The best Super Mario Maker 2 levels you can play that really show off the plumber's creative potential

Super Mario Maker 2 returns with its blocky world and the second instalment is already brimming with custom courses that you can download and play. Super Mario Maker 2 features new level styles, additional power ups, further terrain options, and plenty of fresh features that gives players even further creativity than ever before. As a result, fans from around the world have been busy using the new features to construct some brilliantly unique courses – in fact, there are so many great levels that narrowing it down to just ten proved rather difficult. However, we donned our trusty hard hats and took a look at 10 of the best courses that Super Mario Maker 2 currently has to offer. All the featured courses in our guide can be downloaded and played by using the ID provided, so make sure you check out the best courses below.

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Thowmp Wall Jump

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Course ID: 5Y0-DNT-PDF

Thowmps have long been one of the Mario series’ most brutal obstacles, often pulverising Nintendo’s titular plumber whenever he so much as catches its stony gaze. However, Thowmp Wall Jump allows Mario to use these rocky traps to continuously leap over various obstacles. To succeed in this map, you’ll need to follow the string of coins ahead and adjust your elevation in order to dodge the waves of flying Bob-ombs, Spinys, and gigantic Bullet Bills. This course may not be overly long, but it does perfectly demonstrate how robust Super Mario Maker 2’s course creator can be.

True Friendship

(Image credit: nintendo)


This course not only offers one of the most unique gameplay experiences in Super Mario Maker 2, it also has players questioning their own morality. True Friendship is a course that can only be beaten by the help of a friendly giant Koopa, so be prepared for some rather delightful cooperation. Throughout the course, you’ll be tasked with solving simplistic puzzles in order to allow both yourself and your newfound friend to traverse the obstacles that lie ahead. We won’t give too much away as it will ruin the level, but upon completion you may look at Mario’s old-school enemy in a different light.

Parallel Universe

(Image credit: nintendo)

Course ID: NC5-Y8P-DBG

Parallel Universe requires Mario to jump between different sub worlds to solve puzzles and reach the end goal. The majority of the course revolves around transforming blocks into coins in order for Mario to pass through them, while more advanced elements require you to warp between worlds to gain access to power ups and items. While this level isn’t overly difficult to complete, it does have some creative features that make it well worth your time. If you find yourself missing the wackiness of Super Mario Galaxy, then make sure you add Parallel Universe to your course list.

Suntouch Sanctuary

(Image credit: nintendo)

Course ID: 78K-JP3-CYG

What makes this course standout from the crowd is its ability to recreate what a classic Mario level should look and feel like. While creating and beating levels that are notoriously difficult can be incredibly satisfying, it can get rather frustrating when you just want to sit back and enjoy a course that isn’t constantly trying to kill you. Fortunately, Suntouch Sanctuary isn’t one of those courses – in fact, there aren’t any nasty surprises or annoying gimmicks present at all. In this course, Mario must use a bunch of elevators and switches in order to make his way to the top of the Sanctuary. However, it’s only when you get to the very top that you realise there’s a twist to completing the level. Fans of Zelda puzzles and retro Mario levels will feel right at home.

Super Mario Sunshine’s Sand Bird

(Image credit: nintendo)

Course ID: 6DK-1JL-L5G 

Fans of Super Mario Sunshine will be glad to hear that the legendary Sand Bird has made its way into Super Mario Maker 2. The blocky bird is back and Mario will need to collect the red coins that are dotted around the map in order to claim victory. Falling off the Sand Bird will result in an instant death and you’ll be sent reeling back to the start, so watch your step and take care when grabbing those pesky coins. Playing this course in 2D is certainly a different experience and one that has us wanting more Sunshine goodness on the Switch.

Spring Has Switched

(Image credit: nintendo )

Course ID: J7D-9L6-THG

As the name suggests, this course is all about using switches and springs to traverse your way through the level. Hitting switches will often reveal previously inaccessible paths, rewarding you with springs that you can use to leap over perilous pits, and even giving life to vines that Mario can climb. Pressing a switch to see a gang of Spinys being launched offscreen, then watching as a cluster giant Bob-ombs shatter a previously impenetrable wall is incredibly satisfying. It’s all rather charming and makes for some brilliantly fun moments, especially when you get to see the domino effect of your onscreen actions.

Self-destruct Activated

(Image credit: nintendo)

Course ID: 5CM-J5S-0KF

This course reminds us of Indiana Jones’ iconic temple run scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but instead of running away from a gigantic boulder you’re tasked with legging it from an oversized Bill Blaster. Self-destruct Activated forces players to make their way through crumbling castle ruins, taking care to avoid the various enemies and contraptions that aim to hamper Mario’s escape. However, you’ll need quick reflexes if you wish to make it out alive as even a single mistake can result in an untimely demise. Try to follow the coin paths and pick up the Super Stars to increase your chances of escape.

Table Tennis in SMM2!

(Image credit: nintendo)

Course ID: 55S-BS4-Y1G

If Smash Ultimate can have Smashket-Ball, then it’s only fair that Super Mario Maker 2 has table tennis. In order to win, players must use a spring mounted Bill Launcher to send a shell flying into their foe’s POW Blocks. However, this is easier said than done and you’ll need decent timing if you wish to avoid conceding any points. Once you’ve destroyed your foe’s POW Blocks the shell will hit a switch, allowing you to walk through the nearby door and secure a well-earned victory. Make sure you grab a buddy and check out the multiplayer version to see who will be crowned the table tennis champion.

Switch x Switch

(Image credit: nintendo)

Course ID: DRC-S88-TDF

Switch x Switch shares similarities to the Spring Has Switched course as both make heavy use of Mario Maker’s On/Off switches. If you like the idea of navigating your way through switch-based puzzles while avoiding the fiery inferno below, then Switch x Switch has you covered. Arguably the most satisfying part of this level is watching the Thwomps turning on and off the switch mechanisms, allowing players to jump between constantly changing platforms. There’s a lot of cool stuff in here and we suggest playing this course if you want some inspiration for your own course creations.

Celestial Sprint Speedrun (20s)

(Image credit: nintendo)

Course ID: 7N1-MVB-WKF 

Going fast is the aim of the game in Celestial Sprint and you’ll need to channel your inner Sonic the Hedgehog if you wish to make it out alive. Celestial Sprint requires the player to make a mad 20-second dash to the finish line – in fact, if you stop running even for a second, you’ll end up failing this course altogether. There are a bunch of traps that are designed to catch you off-guard, but if you keep running and ignore them you’ll be able to reach the end of the level with just a mere second to spare.