Area 52 in works for next-gen

Fans of last year's David Duchovny-voiced sci-fi shooter Area 51 will be pleased to know that a sequel, slyly titled Area 52, is under development for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. While no media is likely to be released for a good few months yet, it's not hard to guess at how next-gen power will be put towards intensifying the screams, bangs and flashing lights of the original setpiece-heavy experience.

News of Area 52's development slipped out in the job listings at developer Midway's Austin, Texas studio, which was also responsible for the original gunfest. Home now to Harvey Smith, one of the designers of thinking man's shooter Deus Ex, the conspiracy-minded Area 52 could hold a few gooey, mutated surprises.

Above: Even PS2's Area 51 (pictured) was genuinely creepy, so expect to play Area 52 with the lights on.

Or perhaps Smith's contribution is on a second, more mysterious title. Identified simply as Criminal, you can draw your own ideas as to what it might entail - as we're sure the anti-game lobby will be doing once they've finished with Rockstar's Bully.

August 21, 2006