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Biggest effing a-hole on the planet wants to eBay some poor kid his red ringed 360

To us, there is a specific circle of Hell reserved for peoplewho talk during movies, use cell phones in gyms, and consciously under-use their turn signal. After readingthis eBay postingfrom seller “modzkingdante,” you will think that some people deserve a far worse punishment.

Above: I would demand to see some video of it working if we were you

Yes, you read that correctly, modzkingdante - who has zero cutomer feedback, you'll note - is selling a "seller refurbished" console thathe calls a “modded Xbox 360 wil red L.E.D. lights.” This roughly translates into “I got the fucking RRoD and I’m going to screw somesucker out of money with it.” Clearly, modzkingdante is the kind of upstanding citizen that we would want to get a beer with ... because we want to get him drunk, blindfold himandsend himwalking into traffic.

Astoundingly, the auction already has a few bidders, even though our swindling friend is clear that there are “NO REFUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Luckily, in the time it took us to write this article, the listing was removed. But have no fear, modzkingdante - your complete assholery will live on in our hearts forever.


SOURCE:Hot Blooded Gaming

Jul 29, 2010

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