Around the Internet - The next-gen launch, Pokemon, and more

The PS4? The Xbox 360? Which next-gen system should you drop a wad of dough on this November? Or should you spend your money at all? In this week's roundup, take a look at some of the possible negatives for being an early next-gen adopter, the most anticipated RPGs coming out next year, and cosplay from New York Comic Con. Take a look at all of these articles and more in the links below.

Brutal Gamer

Weekend Special: The Cosplay of NYCC

Skylanders SWAP Force (3DS) Review

Feature Friday: On the eve of the next generation


How Objective Should Reviews Be?

6 Ways to Make Pokemon X and Y More Challenging

Top 10 Best RPGs of 2014

The Koalition

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy A PS4 Or XB1 At Launch

Recap: Replay Expo Special

The Co-op Podcast 61: Will Game Delays Hurt The Launch of the PS4?

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