Archie Horror digs into demonic rock and roll for The Cult of That Wilkin Boy

The Cult of That Wilkin Boy #1 cover art
The Cult of That Wilkin Boy #1 cover art (Image credit: Archie Comics)

Archie Horror is back in action with a new one-shot that brings back lesser-known Archie character Bingo Wilkin, AKA That Wilkin Boy (as his classic comic title was known) in a story that involves rock and roll, cults, and more.

(Image credit: Archie Comics)

Written by Cullen Bunn with art from Dan Schoening, Ben Galvan, and Matt Herms, with letters by Jack Morelli The Cult of That Wilkin Boy brings Bingo Wilkin to the top of the world as a music icon thanks to a deal with the devil that brought him fortune and fame.

Along with Bingo Wilkins' ill-gotten fame, he's got an army of cult-like fans ready to do anything he asks - a recipe for horror when things inevitably go wrong.

"The story we're seeing in this book is closely related to the original stories; it starts in pretty much the same place for Bingo and his friends," Bunn states in the announcement. 

(Image credit: Archie Comics)

"But I wanted to explore what might happen if the story took a dark, infernal turn, so I wove in some classic demonic folklore. What would happen if Bingo got everything he wanted, but he paid a terrible price to get there?" he continues. "The Bingo of this story is quite a departure - an evolution or de-evolution - of the wholesome character of yesteryear, corrupted by fame and power and guilt and jealousy. He's achieved what he thought was impossible, but his karmic payments are coming due."

Archie's That Wilkin Boy originally ran from 1968-1982, and was released in the wake of the success of the real-world music single Sugar Sugar, which was billed as being performed by Archie Andrews' band The Archies, while actually having been performed by a group of studio musicians.

The Cult of That Wilkin Boy goes on sale April 19 with covers by Dan Schoening and Robert Hack.

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