Arkham City: Official map app launches for iOS

The Arkham City Official Map App contains layout guides to the game's areas and the locations of more than 350 collectibles, including help with Riddles and Riddler Trophies. That ought to come in handy for Apple fans eager to think of their iOS devices as the real world's closest thing to an actual utility belt – though let's see you hide a Batarang in your iPad.

The Map App is put together by Dorling Kindersley Ltd, whose other products include similar guides to LA Noire and Dead Island. It'll run you $3 on the iTunes store – which is cheaper than any player's guide book (though not as cheap as our free Riddler guide), and less stressful than holding all of that information inside your rapidly-overflowing brain. Also, at time of writing, neither printed paper nor the human mind contains the option to switch to Angry Birds when you get stuck.

Oct 24, 2011

Source: Develop Online