass Effect Legendary Edition graphics compared to the original trilogy. You can also get your Mass Effect Legendary Edition pre-order here.

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