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Alexandre Aja catches Piranha remake

Because no movie with the slightest horror element can resist the pull of the remake magnet, yet another bloody pulp “classic” is getting a new shot at cinematic glory.

Dimension Films has hired one of their experienced remake merchants – Alexandre Aja, last seen revisiting The Hills Have Eyes – to dip a fresh toe into the churning red waters of Piranha.

The 1978 original, directed by Joe Dante, was a cheap parody of Jaws, though the franchise is probably better known for Piranha II, which was directed under gruelling conditions by one James Cameron.

Peter Goldfinger (no relation to Auric, we assume) and Josh Stolberg are penning the script, which will be set on the shores of Lake Havasu, a well-known destination of loud spring break college party animals. Things turn from sexy to splashy when a small earthquake unleashes a hole spewing thousands of the flesh loving beasties.

"We will maintain the fun and thrilling aspects of the original film but look forward to upping the ante with a modern-day twist," Dimension's Bob Weinstein told Variety . If he’s wrong, we want him fed to real-life piranhas.

Source: ( Variety )