The art of BioShock Infinite: Posters and propaganda

See the sights

The BioShock games have always done an incredible job of building up atmosphere through art. BioShock Infinite is no different, packing the airborne cityscape full of eye-catching posters and propaganda done in a style fitting of the early 20th-century time period. But theres a chance that you might miss some of this glorious, supplemental artwork as you guide Booker through the streets of Columbia. Thats why weve gathered the majority of the in-game art into one place, so you can admire the craftsmanship--and cringe at the bigotry--of artists circa 1912.

WARNING! Though none of these pictures spoil anything about the games story, they will spoil the experience of finding this artwork for the first time as you take in your surroundings. Theyre also ordered in a manner that roughly corresponds to the order that youll encounter them, so turn back now if you want no inkling of the environments youll explore as the game progresses (though fear not, we purposefully omitted shots taken from the last third of the game). WARNING AGAIN! Youre bound to see some rather offensive (read: racist) caricatures hiding in some of these images--just know that theyre there to accurately portray how abysmal race relations were back in the day. Lastly, remember to maximize these shots by clicking the icon in the upper right, so that you can appreciate them in all their high-res glory.

Lucas Sullivan

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