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At last - it's a mouse mat you can cook burgers on

Here was me thinking mouse mats were boring items of computing paraphernalia, whenalong comes the Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surfaceto make me re-evaluate my dismissive attitude towards horizontal mouse placement devices.

Not only can the Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface be placed beneath a mouse (which is the product's primary function), but it can also be used in the process of BBQ-ing burgers! Behold the revolutionary and multipurpose mouse mat in exciting grill-based action:

This unlikely combination of computing and culinary applications in one handy product is made possible thanks to the Teflon and steel gubbins that goes into every Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface. Rude Gameware, the maker of this fantastic space-age mouse mat, describes the miraculous properties like so:

"We've taken a solid steel core for insane durability, mounted it on a non-slip rubberized base, and then coated the top with this miracle Teflon® material from Dupont. It's proven to be the material with the least friction ever created. Experience outrageous mousing speed that is faster than your own reflexes, so try and keep up!"

The company also cautiously points out that, "Though it is possible to heat the Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface for grilling purposes, it is in no way encouraged by Rude Gameware."

It costs $29.95 and can be purchased fromRude Gameware's site.

Happy gaming and/or eating!

July 5, 2010

I don't have the energy to really hate anything properly. Most things I think are OK or inoffensively average. I do love quite a lot of stuff as well, though.