Asus Embeds Linux in Every Motherboard

Motherboard heavyweightAsuswill begin embedding a lightweight version of Linux to motherboards, beginning with the P5Q family and eventually extending across the entire motherboard product line, the company announced last week in conjunction with DeviceVM. DeviceVM developed Splashtop, which Asus is rebranding as Express Gate, and it will allow users to access the Internet, chat clients, Skype, and other things that just can’t wait only a few seconds after turning on the PC.

This is great news if you, like me, never turn off your laptop for fear that you will not be able to obsessively check IMDb and queue up movies on Netflix every time a movie title flickers by in your mind. I’ve always figured that when the Green Revolution came, I’d be one of the first to be lined up against the wall and shot for my wasteful ways, all because I couldn’t bear the minute-forty it takes to get the hulking bulk of Windows Vista to wake up and respond to my polite request to access an IM client.

And to think I once believed that the lusciousStriker Extremecouldn’t get any better.

May 19, 2008