Assassin's Creed 3 Treasure Chest locations guide - find all of the hidden loot stashes

New York: North District

Chest 1
Rewards: $10,000
You can find this chest inside Fort Division to the very northeast of New York.

Chest 2
Rewards: Soap Recipe, Silver Rings Recipe, Shepard’s Pie Recipe, Stomachache Recipe, Tool Belts Recipe, Wood Working Tools Recipe, Cougar Pendant Recipe, Ciders Recipe, Toy Dolls Recipe, $750
This chest is located on the dock to the south of the large pond to the west of Fort Division.

AC3 Treasure New York North 3

Chest 3
Rewards: French Coat Pistol Recipe, $750
You can find this chest to the right of the large church at the marker on the map.

New York: West District

AC3 Treasure New York West

Chest 1
Rewards: Royal Pistol Recipe, $750
Just to the north of Fort Washington, you’ll find this chest next to a campfire in a small wooden structure.

Chest 2
Rewards: Washington’s Battle Sword (Replica), $750
On the second story of the burned out building you will find this chest, just east of Fort Washington.

Chest 3
Rewards: $7500
You will need to enter Fort Washington to reach this chest. When you do, go to the second floor on the south side to find it against the wall.

Chest 4
Rewards: $1250
This final chest can be found in the back yard of the Trinity School. Head to the southern-most map marker and hop the fence to find it.

New York: East District

AC3 Treasure New York East

Chest 1
Rewards: $1250
This chest is easy to spot at the map marker as it is simply behind a large building in an open courtyard.

Chest 2
Rewards: Swords Recipe, Officer’s Swords Recipe, Salted Elk Meat Recipe, Hair Accessory Recipe, Hysteria Recipe, Firearms Recipe, Linsey-Woolsey Recipe, Ship Sails Recipes, Bandages Recipe, $750
At the map marker, look for the large brown brick building with arched openings and the chest will be inside next to a guard dog.

Chest 3
Rewards: Fine Clothing Recipe, Glass Windows Recipe, Wolf Pendant Recipe, Bread Recipe, Fine Shoes Recipe, Lanterns Recipes, Water Drum Recipe, Mining Tools Recipe, Skin Irritation Recipe, $750
Located just west of the Southern Harbormaster, the chest can be found in the market.

Chest 4
Rewards: Deer Marrow Soup Recipe, Pomade Recipe, Belt Buckles Recipe, Salt Recipe, Rabbit Foots Charm Recipe, Meat Pies Recipe, Daffy’s Elixir Recipe, Bobcat Pendant Recipe, $750
This chest is located on the deck of an unguarded ship at the eastern docks.  Simply board the ship and the chest will be in the center ready for the picking.

Chest 5
Rewards: $1000
Between the east and west districts there will be a large brick building in the center of the street.  You can find this chest within it towards the south end.

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