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Apex Legends 'meteor' is just a bug

Apex Legends
(Image credit: EA/Respawn)

When an unidentified flying object showed up in Apex Legends matches last October, players thought it was a sign of Season 4. It showed up not long after the start of Season 3 and the introduction of new character Crypto, and it's still there, after what many feel was a rather long Season. Sadly, it's not a nod to a new character or a hint of what's to come, but simply a bug that's triggered by Gibraltar's ultimate. 

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You can see the 'meteor' in question in the above tweet - it drops down from the clouds, flies past The Epicenter, and appears to crash into the ground. It certainly looks like something coming from space, but some clever players have figured out that it's actually just a bug involving Gibraltar's Defensive Bombardment ultimate. Gibraltar's ult lets him call down a defensive airstrike in a specific location, and as Reddit user PenPineapplePen points out, if Gibraltar is killed after calling in his airstrike, the missiles will fly in at a much more horizontal angle. 

That's not the only instance that produces the bug, however, as it's been spotted in multiple locations on the World's Edge map. Some players have reported a new sound emanating from the meteor, which led some to argue it couldn't be Gibraltar's alt. Dataminer @That1MiningGuy took to Twitter to explain the phenomenon, tracking down multiple instances of the 'meteor' and tying it all back to Gibby's ult. For instance, his ultimate is triggered by throwing a grenade that acts like a beacon for the rockets to fire on, but if that beacon falls through the map (and it can in certain areas), then that could cause the entire ultimate to bug out.

So, consider the Apex Legends meteor debunked, and chalk it up to a bugged out ultimate ability. If any Season 4 news does drop, you know where to find it (here - it'll be here).

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