Ask Mark Millar!

With ambitious new comic book project Jupiter's Legacy heading our way in April - and Kick-Ass 2 set to impact the big screen this summer - what better time to put your burning questions to Mark Millar?

Yes, the hottest writer in comics has agreed to face the merciless, mind-gouging onslaught of SFX's Fannish Inquisition. Send your questions to us and we'll lock Mark somewhere dark and dank and make him talk as only we know how.

He's the man who helped redefine the Marvel Universe with The Ultimates - a huge inspiration for last year's Avengers movie - and who's penned the exploits of every major icon from Superman to Wolverine, Spider-Man to Judge Dredd. He's also launched his own acclaimed line of creator-owned titles, including such striking and controversial fare as Superior and Nemesis . He's currently keeping busy as special advisor for 20th Century Fox's corner of the cinematic Marvel Uni, helping oversee creative development on the new X-Men and Fantastic Four films.

Send your questions to .

We need them to arrive by Monday 28th January

We'll print the results of our little interrogation in a future issue.

Nick Setchfield
Editor-at-Large, SFX Magazine

Nick Setchfield is the Editor-at-Large for SFX Magazine, writing features, reviews, interviews, and more for the monthly issues. However, he is also a freelance journalist and author with Titan Books. His original novels are called The War in the Dark, and The Spider Dance. He's also written a book on James Bond called Mission Statements.