Apple files Wii Remote-like patent

Mac manufacturer Apple filed a patent in November 2006 for a 3D remote control system for its Apple TV set-top box, it was revealed today.

The patent describes a system that can detect the location of the device and what it's pointing at, according to Apple Insider. Wii Remote, anyone?

"[The] remote control system also can include optional console," the filing apparently states.

"Console can have controller that can perform some or all of the processing described for controller."

It sounds to us like the console in question is the Apple TV set-up box and not a console in the gaming sense of the word. The patent continues:

"Console also can have one or more connectors to which accessories can be coupled. Accessories can include cables and/or, game cartridges, portable memory devices (e.g., memory cards, external hard drives, etc.), adapters for interfacing with another electronic device (e.g., computers, camcorders, cameras, media players, etc.), or combinations thereof."

We don't think Sony and Microsoft have got anything to worry about, but folks at Nintendo should be keeping an eye out. It seems like Apple wants a slice of the casual pie that Wii currently holds with both hands.

And if it's a choice between Apple TV with Wii functionality and Wii 2 in a few years time, Apple could be a competitor in the casual market.

Courtesy of CVG

May 9, 2008