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50 Reasons We Love Gremlins

Whats In A Name?

When asked whether their new pet has a name, Billy’s dad dismissively says “it’s some Chinese word”.

A little bit of research, however, reveals that the name Mogwai is Cantonese for “monster” or “demon”. Uh-oh…

Return To Sender

Some poor sap attempts to post a letter in a public postbox, only to find his mail unceremoniously tossed back out at him.

Another punter attempts to do the same, only for a pesky Gremlin to grab hold of his hand… with its teeth.

The little scamps!

Lew Landers

Jim McKrell reprises his role as TV reporter Lew Landers in an affectionate call-back to Dante’s previous film, The Howling .

A Howling movie poster can also be seen on the wall of the Kingston Falls movie theatre.

Tooled Up

Arming a Gremlin with a chainsaw really is a stroke of genius.

As if they weren’t already terrifying enough!

Always keep the tool shed bolted, kids.

The Indy Shout-Out

Speaking of Spielberg, there’s a rather nifty reference to another of the great director’s classics in the form of the billboard advertising Rockin’ Ricky Rialto.

Looks kinda familiar, doesn’t he?

Spielbergs Intervention

That “Steven Spielberg Presents” tag is more than just lip-service.

The Beard was crucially responsible for canning the proposed plot development that had Gizmo morph into Stripe.


Familiar Location

Great Scott! Gremlins and Back To The Future were both filmed on the same back lot at Universal studios.

That’ll be why the township of Kingston Falls feels so pleasingly nostalgic then…

Slice And Dice

Mrs. Peltzer proves she’s gutsier than your average housewife when the red mist descends and she gorily slaughters three marauding Gremlins.

Gremlin in a blender, anyone?

Joe Dante

The studio weren’t initially keen on the above scene staying in the movie, but Joe Dante made a stand, and the story eventually stayed in.

Indeed, Dante was the driving force behind many of the darker moments that elevate Gremlins above the usual family fodder.

Kates Story

However, the Christmas mood isn’t entirely celebratory, particularly when Kate tells the story of how she discovered there is no Santa Claus.

Seriously, which lunatic decided to add that bit of backstory to proceedings?

Gloriously macabre stuff!

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