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Afternoon Delight review

How Josh Radnor met Juno Temple

After various versatile support turns, We’re The Millers ’ Kathryn Hahn holds centre-stage in TV veteran Jill Soloway’s ( Six Feet Under , United States Of Tara ) indie dramedy.

Hahn plays Rachel, a moneyed LA wife/mum whose marital jitters prompt her off-piste decision to hire a hooker (Juno Temple on sly form) as a live-in nanny.

If Rachel’s motives are nicely ambiguous, charges of class tourism still linger.

But Soloway spikes the clichés with refreshingly rude humour, steadily darkens the mood and gets gold from her lead: her face a rubbery miracle of expressive range, Hahn laces every dramatic/comic beat with the zing and sting of truth.

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