Bionic Woman 1.04 Faceoff review

Original US airdate: 17/10/07

Written by: Robert Rovner, Jon Cowan

Directed by: Paul Shapiro


The One Where: Jaime and Antonio fly to Paraguay, where a CIA operative has been captured by a group who are threatening to behead him. Turns out he has a flash drive full of encrypted schematics of Jaime’s bionic systems...

Verdict: Rather like watching an episode of this series’ bionic predecessor, Jake 2.0 – except less fun. Far too much time is wasted on Jaime agonising about lying to her sister, or bonding with her over the washing up – dull, dull, dull. With this episode, you get the feeling the series has plateaued, and that if things don’t pick up, it might soon be flatlining...

Highlight: The bit when Jaime leaps through the air dodging bullets is really cool. More demonstrations of her bionic abilities, please.

Nitpick: Funny that Sarah doesn’t hear the Berkut guys coming to capture her, considering that she has bionic hearing. She must be concentrating on her poker game really hard...

WTF? A small group of Paraguayan terrorists have laser-beamy motion detection things protecting their hide-out? Right... If they did, wouldn’t the beams be more effective devices if they were invisible?

LMAO: The words “I love you” are juxtaposed with ultraviolence – a cliché last used three episodes back.

Best Line:
Jaime to tech geek Nathan (as he fixes her toe): "Do you have a foot fetish?"

Richard Edwards

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