Attack on Titan live-action trailer feels like a modern-day Godzilla horror flick

An enormous monster comes crashing down on a village of unsuspecting, vulnerable humans. Those not crushed under its heel are devoured. It is vicious and seemingly unstoppable. No, you're not reading the synopsis for a new Godzilla film, but a description of the opening act of Attack on Titan, a popular manga and anime that's getting a live-action film adaptation.

It won't be Hollywood that handles the adaptation of this franchise that mixes kaiju, cannibalism and political intrigue, mind you. It's being distributed by Toho, the studio behind the original Godzilla films. The Attack on Titan live-action movie will debut in Japan on August 1, with a US premiere set for this fall.

A new trailer with official subtitles provided by Funimation was released this week, meaning everyone can enjoy the cannibal calamity. Check it out below:

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Sam Prell

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