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Assassin's Creed III multiplayer will let you turn invisible. See it happen in this new trailer

Assassin's Creed III (opens in new tab)'s multiplayer mode is looking bloody, brutal and bloody brutal. But it's also looking rather fine from a gameplay perspective, with plenty of modes and new ways to kill thanks to 14 unique abilities. How about turning invisible? Yep, thanks to the new 'glimmer' ability, you can turn partially or completely invisible to other players depending on how much you move. See it in action in this new multiplayer trailer:

It's looking very slick, as our recent hands-on preview Assassin's Creed III: 63 amazing things we saw and did in colonial America (opens in new tab) will attest. The game is due out on October 31 in the UK and Oct 30 in the US, so there's not long to wait now.

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