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Arkham Asylum or Red Dead? Uncharted 2 or God of War III? Are you even man enough to make such a tough call?

Life is full of tough decisions. Red or blue? Drunk or sober? Monkey or Ninja? But, man, trying to decide which of the nominees in this year's Action Game of the Year category for this year's Golden Joystick is really tough. It's almost as tough as the time we had to choose between the Indiana Jones or Princess Leia slave costume outfits for the dog. That was a *tough* decision.

Above: A tough decision

Just look at the Action Game of the Year choices - it's like a who's who of f**king mega awesome games:

• Assassin's Creed II
• Batman: Arkham Asylum
• Bayonetta
• God of War III
• Heavy Rain
• Just Cause 2
• New Super Mario Bros. Wii
• Red Dead Redemption
• Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction
• Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

At one time or another, at least seven of those games have been hailed by us as the best game EVAR! Just thinking about picking one of these as our definitive Action Game of the Year is enough to make our collective head do something like this (warning: the following video contains special effects from the 1980s):

Anyway, if you think your head can handle it, get along to the Golden Joysticks voting page, be a man and vote. And don't dawdle, because voting closes 25 October.

October 22, 2010