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The 15 most shocking moments from House of Cards (so far)

6. Corrigan hangs himself

Episode: Chapter 32 - S2.06

Moment: The Underwoods travel to Russia attempting to free Michael Corrigan (Christian Camargo), arrested for campaigning for gay rights. To get him to read a Russian-written statement, Claire stays in Corrigans cell where, while she sleeps, he hangs himself with her scarf.

Why its shocking: The stark picture that awaits Claire when she wakes up is bad enough, but its the dramatic impact that Corrigans actions have that increases its power. As a result, Claire publicly denounces the Russian president which, in turn, kickstarts the breakdown of her relationship with Frank in one cutting remark: I should never have made you President.

5. Claire leaves Frank

Episode: Chapter 39 - S3.13

Moment: After an explosive argument during which Claire tells Frank its you thats not enough, Claire packs up and announces that shes not going to New Hampshire with Frank and walks out of the White House.

Why its shocking: Despite all their troubles throughout season three, we still never expected the Underwoods to split but when it happens, Claire does it in style. No long speeches, just three simple words - Im leaving you - and a commanding walk out of the room. You go, girl.

4. Meechum threesome

Episode: Chapter 24 - S2.11

Moment: At the end of a shift as the head of Claires security detail, Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow) accidentally cuts his hand and Claire bandages him up. They get drunk and when Frank walks in, one thing leads to the other and they end up in bed together.

Why its shocking: Were already aware that Frank was bisexual after a visit to his college back in season one, yet this doesnt mean were expecting him to have some fun times with Meechum. Its one of the most talked-about moments of season two, ironic really given that it all transpires with minimal dialogue.

3. Doug kills Rachel

Episode: Chapter 39 - S3.13

Moment: Having recovered from his attack at the end of season two, Doug tracks down Rachel in New Mexico where he kidnaps her. However, Rachel seemingly talks him out of killing her and he lets her go, only to turn back around and finish the job.

Why its shocking: Its arguably more shocking given we dont actually see the act take place, cutting straight from the grim realisation on Rachels face to Doug covering her face with dirt. Its a shattering moment as Doug finally does what Frank would have wanted him to do back in season one. And all to someone who didnt deserve it.

2. Peter Russos death

Episode: Chapter 11 - S1.11

Moment: Having been tempted to drink again by Frank (via Rachel), Peter Russo (Corey Stoll) screws up his chance of being Governor. To stop him confessing to his crimes, hes driven back to his apartment by Frank who leaves the car running after Peter falls asleep, suffocating him.

Why its shocking: When it comes to innocent victims, Rachel has got nothing on Peter. Sure, he had his alcohol and drug issues, but its Frank that mercilessly exploits them to his own gain, pushing him to the brink before Frank decides to give him that one last push. Its a heartbreaking end and, if he wasnt already, marked Frank out as an utter bastard.

1. Zoe Barnes meets train

Episode: Chapter 14 - S2.01

Moment: Meeting at a train station, Zoe agrees to a "fresh start" to her relationship with Frank. However, she continues to press about Peter Russo's death and Frank decides to push her in front of an oncoming train.

Why its shocking: People who had seen the British version of House of Cards would have seen it coming, but no-one else would have. For one, Mara was one of the major stars of the series, and it was only the first episode of season two. The brutal, abrupt fashion had us - and likely all viewers - gasping at the screen. It's not just House of Cards' most shocking moment, it's one of TV's most shocking deaths ever.

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