Around The Network: 18 April 2014

Happy bank holiday weekend! We know you'll be bored by at least Sunday, so here's a load of awesome stuff to keep you entertained between the inevitable chocolate-munching and sugar comas...


It's always better on PC! Find out if that's true with CVG's GTA 5 PC wishlist .

Go full throttle with CVG's Trials Fusion Challenges tips guide .

Games Radar

Looking for some cheap games to get you through the summer lull? Here are 30 awesome games for £30 or less .

Is the ZeniMaxís new mmo more than just the typical grind? Find out in our Elder Scrolls Online review .

Official Nintendo Magazine

10 Z-List Nintendo characters ONM want to see in Super Smash Bros (opens in new tab) .

Is this the new Sonic Adventure? How will co-op work? Does Knuckles look like *that* because of the Mario & Sonic games? All this and more addressed in ONM's preview of Nintendo exclusive Sonic Boom .

Official Xbox Magazine

Why it's time for a Batwoman game

Trials Fusion Xbox One review


When is an Android not an Android? When it's filled to bursting with Microsoft's bits and pieces. Check out TR's Nokia X review .

Google has a vision of the future, but will you be donning its specs any time soon? Find out in TR's full, updated Google Glass review .

Tesco Tech

Good news everyone! The amazing Samsung Galaxy S5 is now available at Tesco -- and it's free on some tariffs for a limited time.

TT is also giving one lucky footy fan the chance to win a copy of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on Xbox 360 or PS3 . Get in.

Total Film

We grilled the Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast on Amazing Spider-Man 3 .

Our online TV series Last Night's Watch continues with our Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 review .

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