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Alan Wake vs Deadly Premonition – 12 startling similarities

Not only do the town sheriffs of Greenvale and Bright Falls play big parts in their respective games, they even follow similar character arcs. While neither one really hinders your progress, both Alan Wake’s Sheriff Sarah Breaker and DP’s Sheriff George Woodman (along with deputy Emily Wyatt) initially treat you with a little bit of suspicion.

Give them a little time, though, and pretty soon they’ll let you completely usurp their authority and lead the charge while they follow behind, procuring transportation and whining plaintively about how you should really think about letting them do their jobs sometime.

Above: OK, so he’s got a reason, but what about Wake?


And in Deadly Premonition, they even have to tolerate things like you showing up at their houses late at night to ask unbelievably inane questions.

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