Check out the best Smash Bros Ultimate custom stages you can play right now

There are loads of Smash Bros Ultimate custom stages to see thanks to the new Stage Builder It allows fans to free-draw their own platforms via the Switch’s touchscreen, add various stage parts, select backgrounds, and choose music from their favourite games. Obviously players from around the world have been busy designing their very own Smash Bros. Ultimate custom stages and these are the best around.

You can download and rate custom stages via the all-new Shared Content section to expand upon Sakurai’s personal selection. Make sure you check out our custom stage showcase guide below to find out which fan-made maps you should download and add to Smash Bros Ultimate (opens in new tab).


Creator: Nick
Download ID: KVL5SP0X

Tetris has been widely available on Nintendo platforms for many years and its simple yet addictive gameplay loop continues to be incredibly popular to this day. So it was only a matter of time before someone created a Tetris stage for Smash Ultimate. Being able to launch your opponent into a cluster of colourful tetrominoes as the iconic Tetris theme plays in the background is something you need to experience for yourself, especially if you’re coming off a particularly bad losing streak in Tetris 99.

Creator: ふるくし
Download ID: 3377R452

If you wish to relive the sheer excitement of watching the DVD logo slowly bounce from one side of the screen to the other, then you’ll definitely want to download this stage. While on-demand TV/film streaming services have largely taken over the need for DVD players, we still find ourselves missing this little logo’s never-ending need to bounce. It’s a pretty simple stage but it does make for some rather brilliant king of the hill style gameplay, so give it a go if you want to relieve your home movie days without having to dust off your old DVD player.

Sonic 1 title screen

Creator: Aaron
Download ID: 4PPTW76T

Sega’s speedy hedgehog has been a fan-favourite in the Smash community ever since he was included in Brawl’s roster back in 2008. Since then, Sonic has been tearing up the competition with his lightning-fast attacks and high mobility. It’s often hard to believe that Nintendo and Sega once had such a deep rivalry, but fortunately, those ancient console wars are now in the past. As a result, we’ve been able to enjoy Nintendo/Sega crossovers for a while now and what better way to celebrate this fact than having the Sonic 1 title screen as a playable stage in Smash.

Smash 64 Desk

Creator: G-SUS
Download ID: BY4K8Y68

We have always been rather surprised that the desk from the original Smash 64 intro was never made into a playable stage. Fortunately, G-SUS has answered our prayers and fans can now finally beat the living snot out of each other on the desk where it all happened. The mischievous Master Hand may not be present this time, but everything else has been lovingly remade, demonstrating just how robust Smash Ultimate’s Stage Builder really is.


Creator: Luke
Download ID: 1CPHDTB0

Smashket-Ball stages have been popular ever since players realised they could launch each other into the game’s cannons for a quick kill. Smash’s cannons offer no recovery options and when you get thrown into one, you’ll be sent hurtling towards the ground at breakneck speed. The rules of Smashket-Ball are incredibly straightforward – simply throw or knock your foe into the cannons to deplete their stocks to win. Of course, this is a lot easier said than done and you’ll need to have your wits about you if you wish to avoid an untimely demise. Try to pick characters with decent recovery options as you’ll be thankful for the added aerial mobility.

Bob-omb B. Field

Creator: ArSolux
Download ID: 5J81CXKW

Super Mario 64’s Bob-omb Battlefield stage has been lovingly recreated for Smash Ultimate. The stage maintains the general layout of the original battlefield and comes packed with cannons that launch the player, cannon balls, a moving Chain-Chomp, and even features the floating island that was present in the original stage. ArSolux’s remake of Bob-omb Battlefield is a great map for those that wish to play on custom stages without many of the annoying gimmicks that often detract from the game’s actual brawling. If you’re a fan of Smash’s simplistic, hazard-free stages, then you’ll want to add this to your stage collection.  


Creator: Finn
Download ID: 6XG7P25V

Smash-Ception shares similarities to Smash Ultimate’s Flat Zone stage as both maps see players duke it out within the confines of a handheld device. Finn’s Smash-Ception stage replaces the retro Game & Watch device and upgrades it to the Switch’s handheld mode. All that separates you from the fiery inferno below is a small piece of land in the middle, while the two Joy-Cons prevent players from launching each other off the sides of the stage. The only way to seize a victory on this stage is by racking up enough damage and flinging your foe through the tiny gap above.

Attack on Titan

Creator: あくしゆう.KSI
Download ID:

Even Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s roster isn’t safe from Hajime Isayama’s man-eating giants, especially now that the Colossus Titan has appeared. Fans of the Attack on Titan anime can now fight it out atop Wall Maria as the monstrous monolith looks on. Fiery blocks have been used to recreate the Titan’s fleshy muscle fibres, while marbled blocks perfectly replicate the Titan’s giant skull and bones. Hitting your foe into the Colossus Titan’s gigantic hand will cause them to take fire damage, so stay away if you wish to avoid becoming the Titan’s tea.


Creator: John NWR
Download ID: PS88P236

The vast depths of space have always been home to a whole cosmos of fictitious fights and the Smash series is certainly no stranger to intergalactic battles. However, if you’ve ever wanted to literally hop between alien planets and launch your foes into the sun, then this map will allow you to do just that. Players spawn on opposite planets and can hit switches to send them spinning towards one another, forcing fighters to keep on the move to avoid falling into the void below. Teleporting tunnels and launch pads are also present, giving you numerous opportunities to make a comeback should you fall a little short.


Creator: Pyro
Download ID: 1CRF11KQ

The blocky world of Minecraft is still as popular as ever and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Minecraft’s procedurally generated world has been a fond place for folks of all ages to blow of some steam, so it only makes sense that a Minecraft stage has been ranked so highly amongst the Smash community. Pyro’s Minecraft map features a cosy log cabin, lush green fields, and underground cavern that players can kick each other into. Just like Minecraft, Smash Ultimate’s new Stage Builder demonstrates how easy it is to build replicas of your favourite movie and game-inspired worlds.

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