Alone goes next-gen

Some new details on the upcoming episode of Alone in the Dark surfaced yesterday, along with a trailer and a handful of new screens... but sadly, not even the barest of hints at a release date. The newest game in a series that defined the survival-horror genre before it even had a name proposes another first for game structure by focusing on episodic content.

The format for Alone in the Dark is cribbed from some of today's most popular television shows. Consisting of gameplay segments divided up into discrete 30-40 minute chunks, Alone in the Dark will attempt to provide a gripping experience in bite-sized pieces. Each time you play, you'll be shown a brief catch-up sequence to get you back in the mood, just like on any television show. Once you've finished your session, a teaser will play to whet your appetite for the next segment.

It's nice to hear that Atari and Eden Games are locked onto giving us a riveting experience that won't devour our time, but we'd still like to know when we can expect this masterpiece.

May 4, 2006