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Battlefield 3 DLC gets new trailer and patch details

Here's a new gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3's upcoming Close Quarters DLC, showing the pack's Donya Fortress being assaulted in the new Conquest Domination mode. The pack focuses on tightly-fought, claustrophobic battles in highly-destructible environments, but judging from this clip it'll also play heavily to your indecision over whether to shoot foes in the head, torso or genitals.

Here's our recent Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC preview. DICE has said that lingering issues reported within the PS3 version of BF3, such as laggy controls and voice-chat problems, will be patched in time for Close Quarters, which is due for release in June. EA recently discussed the possibility of a subscription-based service for future updates to games like Battlefield 3; Battlefield Elite isn't a thing yet, but watch this space. Oh, and the correct answer's "genitals," obviously.