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Here's where to find all 29 papyri scrolls in Assassin's Creed Origins (now includes Hidden Ones DLC)

11. Dead or Alive - Apollonion of Cyrene, Kyrenaika 

For the Dead or Alive Scroll you’ll need to fast travel to the Green Mountains. You want to head for the Roman Camp of Surus where one of the four war elephant challenges wait. Before you go in the gate to the elephant fight, call in Senu and mark the place inside the camp between the water and the edge of arena so you know where to aim for. Now head inside and ignore the giant grey beast bearing down on you. Just run straight for the loot, pick it up and then head for the gate you came in to escape the floppy-eared monster.

12. Underground Currents - Tomb of Battos, Cyrene 

The loot for Underground Currents can be found in the not so idyllic Green Mountains. You’ll want to fast travel the south of Cyrene, next to a lake. From here dive into the water and get out on the left hand side. Call in your mount and, keeping clear of the camp, head to the north end of the lake. Soon you’ll come to a small stream. Head up it into the mountains and up the waterfall. You’ll find the treasure at the top. 

13. Undue Haste - Temple of Zeus, Kyrenaika 

To find the ‘life saver’ from the riddle fast travel to Apollonia and if you’re lucky enough to have unlocked it already, the lighthouse on the north island is actually a synch point. Dive into the water and then swim up to the right and back onto the island. Head around the back and you’ll find what you're looking for on the sands. 

14. Stone Fungus - Eastern Cemetary, Giza 

The treasure itself means a bit of a ride across the desert. Fast travel to Giza and then head south west to the furthest pyramid that houses the Tomb of Menkaure. Ride until you reach the pyramid, send up Senu and keep an eye out for two mushroom rocks to the north west of the pyramid. Ride up to the stones and you’ll want the little one on the right hand side. Your spoils are on top. 

15. Ray of Hope - Tomb of Alexander the Great, Alexandria

So this probably the longest trek you’ll have for a papyri. The west entrance to the valley in the Quattara Desert is one of the five hermit locations in the game and, as well as the bonus ability point you'll get for taking a seat between the three torches in the pool, you’ll find the loot at the base of the furthest tree from the oasis before the valley gets seriously dusty.   

16. Thoth's Secret - Temple of Thoth, Haueris Nome

For the loot location, you’ve got a bit of a trek but you’re going to want to fast travel to Hermopolis and then tag the treasure location on the south to get your bearings. Now jump on your horse to head to the shore, grab the nearest boat - or ask nicely - and head across the water. Now clamber up to what looks like a synch point, dive off and you’ll find yourself directly in front of the loot in a cave below. 

17. Dead End - Zephyros Stables, Kanopos Nome

The treasure itself is over in Sapi-Res Nome and your nearest fast travel point is the synch point just north east of Letopolis. You’ll want to eagle dive down, call your mount and head up the coast, keeping the water on your right hand side. Pass a big pile of grass, logs and a ruined building. Up ahead on the right, you’ll see a dredged waterway with stone walls. Ride along to the very end, jump off your horse and nab the gear. 

18. The Blasphemer - Valley Markey, Faiyum

The loot for The Blasphemer is in Haueris Nome. You’ll want to fast travel to Philadelphia and ride south east. You’ll eventually end up in a valley full of tiny pyramids. You want the one at the far end up on the hill that’s in the shadow of the slope. The loot is at its base.   

19.  Deafening Silence - Iseion Temple, Alexandria

For your precious gear loot, the quiet place in the riddle is an island just north of Alexandria. Fast travel to the middle of the city and ride north. Ride until you’ll have to swim or grab yourself a boat and head for the island. Once you reach dry land again, head left to the west beach and you’ll find it just sitting on the sand. 

20. Forsaken City - Temple of Asklepion, Green Mountains 

So to find the ‘house of the blasphemous man’ from the riddle you’re going to have to fast travel to a synch point south of Paraitonion. Jump into the hay below and then head down to the right and ride down the hill until you come to a ruined village. You want to head up to the very far right and up to the house on top of a rock that looks down onto the others. You’ll find the loot in the middle. 

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