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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Director and Producer talk dumbing down, milking it, co-op and AC3's setting

GR: Are you bored of Assassin’s? Would you welcome a switch in time?

VP: No. I had lunch with another producer today and he was asking the same question. Assassin’s is a hard franchise to hate even though now I should hate it – it’s eating up my personal life. I don’t know – there’s so much potential, I’m just afraid we might milk it too much...

GR: This studio does seem particularly cheerful compared to many I’ve visited. It’s also staggering how quickly you’ve turned Brotherhood around.

VP: I know. People are passionate here, and we get to work with most of the seniors from the previous games. So I know these guys want to add their own extra effort.

GR: Do you speak to Jade (Raymond) still?

VP: Uh huh.

GR: How are things working out in Toronto?

VP: She’s very busy. It’s a big mandate, to build a new AAA studio from scratch. That’s ambitious, but business-wise it’s a good move – because not everyone will come to Montreal because of the French culture.

GR: What happens to you now you’ve gone gold? A long holiday?

VP: We’re looking at it now! Certainly a couple of weeks, just to cool down. I also have kids, my oldest just started school. So we can’t take a three month trip or anything... and I don’t want to school her myself! I’m doing some home renovations – it keeps me mentally healthy.

GR: Sometimes us techies like hammering nails into wood – it makes us feel like men! Cheers Vincent.