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Activision to get its music gaming groove back with Dance Hero

Activision may no longer have %26ldquo;those kind of feelings%26rdquo; for guitars and turntables, but new information from inside the company suggests the publisher is eager to get in on the dancing craze with a new motion controlled music franchise entitled Dance Hero.

According to unnamed sources (are they ever named?) at Kotaku, Activision is putting to use its 2008 'Dance Hero' trademark filing by adding a dance-themed offshootto its 'Hero' line of games. Details are slim, but as the name suggests, Activision is likely looking to capitalize on theextremely lucrativemotion controlled dance genre recently made popular by the likes of Ubisoft's Just Dance seriesfor Wii and Harmonix's Dance Central for Xbox Kinect.

Some of the songs said to be featured in Dance Hero include The Prodigy's %26ldquo;Out of Space,%26rdquo;Timbaland's %26ldquo;The Way I Are,%26rdquo; Afrojack's %26ldquo;Take Over Control%26rdquo; and Jay Sean's %26ldquo;2012%26rdquo;. I'd be lying if I said I was familiar with any of these, but to be fair, I'm more of a Flail-Around-to-Alternative-Rock Hero fan anyways.

There is norelease date or specific console information for Dance Hero, but now that all major systems are equipped for motion sensing, our best guess is that Activision will be employing its %26ldquo;make wads of cash on every conceivable platform%26rdquo; strategy, thenpossibly overdoing itand ultimately sending the series to an early grave. But hey, maybe not!


Mar 8, 2011

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