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Achievement Unlocked: Four billion hours logged on Xbox LIVE

If you’ve logged a single hour of online playtime with your Xbox or Xbox 360, you’ve helped contribute to a new milestone for Microsoft. Since the service first launched in 2002, over four billion player hours have been logged.

Are you curious about how active the serivce has been since the launch of Xbox 360? There are other statistics for that, and they deal with achievements.

Above: Xbox Live setup menu from 2002

Get ready for this - in the nearly five and a half years since the Xbox 360 went on sale in 2005, the total amount of Gamerscore points achieved is 176,802,201,383. That's 176.8 billion, for those who don't want to count all the commas.

Those points are spread out over a total of 6.3 billion achievements, meaning the average earned achievement is worth about 28 points. The average Xbox Live user has a Gamerscore of 11,286 points. Those with a higher score may gloat at any time.

Last November, Call of Duty: Black Ops set the record for the most online play on launch day, recording nearly 6 million hours of online multiplayer in a 24-hour period.


Mar 15, 2011

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