Armored Core 4: Mech-ing a scene

Next-gen mech mashing game Armored Core 4 is out next year for PS3 and Xbox 360 - making it the first AC game to appear on a Microsoft console - and we've uncovered a handful of new screenshots for you.

Following on from Last Raven on PS2, Armored Core 4 will allow gamers to customize their mech in appearance and performance, but this time the choices will be even more varied and vast.

This will also be the first Armored Core to be fully online allowing up to eight players to get involved with deathmatch challenges or team based battles.

Developer FromSoftware is resetting the storyline in order to allow gamers new to the series to feel more involved. Set some time in the future, six global corporations are battling for resources and land at a time when over-population has ravaged Earth. This conflict is, of course, settled by giant robot warfare.

Hit the Movies tab above and find "Armored Core 4 - trailer 2 "12-04-06" to check outmore sweet mech action.

December 4, 2006