Artist uses live ammunition for Kane & Lynch 2 billboard

There's no better way to advertise a new shoot-em-up game than literally shooting up a billboard, and that's exactly what a famous graffiti artist did in a piece commissioned to promote the upcoming game Kane & Lynch 2. This guy who calls himself Goldie was contacted by Square Enix to create a unique billboard to advertise the gritty action title. He says he loves shoot 'em up games and called the offer a "killer opportunity" (pun intended? We hope not)

"It also gave me a chance to blow the crap out of something," he said. Yeah, so once he spent hours recapturing the artistic heart of the game in his studio, Goldie took the 10' by 15' canvas to a remote field, and...

Above: Yeeeeeeeeeeehaw!

From there, trained marksmen were ordered to blast away at specific targets on the piece with live rifles and shotguns. It's currently on display in a famous arts district in London and will actually be touring art exhibits around the world. Eat that,Roger Ebert!

On one hand, we could say this is a bit too artsy for its own good. On the other hand, it's nice to see a video game billboard that can capture attention without being subversively racist…

Above: A questionable PSP ad from 2006, which we drag out again because we really can’t comprehend how it came to exist.

That said, Kane & Lynch 2 hasn’t been completely free ofadvertising controversy.

Kane& Lynch 2 was released in the US this week, and will be available in the European area where the new billboard stands next month. Unfortunately, there's nothing quite so original to showcase the game in the US, but we already have an idea forKane & Lynch 3: Mount real guns to the billboard and have it shoot out blanks, scaring the living daylights of people who walk by.

Source:Team Xbox

Aug 20, 2010

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