Believe in Unreal Tournament 2007

It's one of the most popular FPS series ever and it's been absent for a couple of years now, but Unreal Tournament in its 2007 incarnation is getting closer and closer.

To ease the waiting, we've managed to get ahold of some shots of the recent E3 demo - shown below and on the images tab above - revealing an arctic environment getting blasted apart.

Also in the pictures are the hoverboards that each of the characters have access to. While players are highly vulnerable while using them, they're often the best way to get around the sizable game maps.

The PlayStation 3 will also be getting a version of Unreal Tournament 2007. The content of both games will be very similar, but the PS3 version will have more vehicle-based combat in it, as developer Epic Games believes that this gameplay style better suits the PS3 controller.

May 22, 2006